HARISON Push Up Board Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

HARISON Push Up Board Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Although many people believe that the only way to build muscle is by lifting weights, there are other ways to achieve this. While this is true, there are different ways to gain strength. One of these methods is using a pushup board. Push up boards are often used as an alternative to traditional pushups because they allow you to do more repetitions without getting tired or straining your joints. If you are interested in performing pushups in a way that will strengthen muscles in your upper body, read this HARISON Push Up Board review.


1. What is a Push Up Board?

A pushup board is a device that allows you to do pushups without straining your wrists or shoulders. You can achieve it by providing an elevated surface for your hands.


Pushup boards are usually made of hard plastic and come in various styles and colors. There are also models made of foam or neoprene, but these tend to wear out more quickly than plastic models.


The most common type of pushup board is the balance type. This style has two handles where you place your hands and a center pivot point that allows you to do pushups while still keeping your hands elevated off the floor.


The other type is a wedge board with an angled surface for your hands.

Push Up Board Review

Push Up Board Review

2. How to Use a Push Board?

Push up boards are easy to use. Place your hands on the handles, put your feet on the ground, and start doing pushups!


If you want to do more advanced movements, such as triangle pushups or clapping pushups, move your hands apart from each other on the handles.


If you want to do a reverse pushup, move your hands toward each other on the handles. Pushup boards are also great for people who want to build muscle in their upper body and core!

Push Up Board Review

3. What Are Some Benefits of Using a Push Up Board?

Pushup boards offer several benefits. One of the best ones is that they allow you to get a full range of motion when performing pushups.


It means you can focus on your chest, shoulders, and triceps! Pushup boards are also great for people with wrist problems, as they put less stress on this area than traditional pushups.


These boards are also great for people who want to build core strength. It will help you stabilize your body by engaging your core muscles when you perform a pushup.

MonicaFit 424 Push-up Board

MonicaFit 424 Push-up Board

4. Features of the Harison Push Up Board

The Harison Push-Up Board has several features that make it one of the best pushup boards on the market. It is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around when traveling.


HARISON Fitness manufactures this board with ABS Ductile Plastic designed to last for years!


It also has a non-slip surface, so you won’t slip off the board when performing your pushups. It makes it easier to perform more repetitions without worrying about losing your balance.


The HARISON pushup board comes with a digital timer, making it easier to keep track of the time while you exercise. The new counting mode is ideal for anyone who wants to get their workout done quickly and efficiently without worrying about counting reps.


You can adjust the device to fit your personal needs. You can change the resistance bands to get the proper resistance when doing pushups. It will help improve muscle strength in your chest, shoulders, and triceps without putting unnecessary stress on your wrists or back.


The Harison Push-Up Board comes to provide extra support when performing your push ups. It makes it easier for beginners to complete their first few repetitions without straining their back muscles or shoulders.

5. Pros and Cons of the Harison Push Up Board

The Harison Push-Up Board is an excellent tool for building strength and muscle tone. However, as with any other product, it’s not without flaws.



-Provides extra support during pushups

-It’s easy to adjust resistance bands for different levels of strength

-Made from high-quality materials

-It’s compact and portable, making it easy to store in your home or gym bag

-It’s effective at building strength and muscle tone



-The resistance bands may become tangled if not stored properly

-The band that wraps around your back may be too tight or loose, depending on how you adjust it



6. HARISON Push Up Board Review: Conclusion

The HARISON Push-Up Board is worth considering if you’re looking for a product to help you build strength and muscle tone. It’s easy to use and can be adjusted easily depending on your fitness level.


The Harison pushup board is a great way to improve your pushups and build strength in your upper body without spending money on a gym membership. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and effective.


The resistance bands come with high-quality materials that won’t break or tear easily. Adapting may take some time, but the benefits will eventually become apparent.


You can buy the product by clicking this link.

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How to do leg extension workout at home?

Leg extension workout is a great way to strengthen the legs most effectively. However, many people struggle with this workout due to a lack of equipment or space for exercising at home. Fortunately, there are some ways of doing leg extension workout that are very simple and can be used by anyone in order to achieve the best results.


How to do leg extension workout at home:


  1. Find a comfortable chair, desk, or standing position. This can be adjusted based on the person’s height and ability.


  1. Sit up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you are not relaxed, your body will want to compensate by leaning forward and rounding your back which is not the best way to perform this exercise correctly.


  1. Flex your elbows and pull your shoulders back as if you are trying to touch the ceiling with them.


  1. Inhale and at the same time, lift your legs straight up off of the floor to where your body forms a straight line again. Ideally, you should form a straight line from your feet all the way to the top of your head [but this is not always possible].


  1. After a slight pause, lower back down below parallel to the ground and repeat.


  1. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can without tiring out. If your knees start to feel sore, then it’s time to stop, otherwise keep going.


Top 5 leg extension workouts to try at home:


  1. Seated leg extension;


The leg extension machine is used by sitting in a chair and positioning your foot so that it is about 5-6.5 inches off the ground and roughly right where your toe meets the ball of your foot. To accomplish this, you want to put your knees together, bend at the waist, and lower your heels as close to the floor as possible while still keeping them together. This will support you while you perform the exercise.



  1. Standing leg extension;



This is an intermediate leg extension workout and it uses the same principles as the seated leg extension. However, instead of using a chair to lean against, you will be using a wall. This is done by placing your body perpendicular to the wall so that your back and head are supported by it while still keeping your heels on the ground.



  1. Bent knee leg extension;


This is a very effective leg extension workout that requires a chair or countertop for support. It is actually quite similar to the seated leg extension except that instead of sitting, you are bending your knees in order to lower yourself towards the ground. This increases the muscle tension in your legs and works them harder while also improving balance. The person performing this exercise can also intensify it by lifting their heels off of the ground as they concentrate on squeezing their glutes.



  1. Kettle bell leg extension;


This type of leg extension workout can be performed with a single kettle bell or a pair of them. It involves lifting the kettle bells straight up into the air towards the ceiling while standing on your tiptoes which will make it an intermediate to advanced leg extension workout depending on how many repetitions you do. It will also work your calves and glutes while also increasing your grip strength.





This is a very effective way to strengthen your legs without any added equipment or space. It’s also a very simple form of leg extension workout that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the person exercising.

They are simple exercises that do not require a lot of equipment and space can be done at home to strengthen the legs which is a great way to train for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the gym.

What is an incline decline bench?

What is an incline decline bench?

The incline decline bench is an excellent tool for anyone that wants an easy workout at home. It does not require any weights, which makes it perfect for beginners or people who are short on space. The incline decline bench also works out different muscle groups than the flat incline bench.


The incline decline bench has a lower back pad and seat which are 1.5 inches wider than the flat bench. It also has side handles, which is perfect for anyone on the go that it to workout anywhere.

This article will go through the many benefits of the superior machine, what it’s features are and why this product is a must have for any home gym.



What is an incline decline bench?


An incline decline bench is a type of bench that can be adjusted to perform various exercises. It typically has an incline section and a decline section. It is also called an adjustable decline bench.


The incline section of the bench will allow you to perform incline chest presses, seated rows and shoulder press exercises, while the decline portion of the bench will allow you to do more pressing movements with your upper body such as declines on the flat and declined flyes on the flat. This versatile bench can allow you to perform many different movements in multiple positions and angles.



What is the best incline decline bench?

incline decline bench

HR-608F Foldable Weight Bench

The best incline decline bench is one that exhibits the following features:


– The bench should be extremely versatile, allowing you to perform flat and incline chest presses as well as flat and declined sit-ups. The bench should also be adjustable, so it can grow with you as you get stronger at doing your exercises.


– You can get a bench that comes with leg extension and leg curl attachments that are sold separately so you will be able to do total body workouts with the incline decline.


– The bench should be easy to use even for beginners such that you simply have to adjust the seat to suit your height and then adjust the incline and decline positions of the bench to suit your own workout requirements.


– The bench of choice should be adjustable for depth, which means you can easily increase the body weight of the bench if you wish.


– This machine should have an easy-to-use handle for sitting on so it will be easier for beginners to workout at home.




Benefits of the best incline decline bench:


The incline decline bench is one of the best home exercise equipment. The main benefit is that it can be folded up and stored away in a closet when you are done with your workout.


– Bench exercises are very effective and can be done in a short period of time. Benches can allow people of all sizes and ages to gain enough strength to improve on mobility and lessen body aches that are usually associated with the aging process.


– Incline decline benches also provide an excellent way of exercising your lower body if you’re performing various types of leg presses or squats.


– The decline bench can be adjusted from flat to an angle of 45 degrees, which is more than enough for people who want to get a good workout for their upper body.


– They are useful for building strength and stability in the arms, back and shoulders. These benches also help people with low back pain; it not only helps relieve tension but also increases stability in the spine.


– Incline decline benches can be used as a rehabilitation tool following an injury or after a surgery. They are useful for exercises that improve mobility and strength in the upper body; they allow for a quick recovery and can prevent strength loss.






Overall, incline decline benches are more expensive than many other types of exercise machines but they provide more versatility and better results as compared to other machines. It is best to perform abdominal and abs workouts before using it for other exercises. To get the best incline decline bench choose one that exhibits the features stated above. This will guarantee you get the desired results from your workout sessions.


Best 10 Tips for Doing Leg Extension Workout at Home

Tips for Doing Leg Extension Workout at Home

Do you want to feel your muscles working? Do you want to burn fat and build muscle? If you’re looking for a way to do this without joining a gym, then leg extension workout at home are the answer. You can do them anywhere – in your living room, on your back porch, or even in your bedroom. Leg extensions are incredibly effective for toning your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves because they require strength and endurance. The key is to choose the right weight and perform the exercise properly – so that you can actually get a good workout. Here are tips on how to do leg extensions:


Use a Squat Rack

A squat rack is the best way to do leg extensions at home because it allows you to place your feet on the pins in a way that makes it easier to keep your back straight and your knees behind your toes. You can also use a leg extension machine with a barbell if you don’t have access to a squat rack, but make sure that your knees are directly below the barbell and that you don’t allow them to come above it during the exercise.

harison barbell rack squat stand

Warm Up Properly

Warm up properly with hamstring stretches before and after each set when doing leg extensions. This will help prevent injury, especially if you do them regularly over time. If you do them before, they help reduce soreness as well.


Don’t Bounce Out of Position

If you’re new to leg extensions, try not to bounce during the exercise – this will put undue strain on your lower back and could cause injury down the line if done repeatedly without proper warm-up first!


Use a Bench With Padding to Protect Your Joints

Leg extensions are a great exercise for the lower body, but they can cause problems if you do them incorrectly. Do them on a flat surface in front of a mirror to prevent strain on your spine and joints.


Place Your Feet on the Floor or Use an Incline Bench

Leg extensions aim to extend the knee past 90 degrees, so it’s important to keep your feet flat on the floor or bench. The incline position provides extra resistance, which works for more muscle groups and stretches muscles differently than regular leg extensions.


Do Not Hyperextend Your Lower Back

When you do leg extensions, don’t hyperextend your lower back and arch your back too much because this puts unnecessary strain on the discs between vertebrae (the intervertebral discs), which may cause injury over time.


Do Them Daily

Leg extensions are an explosive exercise; you will want to do them daily to keep the gains coming. Generally, it would help if you did leg extensions twice a week on non-consecutive days. This will allow your muscles to recover in between workouts and give you the most benefit from each session.


Work up Your Sets and Reps

Start with just one set of 10-15 repetitions first, then increase the number of sets as necessary until you reach your goal of total repetitions. You should feel a burn in your quads after doing just one set of leg extensions, so you know this is working! Once you feel that initial burn, build up by adding another set or two each week until you reach the desired amount of work for that particular workout.


Make Sure Your Form Is Correct

The most important thing about doing leg extensions at home is ensuring that your form is correct! If this isn’t done correctly, then there’s no way that the exercises will be effective or beneficial for muscle growth! So make sure that everything from stance to positioning.


Wrapping Up

Leg Extensions are one of the most popular exercises for strengthening your lower body. They work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. If you want to get stronger and build up your lower body, you’ll want to work with Barbells. Since they’re the strongest barbells, they’ll allow you to lift more weight than dumbbells or kettlebells. The biggest problem when doing leg extensions at home is that they don’t use enough weight. This can lead to injury or burnout because they end up feeling like a failure after not being able to do as many sets or reps as they were planning on doing at first.

The Best Bench with Preacher Curl

What is the best bench with preacher curl

On the market, there are many types of benches with preacher curl available to match different needs. For this reason, it’s not easy to determine which is the best bench with preacher curl for you. But what are these benches anyway?


A bench with a preacher curl attachment lets you perform bicep curls without having to lie on the ground and risk pinching your spine or neck. This machine is merely a bench with a barbell holder and a preacher curl attachment at the bottom of the bench. When you sit down, with the back of your upper arms against the preacher curl pad, you start doing bicep curls. The height of this pad is usually adjustable to accommodate different arm lengths.


The best bench with preacher curl:


  1. Bench with preacher curl– the best bench with preacher curl for everyone

This machine is the best for beginners because it provides a steady base. The more experienced and stronger you are, the more likely you are to bounce up and down off of it, causing your muscles to become weaker. Therefore, one of the beginner’s best benches with a preacher curl should be inclined in order to prevent injury from occurring.


The reason this type of bench with preacher curl is called “best for beginners” is because it’s also one of the safest in terms of exercise equipment. You’ll be able to do bicep curls, tricep presses, and other exercises with it without worrying about hurting yourself. In addition, because you don’t have to lie down on the ground in order to use it, there’s less risk of injury. In most cases, injuries don’t occur with beginner benches with preacher curl.


Remember that this is the best bench with preacher curl for beginners. If you’re a more experienced or stronger person, you’re going to need to get a different one that’s not as inclined. This is because it will be very difficult for you to lie flat on the bench, get comfortable, and start training.



  1. The Pec Deck – the second best bench with preacher curl

HARISON fitness

The Pec Deck is another type of bench with preacher curl because it’s similar to our top pick and even better than that. Its “pecs deck” is a special padded insert that’s in the shape of a triangle. This gives you extra support and stability for doing bicep curls, triceps presses, and other strength training exercises.


This machine is great for experienced people who just want to go easy on themselves for a little while; however, it will still be difficult enough to do your bicep curls without bouncing up and down off of the incline. The reason for this is because of all the padding.


You don’t want to use this machine as your primary form of working out.


This bench with preacher curl, despite its advantages and features, should be a secondary device to use with other exercise equipment.


But if you want to get fit, then it’s better to do your strength training exercises on a regular basis and in conjunction with cardio training. You’ll be able to see faster results and maintain them long-term.



  1. The Incline Bench – the third best bench with preacher curl

bench with preacher curl

The incline bench is simply a special type of bench with a preacher curl. This is because it has an incline in its top that helps people who are more flexible or less strong achieve the same results as those who are stronger and more experienced.


Advantages and disadvantages of this bench with preacher curl: strengths, weaknesses, and risks


Like the Pec Deck, this device is also used as a secondary fitness tool.


Because you have to lie down on the incline, it can be a little risky for older people and those who are frail. The key to using this type of machine successfully is just to practice caution. Start by lying flat on the bench and make sure there’s no risk of injuring yourself before beginning your prescribed routine.


The incline is not very good for beginners because you have to lie down in order to use it. Therefore, because it’s more lifting-based and for people who are stronger, it’s a better choice.


Even though the incline is not recommended for the beginning or beginner, the Pec Deck is a good one. But if you want to lean towards other exercises that use different muscles using the preacher curl attachment, then opt for an incline bench like this one instead.


You won’t be able to do bicep curls on this bench with preacher curl because it doesn’t have adjustable height on its pad. But you can do reverse curls, tricep presses, and other related exercises that work these muscles the same way.




If you don’t know what’s the best bench with preacher curl for you, take a look at this article. We’ve listed details on the best three in terms of popularity and comfort. You can choose either one of them or buy all three of them to increase your exercise options as you get more advanced and start working out harder each time.

Are Leg Curl Extension Good for Football Players

Are Leg Curl Extension Good for Football Players


As a football player, you need to be strong in the lower body to improve your speed and power. This is why you should include this exercise in your training routine. The leg curl extension helps to generate power because it works all the muscles in the lower body.

Leg Curl Extension

It is also safer than other exercises because you can control the pressure on your muscles more precisely as well as developing stability and strength in your hamstrings, glutes and other muscles for American football. And if you want to know more about leg curl extension, then this article is what you’re looking for.



What are leg curl extensions?


Leg curls are an exercise that train muscles in the lower body. These muscles include the hamstrings, glutes and other muscles in the thighs and back of the legs. The hamstring muscles are especially important for American footballers because they help them move with speed and power.


This helps them to break tackles, jump high into the air when making a tackle or get to a loose ball quickly after it has been kicked. They are used to carry out a lot of running and sprinting, so they need to be strong.




Leg Curl ExtensionHow do leg curl extensions help American footballers?

Leg curls are an effective way of strengthening the muscles in your lower body, and this makes them very important for your American football training.

When your hamstrings, glutes and other lower-body muscles are well trained, the footballer develops more power and speed. This will improves their game in American football.


For American footballers, good hamstring strength is especially important because it helps with speed and running ability. If you want to run fast, you need to be strong in your hamstrings.

To run quickly, you need to improve your hamstring strength. This is especially true for wide receivers, running backs and safeties. Good hamstring strength helps your speed and running ability.


Footballers also need to jump high when participating in American football, so a stronger lower-body is important. When starting off with the leg curl exercise, you should use light weights.

This will help you get used to the movement pattern and practice your form while avoiding injury. As you become stronger, you can make the exercise harder by using heavier weights.



Leg Curl Extension

How to do the leg curl extensions exercise


  1. Sit on a weight bench with your back straight and your legs lying fully on the roller pad, the roller pad should be a few inches from your calves.


  1. Slowly bend your knees, pushing your ankles as close to your backside as you can using your hamstrings to take weight off the plate. Hold this position briefly.


  1. Straighten both legs fully and return them to their original position. Repeat.

The number and weight of the weights you use will depend on your starting level in the exercise.


You can also perform this exercise while lying flat on the leg curl extension machine, using your hips and holding onto the support handles to remain in position.



To perform this exercise correctly, it is important that you do not lean forward as you bend and straighten your legs. In this position, the weight on your hamstrings takes all the strain and does not rest evenly throughout the movement. This can cause injuries or strain and damage to muscles if you abuse them too much or overdo them.



Leg Curl Extension



Overall training is important to strengthen the muscles in your lower body, and this makes leg curls an effective way of improving your American football training. It will give you more power and speed to improve your game, so you can become a better footballer.

Planet Fitness Personal Trainer

30812 squat rack

HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Review Pros and Cons

HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Harison-fitness-squat-stand-48-1-768x1024

Review Pros and Cons

The Harison Fitness adjustable squat stand provides a lot of value for the price that it is offered at. It features 10 different height settings for the uprights, and it can hold up to 650 pounds of weight. Squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, dips, and other workouts may be performed thanks to the uprights’ ability to be modified.


About HR-30812 Squat Stand

The weight capacity of the movable spotter arms is 400 lbs, and they have five different settings to choose from. They are there to rescue you in the event that you get caught at the bottom of a workout. The breadth of the squatting stand may be modified to one of ten different settings, providing you with a great deal of flexibility while also making it simpler to store.


Additionally, it features a weighted plate cushion on every side that is suitable for use with weight plates of both regular and Olympic dimensions. One hundred seventy-five pounds of force may be accommodated by every weight plate sleeve.


How did the machinery feel when it arrived at homes


Although enthusiasts are aware that squat stands do not get a lot of love in this community, many still wanted to submit a review on the stands that are located in my home gym.


A lot of people wanted a piece of machinery that could easily take at least 400 pounds, was movable, could fit in a tiny place, and was affordable, so there are a plenty of people who went ahead and bought them. These fulfilled all of those requirements completely.



Nothing out from the ordinary about the assembly or the package. Arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, and each component was individually wrapped with bubble wrap. The assembly process took around half an hour for each stand, but that was because I wasn’t very efficient while separating the individual components before putting them together. The assembly process consists of nine bolts and the foot caps.

Pros and cons




  • Rated to hold 700 pounds
  • J-cups with plastic liners are included in the package.
  • Very reliable even when a weight of 25 pounds is placed on every stand (has a weight horn on the back of the rack).
  • If they need to be relocated, they are light and simple to carry.




  • Did not provide other attachment like the power cage( HARISON would update a pro version for more  at the next squat stand)




The Harison Fitness squat stand is one that I prefer using overall. Because it is adjustable in height and breadth, it may serve as a base for a variety of activities. Does not need a large amount of space, which is an essential requirement for the majority of home gyms. In addition to that, there is space available for storage.

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5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

Going to the gym every day for a workout can be a challenge based on motivation, lifestyle, location, and time. It’s not for everyone. Some people prefer to work out at home, which saves money on gym memberships, childcare, and gas. It also saves time, with no commute, and prevents you from making some common excuses when you lack the motivation to get ready and go. The Harison leg extension machine can provide an excellent workout right from the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 excellent ways you can get a great lower body workout with leg machine without ever leaving the house.


1. 1 1/4 Leg Extensions by Leg Machine



Start in a seated position, with your back pressed firmly into the back pad. Place your legs under the leg pad, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, with the pad resting on top of your ankles. This is your starting position. Keep your torso as still as possible and your feet flexed or in a neutral position. Extend your knees and push the pad upward until your legs are straight. You should feel the tension in the top part of your legs (quadriceps). Return to the starting position, while keeping your feet in position, repeat the movement for a quarter of the original movement, meaning only to raise your legs about a quarter of the way. Return to the starting position. This will count as one rep. You can make this more difficult as you progress by holding the legs straight at the top of the movement for a 2-3 second pause.


2. Bodyweight Squats


Begin with your feet positioned slightly wider than your shoulders with the toes turned outward. Keeping your torso upright, with a proud chest, lower your body to just below 90 degrees, so that your hips are slightly below your knees. Push your feet into the ground to rise back up to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.  When pushing your feet into the ground, it’s important to create a tripod base, meaning your big toe, small toe and heel should all push firmly into the ground when lowering your body and rising, never letting your heel come off the ground. You can practice this move with a stool or small chair if you’re just starting out. Start by lowering yourself onto the chair for a quick tap, then rising again. You can progress this by adding weight or by pausing for 2-3 seconds before rising up to the starting position.


3. Lying Hamstring Curls by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

Begin in a lying position with your chest pressed firmly into the pad and your hands gripping the sides of the pad. Place your legs under the leg pad, so that the pad is resting just above your heels. Keeping the glutes tight with feet in a flexed position, and your head looking down so that it is aligned with your spine, raise the pad so your heels travel upward towards your glutes. You should feel the tension in the back of your legs (hamstrings). Lower the pad and return to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. You can progress this by targeting your inner and outer hamstring fibers. Turn the feet inward to target the inner hamstrings, and turn the feet outward to target the outer hamstrings.


4. Reverse Lunges


Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Bring your right leg back, driving your left knee forward to bend at a 90-degree angle, Your left foot should be pushed into the ground creating a tripod effect as we discussed earlier. Your right foot should be bent so that only your toes are pushing into the ground and your right knee is hovering just above the ground or a slight tap on a padded surface. Pushing your weight onto your front foot return to the starting position. You can either repeat this move on the same side or alternate with the other foot. You can practice this by staying in the lunge position and pulsing (static lunge) or progress this by adding weight. You should feel the tension in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.


5. Step-Ups


Step-ups are a great way to target the gluteus maximus. Begin by finding a secured stool, chair, or outdoor ledge that is a few inches off the floor. This should be a height that you can safely step up onto with one foot without falling. Feel free to use something to hold onto if you are a beginner. Stand directly in front of the chair, and place your right foot onto it, lift yourself up by placing your weight only on the right foot using a tripod base. Your left foot should rise off the ground and hang just over the chair. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. You can either repeat on one side or alternate each rep. Progress this by holding a dumbbell or weight plate. You can also progress this by increasing the height of the surface you are stepping onto.


Sample Workout:


Superset: 3 Rounds

1 1/4 Leg Extension 12 reps

Lying Hamstring Curls 12 reps

Triset: 3 Rounds

Bodyweight Squats 12 reps

Reverse Lunges 24 reps (12 each side)

Step-Ups 24 reps (12 each side)

Take a 30-second rest after each round and a 1-minute rest between the superset and triset.


  • A superset is two exercises performed back to back with no rest.
  • A triset is three exercises performed back to back with no rest.

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Top 5 Exercises by Leg Extension Machine to Tone Your Legs

Top 5 Exercises by Leg Extension Machine to Tone Your Legs

Leg extension machines are used by Fitness centers and gym owners use leg extension machines to give the user a challenging leg workout that builds muscle strength and definition. With heavy-duty construction, the leg extension machine can be relied on to help you get a more difficult workout while still maintaining proper form. For those looking to tone their legs, this exercise will help them reach their goals. Below are some exercises you can do with a leg extension machine at home.

Leg Extension

If you want toned legs and don’t have a gym membership, you can do several exercises at home with a leg extension machine to get the job done. Leg extensions are the perfect addition to your workout routine if you’re looking for stronger, more toned legs.

Leg extensions are an isolation exercise that targets the quadriceps. They require you to sit down on the leg extension machine, equipped with a pad that rests on your lower thighs. You then lift the padded lever by extending your legs until they are straight out before you, and then slowly return to the starting position.

It’s important to remember that you should use proper form when performing this exercise. Start by sitting on the leg extension machine, placing your legs under the pad, and grabbing onto the side handles. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. This is your starting position.

Slowly extend your legs to straight until you feel a slight stretch in your lower abs, hold for 1 second and then come back down to the starting position. Ensure to inhale as you perform this portion of the movement and exhale as you return to the starting position.

Single-Leg Curls

Try the single-leg curl if you’re looking for a more challenging leg exercise! This move is a bit trickier to perform, but you’ll be able to get the hang of it with practice.

Position yourself on the machine with one leg resting on the pad. Lean forward so that your upper body is about 45 degrees from horizontal. Grasp the handles firmly and slowly bring your heel towards your butt. Hold for a moment and then return to starting position.

Repeat this motion ten times on each leg and then switch legs. You should feel a burn in your hamstring muscles as the machine lifts your body weight against gravity. If you don’t feel anything or if it’s too easy, try increasing the weight on the machine by adjusting the pin that holds up all of those weights (also known as “plates”).

Calf Raises

If you have a leg extension machine at home, you can use it to tone your legs. One of the best exercises you can do with a leg extension machine to tone your legs is calf raises. To perform calf raises, stand upright facing a leg extension machine. Please pick up the barbell with both hands and place it on your shoulders. Hold the barbell with both hands as you stand tall and straighten your spine. Next, bend one knee and bring your torso down until it is almost parallel with the ground. Pause for three seconds, and then bring yourself back to the standing position. Alternate between legs for three sets of ten repetitions each.

Leg Curls

Leg curls are a great way to get toned, shapely legs without feeling like you’re doing too much work. By using a leg extension machine, you can work out your calves and thighs simultaneously by pulling your legs back behind you. This will help to tighten up and strengthen your muscles and build muscle mass.

Dumbbell Lunges

A leg extension machine is a great option for working out your legs at home because it doesn’t need much space, and it’s easy to store. One of the best ways to tone your legs with this equipment is by doing dumbbell lunges.

First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding dumbbells in each hand. Step forward one foot and lower your body until both knees are bent at roughly 90-degree angles. Do ten reps for each leg before moving on to another exercise.

Wrapping Up

Using a leg extension machine, performing effective leg exercises to tone your legs is best done. One of the best leg machines to tone your legs and glutes is a capable leg extension machine at home. While this exercise works your quadriceps muscles, a good machine will work your hamstrings more.

Did you have a leg extension machine for your home gym? Please feel free to leave comments below on what is your leg day routine!