5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

Going to the gym every day for a workout can be a challenge based on motivation, lifestyle, location, and time. It’s not for everyone. Some people prefer to work out at home, which saves money on gym memberships, childcare, and gas. It also saves time, with no commute, and prevents you from making some common excuses when you lack the motivation to get ready and go. The Harison leg extension machine can provide an excellent workout right from the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 excellent ways you can get a great lower body workout with leg machine without ever leaving the house.


1. 1 1/4 Leg Extensions by Leg Machine



Start in a seated position, with your back pressed firmly into the back pad. Place your legs under the leg pad, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, with the pad resting on top of your ankles. This is your starting position. Keep your torso as still as possible and your feet flexed or in a neutral position. Extend your knees and push the pad upward until your legs are straight. You should feel the tension in the top part of your legs (quadriceps). Return to the starting position, while keeping your feet in position, repeat the movement for a quarter of the original movement, meaning only to raise your legs about a quarter of the way. Return to the starting position. This will count as one rep. You can make this more difficult as you progress by holding the legs straight at the top of the movement for a 2-3 second pause.


2. Bodyweight Squats


Begin with your feet positioned slightly wider than your shoulders with the toes turned outward. Keeping your torso upright, with a proud chest, lower your body to just below 90 degrees, so that your hips are slightly below your knees. Push your feet into the ground to rise back up to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.  When pushing your feet into the ground, it’s important to create a tripod base, meaning your big toe, small toe and heel should all push firmly into the ground when lowering your body and rising, never letting your heel come off the ground. You can practice this move with a stool or small chair if you’re just starting out. Start by lowering yourself onto the chair for a quick tap, then rising again. You can progress this by adding weight or by pausing for 2-3 seconds before rising up to the starting position.


3. Lying Hamstring Curls by Leg Machine

5 Best Leg Exercise at Home by Leg Machine

Begin in a lying position with your chest pressed firmly into the pad and your hands gripping the sides of the pad. Place your legs under the leg pad, so that the pad is resting just above your heels. Keeping the glutes tight with feet in a flexed position, and your head looking down so that it is aligned with your spine, raise the pad so your heels travel upward towards your glutes. You should feel the tension in the back of your legs (hamstrings). Lower the pad and return to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. You can progress this by targeting your inner and outer hamstring fibers. Turn the feet inward to target the inner hamstrings, and turn the feet outward to target the outer hamstrings.


4. Reverse Lunges


Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Bring your right leg back, driving your left knee forward to bend at a 90-degree angle, Your left foot should be pushed into the ground creating a tripod effect as we discussed earlier. Your right foot should be bent so that only your toes are pushing into the ground and your right knee is hovering just above the ground or a slight tap on a padded surface. Pushing your weight onto your front foot return to the starting position. You can either repeat this move on the same side or alternate with the other foot. You can practice this by staying in the lunge position and pulsing (static lunge) or progress this by adding weight. You should feel the tension in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.


5. Step-Ups


Step-ups are a great way to target the gluteus maximus. Begin by finding a secured stool, chair, or outdoor ledge that is a few inches off the floor. This should be a height that you can safely step up onto with one foot without falling. Feel free to use something to hold onto if you are a beginner. Stand directly in front of the chair, and place your right foot onto it, lift yourself up by placing your weight only on the right foot using a tripod base. Your left foot should rise off the ground and hang just over the chair. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. You can either repeat on one side or alternate each rep. Progress this by holding a dumbbell or weight plate. You can also progress this by increasing the height of the surface you are stepping onto.


Sample Workout:


Superset: 3 Rounds

1 1/4 Leg Extension 12 reps

Lying Hamstring Curls 12 reps

Triset: 3 Rounds

Bodyweight Squats 12 reps

Reverse Lunges 24 reps (12 each side)

Step-Ups 24 reps (12 each side)

Take a 30-second rest after each round and a 1-minute rest between the superset and triset.


  • A superset is two exercises performed back to back with no rest.
  • A triset is three exercises performed back to back with no rest.

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Top 5 Exercises by Leg Extension Machine to Tone Your Legs

Top 5 Exercises by Leg Extension Machine to Tone Your Legs

Leg extension machines are used by Fitness centers and gym owners use leg extension machines to give the user a challenging leg workout that builds muscle strength and definition. With heavy-duty construction, the leg extension machine can be relied on to help you get a more difficult workout while still maintaining proper form. For those looking to tone their legs, this exercise will help them reach their goals. Below are some exercises you can do with a leg extension machine at home.

Leg Extension

If you want toned legs and don’t have a gym membership, you can do several exercises at home with a leg extension machine to get the job done. Leg extensions are the perfect addition to your workout routine if you’re looking for stronger, more toned legs.

Leg extensions are an isolation exercise that targets the quadriceps. They require you to sit down on the leg extension machine, equipped with a pad that rests on your lower thighs. You then lift the padded lever by extending your legs until they are straight out before you, and then slowly return to the starting position.

It’s important to remember that you should use proper form when performing this exercise. Start by sitting on the leg extension machine, placing your legs under the pad, and grabbing onto the side handles. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. This is your starting position.

Slowly extend your legs to straight until you feel a slight stretch in your lower abs, hold for 1 second and then come back down to the starting position. Ensure to inhale as you perform this portion of the movement and exhale as you return to the starting position.

Single-Leg Curls

Try the single-leg curl if you’re looking for a more challenging leg exercise! This move is a bit trickier to perform, but you’ll be able to get the hang of it with practice.

Position yourself on the machine with one leg resting on the pad. Lean forward so that your upper body is about 45 degrees from horizontal. Grasp the handles firmly and slowly bring your heel towards your butt. Hold for a moment and then return to starting position.

Repeat this motion ten times on each leg and then switch legs. You should feel a burn in your hamstring muscles as the machine lifts your body weight against gravity. If you don’t feel anything or if it’s too easy, try increasing the weight on the machine by adjusting the pin that holds up all of those weights (also known as “plates”).

Calf Raises

If you have a leg extension machine at home, you can use it to tone your legs. One of the best exercises you can do with a leg extension machine to tone your legs is calf raises. To perform calf raises, stand upright facing a leg extension machine. Please pick up the barbell with both hands and place it on your shoulders. Hold the barbell with both hands as you stand tall and straighten your spine. Next, bend one knee and bring your torso down until it is almost parallel with the ground. Pause for three seconds, and then bring yourself back to the standing position. Alternate between legs for three sets of ten repetitions each.

Leg Curls

Leg curls are a great way to get toned, shapely legs without feeling like you’re doing too much work. By using a leg extension machine, you can work out your calves and thighs simultaneously by pulling your legs back behind you. This will help to tighten up and strengthen your muscles and build muscle mass.

Dumbbell Lunges

A leg extension machine is a great option for working out your legs at home because it doesn’t need much space, and it’s easy to store. One of the best ways to tone your legs with this equipment is by doing dumbbell lunges.

First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding dumbbells in each hand. Step forward one foot and lower your body until both knees are bent at roughly 90-degree angles. Do ten reps for each leg before moving on to another exercise.

Wrapping Up

Using a leg extension machine, performing effective leg exercises to tone your legs is best done. One of the best leg machines to tone your legs and glutes is a capable leg extension machine at home. While this exercise works your quadriceps muscles, a good machine will work your hamstrings more.

Did you have a leg extension machine for your home gym? Please feel free to leave comments below on what is your leg day routine!

Workout Benches: 3 Exercises To Keep You Fit

HARISON weight bench Workout benches are a good choice for staying fit and healthy while also having complete control over what you use them for. For example, a workout bench can be a good choice for senior people who require specialized care services at home. If you want a HARISON weight bench , there are several exercises you can do on them that will be great for building up your core muscles and keeping your entire body in shape. While there is also a 609-weight bench with leg extension that lets you perform different exercises to keep you fit.

Make sure that you find the best exercise bench that is perfect for your needs and has pads that won’t cause any discomfort when doing these five popular exercises:


These types of workouts come with several different benefits, which include:

They let people build muscle fast. They provide more strength than most other forms of exercise. They allow individuals to carry out several different types of exercises comfortably. They are a good choice for staying active and fit while recovering from an injury. On the other hand, using a weight bench with leg extension also offers other benefits. For example, it can help you achieve better balance and coordination, as well as increase muscle mass in your thighs and glutes


If you want to try out some of these popular exercises, you need to ensure that your workout bench supports you and has suitable padding. All of the following five workouts will help ton-up certain parts of your body and increase strength: 1. Bench Press 2. Incline Press 3. Decline Press 4. Flys 5. Pullovers


The bench press is a popular exercise that challenges the chest muscles and arms. You will lie down on a flat surface with a bar in front of you, slowly lower it down to your chest, and then press it back up with your arms.


The incline bench press is a great workout exercise similar to the traditional bench press, but instead of having a flat surface, you will work out on an inclined one with less than a forty-five-degree angle. You will lie down on this type of workout bench and push the bar away from you like you would with the traditional bench press. This incline weight bench can be adjusted to different positions, so you can customize your workout to match your needs.  It also has the removable feature, which made it have more possible workouts


A decline workout bench helps to reduce the stress that may be put onto your shoulders and provides an additional challenge for those who do this type of exercise. It is achieved by putting your feet higher than your head as you bring the barbell down to your chest.


For this exercise, you will need an exercise bench with two inclines to have a level surface for resting your arms on. You will start by lying down with your back flat against the workout bench and then raise both of your dumbbells with straight arms till they are level with each other. It is one repetition. Finally, please bring them back down but this time, don’t lift the weight as high as before and concentrate on squeezing all of the muscles in your chest when doing this movement.


The pullover is another tough but effective exercise that helps to strengthen the shoulder, upper back, and chest muscles. You will need a workout bench with a barbell attached to it, which you will lie down under and lift with your arms till they are straight above your chest. Now, slowly lower the weight back down over your head but keep the elbows slightly bent as you do this before bringing it back up again. While the weight bench with the leg curl feature on this bench is adjustable, you can increase or decrease the amount of resistance as needed, such as it has a Bottom balance adjustment knob to adjust it accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

These types of workouts come with several different benefits, which include: They let people build muscle fast They provide more strength than most other forms of exercises They allow individuals to carry out several different types of exercises comfortably They are a good choice for staying active and fit while recovering from an injury.

Whether you want to build up your strength or stay fit and active, doing exercises with a workout bench is a good way of achieving this. By trying out these five workouts on a suitable workout bench, you will be able to achieve great results within just a few weeks.


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CBA Player Shows How to Avoid Stationary Bike Injuries

For bodybuilding people, indoor cycling is a very popular exercise to lose body-fat, but also very popular at celebrity , athletes and millions of us . How to avoid stationary bike injuries has become a concern of us.

“Regular riders” Google for the answer, and “Professional riders” have fully utilized stationary bike .

CBA Player Yi warms up with the HARISON B2800 stationary bike

Yi Jianlian (height 6 ft 11 in , weight 258 lb, Chinese Top 1 CBA basketball player) absolute Professional level. Yi uses a HARISON Exercise bike to warm up his muscles during the game between Guangdong Southern Tiger and Shandong in the third round of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) on March 1.

CBA Player Shows How to Avoid Stationary Bike Injuries

(Yi warms up with the HARISON B2800 Exercise Bike)

5 Tips How to Avoid Stationary Bike Injuries

Of course, most people use it to lose fat. Fancy riding in spin studio or riding at home during COVID-19 is very popular for many people. However, simple mistakes are very easy lead to damage knees and muscle strain after exercise.

Here are a few tips for beginners to learn the basics of spinning before you try use stationary bike at home and gym.

Knee injuries is the most common problem for beginners in spin training.

CBA Player Shows How to Avoid Stationary Bike Injuries

  1. Adjust your seat properly before riding. Adjustable leather padded seat forward to back and up to down. the height of the handlebar. Before exercise should make sure your bike seat is at the right height for you and isn’t too low, too high, too far forward or too far back
  • Adjustable leather padded seat height. Usually the height of user standing on the ground, lift the thigh and height is parallel to the ground , so that when riding, thigh and calf Angle is not too small, so as to reduce the burden of the knee, avoid the injury;
  •  Adjustable leather padded seat forward to back. We can use the elbow joint to align the front of the seat, with the forearm to delimit a semicircle, the length of the forearm and the seat to the straight line distance of the resistance knob are same;
  • The position of the seat determines the height of the handlebar. Generally, the handlebar is half a fist higher than the seat.

(2) Before stationary bike training, we must warm up first: If you directly ride on a high-speed exercise without warm up ,you may feeling very good, but the knee joint damage is very large.

(3) Reduce the times you stand on the pedal: When you stand there swinging left and right to exercise, it causing the knee to work harder over time

(4)Feel your body, don’t push yourself too hard. In a spinning class, or riding at home, with other people warming up the atmosphere or online trainer leading the exercise. it’s easy to push yourself beyond your limits. Remember, when you feel like you’ve reached your limit, for most people with weak exercise foundation, it is a alarm for injury; For fitness lovers , it may break their own limits. So, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages and do adequate amount of exercise.

(5) The right way to ride: when riding, knees should same as the shoulder width, do not converge.

  • The body leans forward slightly, the arms of the body are straight, the abdomen is tightened, and the abdominal breathing method is used when exercising;
  • Legs and the car beam parallel or slightly buckle, knee, hip maintain coordination;
  • Don’t swing your body from side to side, pay attention to grasp the rhythm of riding;
  • Beginners can use group training, 10 minutes cycling – rest for 5 minutes, cycle three groups, strength the physical fitness and then increase the amount of training.

Next time, you will received tips of “how to protect knee joint” , click a like to forward to the friends who need it! Please don’t hesitate to show your comment below!

How do you warm up before exercise/strength training?
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HARISON Weight Bench For Best Full Body Workout

HARISON Weight Bench: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People

Thanks to some innovative designs and competitive pricing, working out at home has become not only the desired option but a more realistic one. In times past, big, heavy pieces of equipment took up lots of space, were extremely hard to put together, and if it came with accessories, they were more trouble than their worth. Fast forward to today and working up a good sweat and a solid pump at home is all the more attainable. With high-quality, full-body machines like the Harison Weight Bench, space is no longer an issue holding you back, and thanks to their ergonomic design, they’re extremely easy to use and install.




Fully-Adjustable Weight Bench – You’ll be able to target all muscle groups at different angles with this multi-purpose design which allows you to work at various degrees of decline, flat, and a bench incline. This bench has six backrest positions and five-seat positions.

Powder Coated Steel Frame – With the capacity to support up to 800lbs. this heavy-duty weight bench has a solid build meaning it will last you for years to come.

weight bench for home HARISON fitness
Preacher Curl Accessory – The priest pad is made of high-grade foam padding to provide the best comfort and support possible. It’s securely locked into place and can be adjusted to your height or easily removed when not being used.

Utility Exercise Bench with Barbell Rack – You can add or take off weight quickly and move on to the next set with the ability to fit up to six plates.

Leg Extension and Curl Machine – With dual positioning, you’re getting two machines in one, allowing you to perform both quad and hamstring movements.

Secure Lock – Provides a sturdy and safe user experience.

Compared With Other Brands

Let’s compare the weight capacity, backrest adjustment, full-body capabilities with added accessories, and cost between some similar brands.

1.HARISON 609 Weight Bench – capacity is 800lbs. with 6 positions for the backrest adjustment. Includes preacher curl attachment and lower body piece giving full body capabilities, and priced at $199.
2.Marcy 6 Position Bench- capacity is 600lbs. with 6 backrest positions. No attachments are included but it has a built-in lower body piece and is priced at $129.99.
3.FLYBIRD Weight Bench- capacity is 700lbs., with 7 backrest positions, no attachments, or lower body capabilities, priced at $239.99.
4.Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench- has a 600 lbs. capacity, 6 backrest positions, no attachments, no leg extension and curl machine, priced at $349.99.


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People

User reviews show this brand felt more sturdy and therefore safer than other brands during use. The last thing you want to worry about is a wobbly weight bench when you lift weights above your head.

When looking at the quality of craftsmanship in this bench, compared to others, you can clearly see the detail of thick, quality padding allowing you to perform set after set without worrying about pain from thin, low-grade foam.

When deciding to go with the HARISON 609 exercise bench, you’re getting what you pay for and more. The quality, ease of use, and sturdiness make this weight bench one you can workout on and grow with.

With a fully adjustable bench, you’ll be able to target your upper, middle, and lower chest muscles, target all three deltoids when working shoulders, and easily perform leg extensions and hamstring curls as a single set or superset with quick weight adjustments.

You can hit both bicep heads with the addition of the preacher curl, work your back at different angles, perform tricep dips, hip thrusts, and more. It truly is a full-body workout bench with endless possibilities, minimal space at an affordable cost.


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Best Inversion Tables Benefits Health- Harison Fitness

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People

What is the best inversion table for big people? Here we HARISON list some points, lets check it out.



What is the best inversion table?  An inversion table is a fitness product wherein you practice Inversion Therapy
Simply put, it makes you execute the process of getting therapeutic benefits of hanging by your legs, ankles, or feet from an inverted angle or entirely in an upside down position.

The inversion table is one medium to gain spinal traction wherein you temporarily create space between vertebrae that are customarily smudged together.


People are always 99 percent of the time upright in daily life, in keeping with the earth’s gravity pull.

But our internal organs and blood circulatory system suffer because we easily become susceptible to cardiovascular disorders, gastroptosis, and other diseases which are a result of our constant uprightness.

With regards to inversion table benefits, gravity remains the same, but the pressure and tension on our joints, organs and muscles change. The inversion eliminates and weakens inter-articular pressure. The relaxation of our muscles also means that there are positive effects on our control of our pain for our neck and back. We also have better health management if we already have sciatica and arthritis.




Do you want to avail of the best inversion table in the market? The Harison 407 Inversion Table is now available for you in its updated version.

Harison has a heavy duty integrated steel frame which makes its back inverter stretcher very stable and durable.
A safety belt, protective pedal cover and cap, non-slip nuts, sponge foot cover and safe handles are double security features which make Harison your best candidate for your spine and back health.

HARISON 407 inverson table Exercise gym Equipment for Strength Workout


You avail the benefit of longer lumbar support because of the safety belt. This is double protection for your own safety.
You can adjust the safety belt according to your own body proportions. This ensures that you will not flop down or slip.






Harison 407 Inversion Table has a unique structure design comprising a triangle frame which has true balance. This makes it super sturdy and stable to fully fit your waist curve, relieve your neck, back and pain pressure.









You can conveniently adjust to 4 different angle position, even a fully 180 degree vertical inversion with the Harison. This amazing inversion table benefits you by exercising your neck and back, the strong possibility of losing weight.

It is also recommended for anti-gravity beauty training because it releases pressure and lets you avoid the need for pharma painkillers and provides you with a good night’s sleep.




You can inverse from Flat Sturdy Inversion, Slight Inversion, 60 degree Inversion and finally, Full Vertical Inversion, when you have gotten used to the Harison 407 Inversion Table.



Harison has high quality memory foam for the 3D backrest which makes it stand out. The ergonomic design makes it comfortably fit your waist curve to release pressure and protect your spinal and back health.

You will also be provided with a safety belt and ankle holders while you are inverting for maximum safety. You will feel no pinch or pain occurring on your ankles while inverting.

You also avail the benefits of full loop foam-covered handlebars which enable you to easily return to the upright position.

The Harison 407 Inversion Table has the capacity to carry the weight of extra-large people up to 350 lbs heavy.




The Harison 407 Inversion Table is one of the few products in the market which has a safety belt. Its backrest is very comfortable because of the high-quality foam. Your feet will be reinforced with an adjustable roller with premium quality foam wherein you will not feel any discomfort.

On the other hand, the Teeter EP-560 is not provided with a safety belt but has ergo embrace ankle cups and also an adjustable foot platform to secure your feet and ankle.

The Harison has gears that make it convenient for you to achieve a full 180 degrees and 4 other inversion angles. It also has handlebars which makes it easy for you to control the inversions. It is also easy to assemble.

The Teeter has a manual that instructs on its assembly. Once assembled, you strap your feet on the foot pedal but without the added protection of a safety belt.


Like the Harison 407, the Ironman Gravity also has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It has an extra-wide tubular steel frame. On the other hand, the sturdy and unique triangular frame of the Harison 407 has true balance and has much better heavy load performance (compared to a normal triangular design).

It has also extra-long foam-covered handles which give extra grip when you want to return to the upright position. Just like the Harison 407.

But then again, no safety belt. That’s what sets apart the Harison 407 in terms of extra protection features.

More than 20 years of inversion table experience assures you that you get what you pay for when you purchase the Harison 407 Inversion Table.


Check price at HARISON Amazon store

Click to Home Gym Exercise Equipment Sale

Sourcing: https://relaxtheback.com/blogs/news/inversion-table-benefits

harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (7)

HARISON 609 Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad Workouts

HARISON 609 Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad

Welcome to our HARISON fitness tips channel consisting of bodyweight-only, weight bench workouts! Here is a full-body workout by HR-609 weight bench. Let’s finish the workout and strong!




harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (7)

harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (3)


How to do them – Sit on the side of the weight bench and sit with your knees apart. Bring your elbow down to your knee joint and position it so it sits securely on the side of your patella. With your wrist fixed, straight and facing outward towards your opposite leg, curl your forearm all the way up and back down, in a controlled manner.

What muscles they target – Biceps.

How a weight bench helps – By locking your arm into place using your knees, you optimise your bicep curls so they’re much more concise. A weight bench is a solid, flat surface for you to work out on.



harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (1)
Man performing a dumbbell shoulder press on a Mirafit exercise bench
How to do them – With the bench in an upright position, sit with your back firmly pressed into the weight bench. Ground your feet firmly into the ground and bring your arms up so your elbows are at right angles, and your shoulders are in line with your back. With a smooth, controlled motion, push the dumbbells up and in so that they meet when your arms are straight. Lower back down and take back into your starting position.

What muscles they target – Deltoids, supraspinatus, triceps, trapezius, pecs.

How a weight bench helps – The weight bench stops your arms from moving out of line so you can be much more precise when you work out. However, by allowing you to move naturally, the weight bench isn’t as constrictive as a resistance machine.



harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (5)
fitness expert doing skull crusher exercises using mirafit gym equipment
How to do them – With the bench in a flat position, lie back as you would for a bench press. Take the dumbbell so it’s positioned above your head. Hex weights are great for this exercise as you can hold on to the rubber weight securely. Ensure your elbows are tucked in so you can target your triceps. Then, keeping your arms bent, lift the weight up and over until your elbows meet

What muscles they target – Triceps.

How a weight bench helps – Provides a solid, flat base for you to train from.


harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (6)
Fitness expert doing a single hand dumbbell bent over row on a Mirafit weight bench
How to do them – Stand to the side of the weight bench with the closest knee to the bench resting on the seat. Bend over and support your weight with the arm that’s closest to the bench, keeping it straight. With your outside arm, bring the weight up so you thumb meets your armpit. Squeeze your back muscles as you reach the top, then lower back down.

What muscles they target – Lats, rhomboids, rear deltoids and trapezius.

How a weight bench helps – Provides a solid, flat base for you to train from supporting your weight while you isolate and focus each side in turn.


ABS Exercise

harison weight bench fitness bench 609 blog (2)



More exercise available waiting for your to discover!

HARISON 609 Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad

Leave comment below of your exercise at Harison 609 weight bench!

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The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness?- HARISON

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness?- HARISON

It’s again “Autumn clothes tied in long pants, Long trousers in the socks” season. Now the north has already snowed.

The colder weather, the less exercise. Eat more and exercise less. But it’s the time when you get the most calories. Accumulated a “swimming ring” accidentally in winter.

In winter, some people get fat, some people lose weight.

In winter, the body is more likely to grow fat in order to keep out the cold.

The higher the fat, the stronger the cold resistance. This is also a natural law, many animals will grow thick fat in winter to resist the severe cold.

Under such circumstances, the body will not let go of every opportunity to grow fat, and is more inclined to convert excess calories into fat for storage.

But fat also varies from person to person.

Because the body consumes more calories in order to resist the cold, this will form a calorie gap. If you maintain a self-disciplined lifestyle all the year round and can restrain the temptation of food, your body will naturally use the energy reserves to fill the gap, and it is entirely possible that your weight will slowly drop.

However, most people get fatter in winter, that is, they eat more and exercise less, and cannot be too lazy to move because of the cold weather.

Winter fitness is more than just losing weight. Regular participation in physical fitness activities can not only effectively enhance physical fitness and prevent diseases, but also improve study and work efficiency.

What are the benefits of winter fitness?

Most people feel that winter is too cold and suitable for “hibernation” and do not want to exercise. As the saying goes, “If you move in winter, you don’t have a disease; if you are lazy in winter, drink more medicine.”

Winter fitness can enhance resistance and prevent colds

Winter is the season of high influenza incidence, and influenza viruses are more likely to invade people with weak physical fitness.

△ The picture comes from the Internet

In winter, during outdoor exercise, as the body continues to be stimulated by cold air, the red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin protein and antibodies against diseases in the blood increase appropriately, thereby, enhancing disease resistance. Therefore, people who keep exercising in winter can greatly reduce the incidence of colds, tonsillitis, frostbite and other diseases.

Especially now that the “COVID-19” has not dissipated, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen exercise and enhance resistance.

Fitness in winter accelerates blood circulation and stays away from “frozen hands and feet”

The most feared thing in winter is cold physical attack, no matter how much clothes you wear, it won’t work. In winter, physical exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and after the blood in the hands and feet is unblocked, it will no longer be cold.

People who work out in winter will have better cold resistance than ordinary people. Because people exercise in a cold environment, it can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, and promote the coordination of various organs and systems in the body, enhance the function of the central nervous system to regulate body temperature, and balance the heat production and heat dissipation in the body, thereby making the body Adapt to cold weather.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Winter fitness boosts metabolism

Because the temperature drops, the blood supply of the human gastrointestinal tract increases, and the digestive function absorption increases accordingly. It is natural that the appetite is good.

However, many people choose to stay indoors and hibernate in winter, and gaining weight is inevitable. At this time, if you can stick to fitness to lose weight, you can control your weight well and greatly reduce the risk of getting fat.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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What should I pay attention to in winter fitness?

Warm up takes longer

The warm-up exercise in winter needs to be done more fully than in other seasons, because the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the joints and muscles of the body are relatively stiff. If the joints, ligaments and muscles cannot be fully stretched, it will greatly increase the risk of injury during training, should be more careful.

You can do 10-15 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise (such as jogging, slow rope skipping, etc.) to warm up, let your body sweat slightly, and then start formal training.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

△ The picture comes from the Internet

Strengthen fitness

Winter fitness is recommended to increase the strength appropriately, which helps build muscle and accelerate the burning of fat. The intensity can be increased by shortening the rest time, increasing the number of exercises and groups, and appropriately extending the training time.

In order to avoid inhaling too much cold air, try to reduce the length of training time, try to control it to about 40 minutes, and do not exceed 1 hour.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Winter fitness should also be hydrated

Many people feel that fitness in winter does not need to sweat as much as in summer, and there will be no obvious feeling of thirst during the whole process of fitness training. Even if it is cold in winter, I still sweat when I exercise. Replenish water in time between, during and after exercise.

Even mild dehydration can easily feel tired, sleepy, inattentive, and even headaches. Pay attention to add water in time, drink warm water as much as possible, and don’t get too cold or too hot.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Suitable for winter fitness

The climate is cold in winter, so you can choose aerobic exercises with smaller movements and higher calorie consumption, such as running.

The speed of jogging should not be too fast, and maintain a uniform speed. Patients with chronic diseases should choose a plan with low intensity and short duration. Middle-aged and elderly people and those with poor physical fitness should choose a plan with low intensity and longer duration. Young people and those with better physical fitness should choose a short plan with greater intensity and shorter duration.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Regardless of food intake in winter or the degree of laziness will greatly increase.

Therefore, sports not only test willpower at this time, it’s a good time to exercise willpower

Hold on! By next year you will thank yourself for persisting in this winter!

Why do you need to activate muscles before exercising?

The coach always asks the people to activate the muscles before fitness, but some people equate the muscle activation with the warming up. It takes more than 10 minutes to run and warm up before fitness. But when we do strength training, we actually need to do some related muscles relax and activate.

What is muscle activation?

In fact, the term “activation” refers to stimulating muscles so that they can better exert their strength and functions.

Muscle activation means: awakening and activating the proprioceptors in the muscles, thereby adjusting the working state of the muscles, and improving the awareness and movement of the muscles.

Muscle activation does not only exist in the warm-up phase, in fact it can run through your entire training process.

Why do muscle activation?

Muscles have contractility and toughness. Inactive muscles are mainly manifested in muscle shortening, hyperextension, lengthening, and atrophy, which affect the effect of fitness.

01  The body exerts force compensation in order to maintain balance

No matter whenever, our body must maintain balance. In daily life, some of our bad habits, bad standing and sitting posture will cause our muscle strength to be imbalanced. Some muscles remain tense all year round and over-participate in physical activity. At the same time, there will be some muscles that should be involved in activities but have been lazy for a long time.

For example, the abdominal muscles and erector spinae maintain our core balance. Taking a sedentary party as an example, sitting for a long time every day, the abdominal strength is insufficient, and you will not use the abdominal force and forget the abdominal contraction function, so in order to maintain the balance, it is necessary to use the erector spinae muscles of the back to withstand greater pressure.As time passes, the waist cannot stand, also cause lumbago.

02  Poor joint compensation due to insufficient muscle tone

Muscles are flexible and resilient. However, some long-term postures cause muscle hyperextension or shortening, which will reduce its tension. The direct consequence is that the joints involved in the under-tension muscles have insufficient flexion and extension capabilities.

Taking the sedentary people as an example, long-term sitting causes the iliopsoas muscles to be compressed, and the hip muscles and hamstrings are elongated. The muscle tension in these two parts is insufficient, which ultimately leads to insufficient hip flexion ability. When doing squats, in order to squat down, the lumbar spine compensatory bends, causing the pelvis to turn over, which is easy to cause back pain. The heavier the weight, the greater the damage to your lumbar spine.

Just like when we lift heavy objects, the best way is to squat down and lift heavy objects. Some people have insufficient hip flexion ability and can only bend over to lift heavy objects, which will cause damage to the lumbar spine.

03  Incorrect muscle power, the training effect is greatly reduced

Compensation also reduces the stimulation of the target muscle, and some muscle balance is lost.

For example, the dumbbell fly did not exercise the high deltoid muscle, but the upper trapezius muscle got more exercise, which led to its abnormal development.

For another example, when you sit for a long time, the buttocks are loose and there is no sense of strength, the leg muscles will replace the buttocks, causing the leg muscles to be used too much, so when many girls go to practice the buttocks, only the thighs can feel, but the buttocks are basically not get it, the last is fat legs without buttocks.

How to activate muscles in different conditions?

Muscle inactivation is usually manifested in muscle shortening, hyperextension, lengthening, and atrophy. In response to different problems, the muscles are effectively activated.

Stretch and massage the tight and shortened muscles to restore their proper length and toughness, such as stretching the iliopsoas with long lunges, stretching the erector spinae with Dabai, and massaging the calves.

Perform isolation training or static training on excessively elongated muscles to restore the muscles to their original state, such as stimulating the buttocks muscles with the glute bridge, V-shaped support, and curling to stimulate the abdominal muscles.

Many people use 20 minutes to activate their muscles before training. Don’t look at the warm-up and just the seemingly useless movements, but just because these movements protect your joints and protect your muscles, so take care to spend some time on muscle activation and you will get unexpected results.

[Purchase Guide] How to choose an elliptical trainer / machine?

The elliptical machine can be said to be an aerobic fitness equipment for the general public. There is no limit to the applicable people. You can use it regardless of your age, fat or thin!

In short, it is suitable for all ages, fat and thin.

Faced with so many elliptical machines, how to choose an elliptical machine to be reliable?

Point 1: flywheel

Front flywheel VS Rear flywheel

The elliptical machine has two designs for everyone to choose from, one is the front flywheel and the other is the rear flywheel. Many people think that the front flywheel must be better than the rear flywheel, but it is not absolute. Both have their own advantages.

The front flywheel is more difficult in design and production process, and it performs better in stability, safety and sports effects.

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The rear flywheel has a relatively simple structure, a lighter weight, a small footprint, easy maintenance, and easier movement.

Point two: flywheel weight

Weight VS light

The elliptical machine does not need to rely on the inertia of the flywheel to drive. The weight of the flywheel is mainly to increase the stability of the fuselage.

If the flywheel is too light, there will be a feeling of floating when stepping on it. Although the flywheel with too much weight can increase the stability and user experience of the elliptical machine, its production cost is also high, the price will be more expensive, and the floor space will be larger.

For the people, a weight of 5-8kg is sufficient. It is too light to step on under 5kg, and it cannot achieve the effect of daily exercise.

Most of the flywheels of 8kg-12kg are front flywheels. As a symbol of mid-range elliptical machines, they can satisfy most home users. Moreover, this kind of elliptical machines can achieve fast fat burning and is more suitable for most people.

Flywheels above 12kg, the standard for commercial elliptical machines, are generally common in gyms, and of course the sports performance is even better.

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Point 3: Stride

Big VS small

Simply put, it is the size of one step taken by one person. The stride size is related to the exercise effect.

Large strides are closer to the effect of running, and the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is better for reducing fat.

Small strides have a smaller relative movement range, but you can exercise your body more, which can improve the buttocks and leg lines. If you want a large amount of exercise, you must extend the exercise time to achieve the desired exercise intensity.

Generally, the stride of the elliptical machine is between 30-52cm, or even larger, and you can choose according to your exercise needs.

The stride of an elliptical machine is related to the size of the flywheel. The larger the flywheel, the larger the stride. Generally, the stride of the front flywheel is larger, and the stride of the rear flywheel is smaller.

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In addition to the parameters of some main components we need to pay attention to, the overall design, workmanship, painting, appearance and other qualities of the elliptical machine are also important factors that we consider.

Good product design is reasonable, ergonomic, and beautiful in appearance. It is the coexistence of appearance and strength. It is smooth and stable to use. The more you use it, the more you like it. The inferior product is rough in workmanship. .

Why choose the American HARISON elliptical machine?

The mystery of HARISON elliptical machine movement lies in its stable and comfortable structure.

FSR connecting rod structure, better shock absorption effect

The elliptical machine allows the exerciser’s footsteps to run along an elliptical trajectory. During the entire operation, the force feedback from the pedal to the exerciser must be consistent to ensure smooth and comfortable movement.

In order to achieve this goal, the elliptical machine adopts the FSR link structure design, which is composed of four support arms. During the movement, the upper arm and the lower arm can rotate at the same time. This design allows the body’s force to be evenly distributed throughout the movement track The upper part reduces the stress on the joints and has a good protective effect on the knees.

Magnetic control system, the core component of elliptical machine

The magnetic control system on the elliptical machine is the key to achieving the best exercise effect.

Every step taken during exercise will drive the electromagnetic system of the elliptical machine. Pedal movement drives the balance flywheel to run, and the flywheel is connected to a motor to provide resistance for movement. The precision and smoothness of the magnetic control resistance determines the movement effect of the elliptical machine.

High-precision parts to ensure the durability of the elliptical machine

The parts in the main joint must have sufficient strength and precision to support the high-intensity movement of the elliptical machine. Any wear of any part inside will loosen the elliptical machine. The high-precision and high-strength parts can withstand high-intensity movements and make the elliptical machine have a longer life.

Simulation testing, the only way to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine

Before the elliptical machine leaves the factory, the simulation test is an important indicator to check whether the machine is qualified. During the test, adjust all slope and resistance to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine.

Such a rigorous production link can achieve the safe, comfortable and durable performance of the American HARISON elliptical machine.