Troubleshoot: HARISON HR-B7 How to disassemble the cover

HARISON HR-B7 How to disassemble the cover

How To Clean A Treadmill?

More and more people tend to spend their exercise time on treadmill. Since it is an effective aerobic exercise, and they can also gain workout  at home when the wheather is bad outside. If you have the treadmill equipment at home, beside using it to exercise, you also need to do the properly maintain. The basic one is making it clean.

This post will show you how to clean the treadmill belt and how to make your treadmill clean. Here we go!

How to Clean the  Treadmill Belt?

Step 1
Unplug the unit from the electrical source before you begin.

Step 2
Remove any accumulated dust from the belt, using an anti-static duster. Remember to dust any accessible areas around and beneath the belt to avoid dust buildup.

Step 3
Wipe down the belt, using a slightly dampened cloth and taking care not to drip any water onto the belt. Rotate the belt by hand to reach the entire tread surface.

Step 4
Dry the treadmill belt with a paper towel, again moving the belt to insure all areas are dry.

Things You’ll Need
Anti-static duster

Lint-free cloth

Paper towel

Always keep a separate pair of shoes for treadmill use only.

Never use any kind of cleaning product on your treadmill belt.

Tips to Make Your Treadmill Clean

1. Wipe down the entire treadmill with a damp cloth and water
If the daily wipe down is a sponge bath for your treadmill, this weekly cleaning (I typically do it after my long run day) is more a full on spa treatment. Take some time to really get into those nooks and crannies. One word of warning: stick to water as some more abrasive cleaners can do more harm than good by damaging lubricants or breaking down components.
2. Vacuum around and under the treadmill to pick up dust and debris that could get under the belt or in the electrical component.
3. Wipe down the belt itself, push it with your hand to rotate it and then carefully dry it the same way.