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How to Get a Six Pack in a Month

Many of us have been longing for a six pack for years. A lot of us think that this is one dream that we can’t achieve in this lifetime. But did you know that you can get six pack in just a month? As they say, nothing is impossible. Getting a six pack in just […]

Guide to Buying a Folding Exercise Bike 2020

Bike riding is the most effective way of cardio exercise and is ideal for people who require physical therapy regularly. It lets you stay flexible as long as possible by moving your knees and joints. However, regular exercising bikes are often big in size and bulky and might not be an ideal workout machine for […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Benching

Mistake 1: Flat-back Flat back is a particularly common mistake in bench pressWhen many people lie downThe entire back is close to the stool surfaceThe flat back puts more stress on the shoulder and hurts the waistThe thoracic spine should be raised when lying downThe upper back sits firmly on the buttocks buttocksForm an arch […]