How To Increase Your Ab Strength?

Target muscle group is not activated
Affect your body and training effect
Muscle has its contractility and toughness
The muscles are not activated mainly in
Muscles become shorter, hyperextension becomes longer, and atrophy
Like a spring
Long-term stretched, will become slack and weak
Long-term compression, muscles have no flexibility
Will rust if not used for a long time

Actions to Activate the Abdominal Muscles

Curl belly

2 groups, 10 per group
Bend leg up
Use the power of rectus abdominis contraction
Raise your upper back and curl your body
Pay attention to the lower back

Leg raises

Lie on your back
Back close to the ground
Lift your legs without straightening

Russian twist

2 groups, 10 per group
Lean back
Feel the abdomen tightened


2 groups, 30 seconds each
Tighten your abs, don’t collapse your waist
Keep your eyes on the ground and breathe evenly
Back slightly arched
Can tighten the abdomen better

After the abdomen is activated
Whether it’s aerobic or strength training
Can protect our lumbar spine
Prevent lumbar disc herniation and waist injury

How To Do Exercise Correctly After Stop Doing It for A Long Time

In addition to madman fitness enthusiasts who continue to exercise every day, most people have stopped fitness programs to a greater or lesser extent.

Not only that, sometimes we have to stop training for some time because of injuries, illness, overtime, busy work, etc.

The disconnection time is Read more

How Is the HARISON HR-415 AB Roller Wheel

As an easy to use, inexpensive piece of equipment which can be used for super effective core workouts at the comfort of your home, the ab wheel is one of the best fitness equipment out there to strengthen and work your abs.

HARISON HR-415 is this kind of product. You can use it  to exercise your abs and build a sexy beach body. Then let’s see how is the HARISON ab roller wheel.


Multi-angle Side-sliding Exercise: Multi-angle provide more stretching and enhance a series of abdominal and muscle-lengthening exercises, Not only for abs, but exercise your whole intrinsic muscles groups.

Easy to Folding, Light and Portable :Roller folding design make you free to exercise, perfect for training at home, gym, office, or travel everywhere.

Silent Workout: Solid rubber wheel ,quiet and not hurt the floor. You can enjoy your own space without disturb others.

Pull Rope & Kneeling pad:: Pull rope used with elastic rope to reduce the difficulty of movement , further exercises each muscle group of your body, Knee pads for non-slip wear resistance, reduce impact during sport.

Special Triangle Support: The Triangle Push up bars greatly enhance the stability and help you target specific muscle groups – scapular Muscles, Triceps, Deltoids & Pectorals,and sculpts your entire upper body

Super Soft sponge Handle: Absorbent sponge, anti-skid and abrasion resistant, provide you a comfortable using experience and make you easily stick to your workout.

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