Are Leg Curl Extension Good for Football Players

Are Leg Curl Extension Good for Football Players


As a football player, you need to be strong in the lower body to improve your speed and power. This is why you should include this exercise in your training routine. The leg curl extension helps to generate power because it works all the muscles in the lower body.

Leg Curl Extension

It is also safer than other exercises because you can control the pressure on your muscles more precisely as well as developing stability and strength in your hamstrings, glutes and other muscles for American football. And if you want to know more about leg curl extension, then this article is what you’re looking for.



What are leg curl extensions?


Leg curls are an exercise that train muscles in the lower body. These muscles include the hamstrings, glutes and other muscles in the thighs and back of the legs. The hamstring muscles are especially important for American footballers because they help them move with speed and power.


This helps them to break tackles, jump high into the air when making a tackle or get to a loose ball quickly after it has been kicked. They are used to carry out a lot of running and sprinting, so they need to be strong.




Leg Curl ExtensionHow do leg curl extensions help American footballers?

Leg curls are an effective way of strengthening the muscles in your lower body, and this makes them very important for your American football training.

When your hamstrings, glutes and other lower-body muscles are well trained, the footballer develops more power and speed. This will improves their game in American football.


For American footballers, good hamstring strength is especially important because it helps with speed and running ability. If you want to run fast, you need to be strong in your hamstrings.

To run quickly, you need to improve your hamstring strength. This is especially true for wide receivers, running backs and safeties. Good hamstring strength helps your speed and running ability.


Footballers also need to jump high when participating in American football, so a stronger lower-body is important. When starting off with the leg curl exercise, you should use light weights.

This will help you get used to the movement pattern and practice your form while avoiding injury. As you become stronger, you can make the exercise harder by using heavier weights.



Leg Curl Extension

How to do the leg curl extensions exercise


  1. Sit on a weight bench with your back straight and your legs lying fully on the roller pad, the roller pad should be a few inches from your calves.


  1. Slowly bend your knees, pushing your ankles as close to your backside as you can using your hamstrings to take weight off the plate. Hold this position briefly.


  1. Straighten both legs fully and return them to their original position. Repeat.

The number and weight of the weights you use will depend on your starting level in the exercise.


You can also perform this exercise while lying flat on the leg curl extension machine, using your hips and holding onto the support handles to remain in position.



To perform this exercise correctly, it is important that you do not lean forward as you bend and straighten your legs. In this position, the weight on your hamstrings takes all the strain and does not rest evenly throughout the movement. This can cause injuries or strain and damage to muscles if you abuse them too much or overdo them.



Leg Curl Extension



Overall training is important to strengthen the muscles in your lower body, and this makes leg curls an effective way of improving your American football training. It will give you more power and speed to improve your game, so you can become a better footballer.

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