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What will happen when crazy fans follow Thor’s workout plan

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How to Become Thor in 3 Steps

Step 1:  Ask Loki to steal Thor’s 30 days workout plan.

Step2:  Follow the workout plan.


Let’s take a look at a Thor fan named Erik Conover and test the results.

Erik’s initial figure is 6’4 tall, 198lbs, and 17% body fat.

Like many people, with a small belly, it is a small ball when the belly is not tucked.

At the beginning of the 30-day fitness program, he still reproduced 1:1. The gym training he went to, boxing, barbell bench press, steel cable clamp chest, battle rope and so on, did not fall behind.

From the first day of work for 10 minutes, I was so tired of doubting my life, to the intensity after the seven-day adaptation period, and then to the breakthrough after half a month, 30 days were passed safely.

During exercise, the diet is also very controlled, abstaining from sugar, alcohol and snacks.

There is also the most important thing, healthy sleep, he has also persisted.

Get up before 5 o’clock and go to bed before 10 o’clock, which is a bit difficult for most of us…

Finally, let’s take a look at the effect after a month!
He himself laughed happily and screamed, the fat was brushed off to reveal the abdominal muscles and chest muscles, the arm lines were also much more beautiful, and the body fat dropped by 7%!

Looking at the comparison is more impactful, isn’t it great!

Moreover, after persisting for a month, this achievement greatly aroused his determination to keep fit, and he has stayed in the gym since then!

This matter is not over yet, and his efforts have been seen by Thor himself!
Raytheon specially recorded a video to encourage him to see it. It was really great! Reply to me quickly and find time to exercise together!

Who can stop the idol’s personal invitation, of course!
So the two met to train together!
The training content is a relatively simple set of actions. If the above set must be completed with a fitness foundation, then this set is for ordinary people to learn!
First, warm up for running

Before training, stretch for 2 minutes and move the shoulders, elbows, and knee joints.

The hip joint is also stretched appropriately for a while.

One-sided dumbbell lunge squat,which is very tiring.

Supporting the rotation is a test of flexibility.

Fast squat halfway, ah, the next day, the legs will be so sore that can’t even stand up。

Dumbbell deadlift press.

Bear crawling.

One-sided rowing.

Bend and stretch your arms.

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Step3: Buy a Hammer from Ebay!

Should I also prepare a training plan to conquer Captain America, as long as I work hard enough, he will definitely see me! Head to American Ass!

What else step do you think I miss?

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