How to Get A Smaller Waist with Exercise Equipment?

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Do you want to have a smaller waist? I think many of us will say “Yes”! Getting a smaller waist will help us to looks better and boost our confidence, also help us to be healthier. Then how to gain the smaller waist? We suggest to use the fitness equipment, which will help you to reach the goal more efficiently.

When talking about the belly fat reduce exercise, the weight-training or ab-strengthening machines come to our mind. Actually, the real way to cut fat around our waist is to place our focus on the machines that burn the most calories. So in this post, we will share some cardio machines for reducing belly fat efficiently.

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1.How to Get Smaller Waist with A Treadmill

Treadmills are the useful cardio machines for people to lose belly fat. However one should also combined with the healthy diet. With a little commitment and discipline, you will lose the belly fat in no time. So it is time to start your exercise journey for a fitness you now.

Here’s the recommended 60-minute treadmill workout which guarantees one pound weight loss every week.

Speed | Number of minutes | Calories burned

Warm Up / Walking: 3mph – 10 mins – 56.16
Jogging: 10 mins – 90.16
Running: 6mph – 15mins – 188.75
Jogging: 10mins – 90.16
Walking: 3mph – 10mins – 56.16
Cool down / Walking: 2mph – 5mins -17.83


2.How to Gain Flat Stomach with A Stationary Bike

Spinning your legs on a exercise bike is more likely to help you lose an extra belly bulge than crunching your abs. Exercise, especially cardio, it is the good way to help you lose visceral fat that resides in the deep belly, and have the flat and lean muscle. Here’s the way how to use it.

Step 1: Warm Up for 5~10 Minutes
In the beginning, spend 5~10 minutes for warming up. Set the low resistance level. During this process, your will feel that the joints awaken and blood flow increase. Your heart rate will be increased, but will not be anywhere near your maximum.

Step 2: Hit the Interval

Set the machine with a higher resistance, then intense pedal-stroke effort as you can. It may take about two minutes. Feel your heart beat rise, try to reach a point where you feel nearly breathless.

Step 3: Recover

Get back to an easy riding mode of spinning for about 2 minutes. Feel your heart rate recover and your breath rate return to a more controlled level.

Step 4: Alternate Intensities

Alternate the high-intensity and low-intensity intervals 10 to 15 times total. One of the benefits of high-intensity intervals is that they sizzle fat in a relatively short workout.

Step 5: Cool Down
Conclude your workout with three to five minutes of pedaling easily as a cool down.

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3.How to Reduce Belly Fat with A Rowing Machine

When using the rowing machine, it is similar to row while you sitting in a boat. This exercise is not only very interesting, but also very helpful in exercise your abdominal muscles.

How to Use A Rowing Machine?

The Catch: Sit tall on the rowing equipment. Your arms now are straight, and your back is upright, knees and ankles are flexed. From this posture, use lats to pull your shoulders down and brace your torso. This will help to protect your lower back.

The Drive: The Drive has a specific order of body movements. You begin the Drive by pushing with your legs while still bracing and contracting your core. When your legs are straight, hinge at the hips and lean back to about 45 degrees. The last movement is from your arms as you pull the handle towards your torso, about a few inches above your belly button.

The Finish: To finish the move, you do the same movement, only in reverse order. You extend the arms, hinge the hips forward, bring the torso over the legs and then bend the knees so you’re back at the Catch phase.

Think of it as legs, hips, core, arms, then go back down the ladder on the way back.

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