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Use These Stomach Exercises to Build Rock-Solid Abs

Having six pack is the dream of every man, so there are too many men struggling to find the most effective way to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal muscle wheel is really a very good device. Today I will teach you how to use the abdominal muscle wheel to exercise your abdominal muscles.

Weight Bearing to Exercise Belly

(15-20 times)

Same as standard belly
Keep your lower back on the ground
Without other tools
The abdominal wheel can also be used as a weight-bearing tool
Lift the abdominal wheel in your hand while crunching
Weight training can accelerate the formation of abdominal muscles

Seated Abdominal Curl


Support your body with your hips
Place abdominal wheel on instep
Legs lifted
Do a small forward and backward tilt
Knee flexion
Feeling abdominal muscle contraction

Russian Swivel

(20 times)

This is a classic waist and abdominal exercise method
Mainly for the internal and external oblique muscles
Which is often called the mermaid line
Sit upright and sit on the floor or on an exercise mat
Slightly bent knees, legs slowly lifted off the ground

Kneeling Posture to Exercise Abdominal

(15 times)

Knee on knees
Hold the abdominal wheel handle tightly with both hands
Push the abdominal wheel forward to the level of the body on the ground
Then return to home and repeat the operation

Alternate Crunches with Ab Roller Wheel

(5 × 2 each side)

Same as kneeling posture
But when it was launched, it was to the left and right.
The main exercise is oblique abs

Standing Posture with Abdominal Wheel

(8-10 times)

Stand your feet together on a level ground
Hold the abdominal wheel handle tightly with both hands
Push the abdominal wheel forward to the level of the body on the ground
Then return to home position and repeat the operation
Be careful not to sag your back
Don’t push your hips too high

Straight Arm Support

(30-60 second)

Abdomen is tense while doing this
Shoulders, waist and ankles on the same line
Here the straight arm support is supported on the abdominal wheel
More difficult than supporting on the ground
Can better train core muscle groups
Can also train balance and control

After the 7 actions are completed as a group, repeat 2-3 groups, with each group intermittent for 15-30 seconds.

If you have a problem with your lower back or a protruding lumbar disc, you should exercise caution when kneeling and standing.

Some people may say that I am still insisting on being a tear in the abdomen, why haven’t I seen the abs? It may be that your body fat is too high.

Body fat is too high, and even if you practice smoking in the abdomen, the abdominal muscles will not show up to look at you. Therefore, if you want abdominal muscles, you must first think of lowering your body fat.

Because abdominal muscle tears are high-intensity training, it is not recommended to practice every day. It can be performed every other day or every few days.

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