How To Do Exercise Correctly After Stop Doing It for A Long Time

In addition to madman fitness enthusiasts who continue to exercise every day, most people have stopped fitness programs to a greater or lesser extent.

Not only that, sometimes we have to stop training for some time because of injuries, illness, overtime, busy work, etc.

The disconnection time is as short as 2 to 3 weeks and as long as one month or even several months. Such unstable training rules are not optimistic for muscle development.


How long does it take for the muscles to start changing after you stop training?

If you stop training completely, the specific muscle loss will vary from person to person.

The higher the training period, the slower the muscle strength and dimensional decline in a short period of time; the shorter the training period, the faster the muscle strength and perimeter decrease in a short period of time.

But don’t worry, it’s not exactly true muscle loss.

It is normal for muscles to become smaller after a period of suspension, but only water and glycogen in the muscles are lost.

Moreover, if you have several years of training and no muscles in a few months, as long as you continue to train, you can quickly return to the original state.

How can I return to the previous state after training is stopped?

The longer the suspension, the longer it takes to recover.

The normal fitness training for a long time requires a recovery period. In this process, do not rush to do the previous intensity training.

1. Reduce exercise time

After a long break, our muscles and endurance have fallen, and we feel a bit novice, so we should appropriately shorten the exercise time and proceed gradually.

2. Choose low-intensity exercise

Just resuming exercise, it is not suitable to choose an exercise program with too much intensity. You can start from a low intensity, gradually increase the intensity, and let the body slowly adapt.

3. Proper nutritional supplements

To restore muscle, nutritional intake is essential, such as eating some high-quality protein, chicken breast, protein powder, etc., a reasonable and scientific dietary intake can help our muscles grow rapidly.
4. Learn to rest

It is not a rush to resume fitness. You must keep a clear head, learn to arrange your work and rest time reasonably, and adjust your rest appropriately. Poor rest also affects muscle loss.


According to research, after 4 to 6 weeks of suspension, one month of serious training can restore 90% of the original.

In fact, our brain can remember the control of muscles by nerves, and can save the maximum circumference and strength of muscles as a template.

Even if you haven’t been training for a long time, we can return you to the level you were in a short time.

Therefore, there is no need to be too anxious about the suspension of training, as long as it is not too long, it is fine.

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