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The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness?- HARISON

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness?- HARISON

It’s again “Autumn clothes tied in long pants, Long trousers in the socks” season. Now the north has already snowed.

The colder weather, the less exercise. Eat more and exercise less. But it’s the time when you get the most calories. Accumulated a “swimming ring” accidentally in winter.

In winter, some people get fat, some people lose weight.

In winter, the body is more likely to grow fat in order to keep out the cold.

The higher the fat, the stronger the cold resistance. This is also a natural law, many animals will grow thick fat in winter to resist the severe cold.

Under such circumstances, the body will not let go of every opportunity to grow fat, and is more inclined to convert excess calories into fat for storage.

But fat also varies from person to person.

Because the body consumes more calories in order to resist the cold, this will form a calorie gap. If you maintain a self-disciplined lifestyle all the year round and can restrain the temptation of food, your body will naturally use the energy reserves to fill the gap, and it is entirely possible that your weight will slowly drop.

However, most people get fatter in winter, that is, they eat more and exercise less, and cannot be too lazy to move because of the cold weather.

Winter fitness is more than just losing weight. Regular participation in physical fitness activities can not only effectively enhance physical fitness and prevent diseases, but also improve study and work efficiency.

What are the benefits of winter fitness?

Most people feel that winter is too cold and suitable for “hibernation” and do not want to exercise. As the saying goes, “If you move in winter, you don’t have a disease; if you are lazy in winter, drink more medicine.”

Winter fitness can enhance resistance and prevent colds

Winter is the season of high influenza incidence, and influenza viruses are more likely to invade people with weak physical fitness.

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In winter, during outdoor exercise, as the body continues to be stimulated by cold air, the red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin protein and antibodies against diseases in the blood increase appropriately, thereby, enhancing disease resistance. Therefore, people who keep exercising in winter can greatly reduce the incidence of colds, tonsillitis, frostbite and other diseases.

Especially now that the “COVID-19” has not dissipated, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen exercise and enhance resistance.

Fitness in winter accelerates blood circulation and stays away from “frozen hands and feet”

The most feared thing in winter is cold physical attack, no matter how much clothes you wear, it won’t work. In winter, physical exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and after the blood in the hands and feet is unblocked, it will no longer be cold.

People who work out in winter will have better cold resistance than ordinary people. Because people exercise in a cold environment, it can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, and promote the coordination of various organs and systems in the body, enhance the function of the central nervous system to regulate body temperature, and balance the heat production and heat dissipation in the body, thereby making the body Adapt to cold weather.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Winter fitness boosts metabolism

Because the temperature drops, the blood supply of the human gastrointestinal tract increases, and the digestive function absorption increases accordingly. It is natural that the appetite is good.

However, many people choose to stay indoors and hibernate in winter, and gaining weight is inevitable. At this time, if you can stick to fitness to lose weight, you can control your weight well and greatly reduce the risk of getting fat.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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What should I pay attention to in winter fitness?

Warm up takes longer

The warm-up exercise in winter needs to be done more fully than in other seasons, because the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the joints and muscles of the body are relatively stiff. If the joints, ligaments and muscles cannot be fully stretched, it will greatly increase the risk of injury during training, should be more careful.

You can do 10-15 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise (such as jogging, slow rope skipping, etc.) to warm up, let your body sweat slightly, and then start formal training.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Strengthen fitness

Winter fitness is recommended to increase the strength appropriately, which helps build muscle and accelerate the burning of fat. The intensity can be increased by shortening the rest time, increasing the number of exercises and groups, and appropriately extending the training time.

In order to avoid inhaling too much cold air, try to reduce the length of training time, try to control it to about 40 minutes, and do not exceed 1 hour.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Winter fitness should also be hydrated

Many people feel that fitness in winter does not need to sweat as much as in summer, and there will be no obvious feeling of thirst during the whole process of fitness training. Even if it is cold in winter, I still sweat when I exercise. Replenish water in time between, during and after exercise.

Even mild dehydration can easily feel tired, sleepy, inattentive, and even headaches. Pay attention to add water in time, drink warm water as much as possible, and don’t get too cold or too hot.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Suitable for winter fitness

The climate is cold in winter, so you can choose aerobic exercises with smaller movements and higher calorie consumption, such as running.

The speed of jogging should not be too fast, and maintain a uniform speed. Patients with chronic diseases should choose a plan with low intensity and short duration. Middle-aged and elderly people and those with poor physical fitness should choose a plan with low intensity and longer duration. Young people and those with better physical fitness should choose a short plan with greater intensity and shorter duration.

The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness? HARISON

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Regardless of food intake in winter or the degree of laziness will greatly increase.

Therefore, sports not only test willpower at this time, it’s a good time to exercise willpower

Hold on! By next year you will thank yourself for persisting in this winter!

How to Use HARISON HR-602 Sit Up Bar

Here is an introduction to the training skills of the HARISON HR-602 sit-up bar.

Before using the sit-up aid for exercise, fix the sit-up aid.

First, turn on the switch on the sit-up aid, then let the suction cup suck the ground, press the sit-up aid firmly to make it completely adsorb the ground, and then turn the switch off.

Exercise 1: Sit-ups

Sit-ups exercise the abdominal muscles, stabilize the core, and stretch the back muscles at the same time, exercise balance and physical coordination.

Bend your knees, hook your instep with the sit-up aid, and pull the elastic band to make your entire back off the ground during sit-ups.

Exercise 2: Seated Rowing with Elbow Open

This action mainly exercises the back muscles.

Sit on the mat with your legs straight, your back straight, your core tightened, your arms straight forward, and your hands holding both ends of the elastic band. The back muscles force the arms to bend the elbows and pull them towards the abdomen. The apex stops slightly, and the back muscles are contracted. Then, the back muscles can be fully extended by actively controlling the speed and returning to the opposite direction.

Exercise 3: Support to Plank

Mainly exercise the balance muscles in the front of the trunk to improve the stability of the trunk.

Put your feet on the sit-up aid, support your elbows directly under your shoulders, keep your head in a neutral position, and keep your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in the same straight line. Maintain normal breathing during training frequency.

Exercise 4: Bird Chest

This action mainly exercises the chest muscles.

Kneeling with your back facing the sit-up aid, keep your chest up and your abdomen stable. Pull up the elastic band and straighten your arms, your arms are at the same height as your shoulders, and your chest muscles will pull the handles inward to the front of your chest.

Exercise 5: Supine Leg Rise

The main exercise part of the supine leg lift is the lower abdomen, and the lower abdomen muscles can be fully exercised in the process of straightening the legs.

Lie flat on the mat, hold the sit-up aid with both hands, and keep your upper back, arms, and hands fixed during the movement. Bring your legs together and straighten them, and raise your legs until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

Exercise 6: Prone Press Up

The prone stretch is mainly used to train the erector spinae (muscles on both sides of the spine) and the quadratus lumbar muscles of the back muscles.

Lie on your stomach on the mat and fix your ankles on the sit-up aid. Use your hip joints to lift your torso slightly to see the belly.

Exercise 7: Standing Arm Curl

This exercise mainly exercises the biceps of the arm.

Hold the elastic band with your palms up, your hands shoulder-width apart, and your elbows at your sides. Pull up the elastic band, as far as possible to your lower jaw, tighten the biceps at the highest point of the movement, and slowly lower the bar under control until the biceps are fully stretched. During the process, keep the boom stable and not swing back and forth.

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HARISON cardio Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

How to Protect Knees During Exercising

knee protection

Warm Up

No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, you must warm up. Muscle fibers are elastic, and full warming up before exercise can improve the mechanical characteristics of muscle fibers, make the broken length of muscle fibers longer, and make it less likely to break, and prevent injury to the knee joint. The knee can be slightly warmed when warming up, and also after exercise. Actively stretch and relax the muscles around the knee joint.

Corrective Action Mode

Knee joint pain is mostly due to incorrect posture and movement, causing long-term cartilage wear, excessive friction of the bursa, tearing of ligaments, and meniscus injury. Therefore, the correction of posture and the training of the correct movement pattern are very important.

Strengthen Hips and Legs

If the hips and legs are not strong enough, the knees will have to bear more pressure. Glute push muscle training can enhance knee joint stability and gait stability.

Bring Knee Pads

Friends who have a history of knee injuries or who are heavy can also choose to wear some knee pads to help increase joint stability, avoid abnormal twisting or hyper-extension of the knee joint, and more effectively prevent injuries.

Can You Lose Weight Faster by Exercising on an Empty Stomach?

Has anyone ever suggested you work out on an empty stomach? Doing cardio before or without fueling with food, otherwise known as fasted cardio, is a hot topic in the fitness and nutrition world.

So if people can lose weight faster by exercising on an empty stomach?

Here’s the answer from study:

“Fasting exercise has little effect on the change of body fat content, the key to long-term fat loss is to consume more calories than intake.”

Is the Fasted Cardio Useful or Harmful?

Although fasting exercise does not make much difference in weight loss, it has a greater impact on our body.

To achieve the effect of weight loss, aerobic exercise time needs at least 45 minutes. Exercising on an empty stomach for a long time often leads to fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, and “exercise hypoglycemia”, which is not conducive to ensuring high-quality aerobic exercise. The effect of weight loss can be imagined.

But if you choose fasting exercise, pay attention to a few points:

Fasting exercise should not be too intense, preferably at 50-60% of the maximum exercise intensity;

The time of fasting exercise should not be too long and should be controlled within 1 hour;

Fasting exercise should pay attention to supplement water;

It is best to eat some protein-rich foods after exercise, and pay attention to supplementing carbohydrates and water.

How to Eat Correctly Before Exercise?

It is recommended to eat 1 to 2 hours before exercise and choose a low GI carbohydrate.

Food with low GI value: The so-called “low GI” is simply understood as the effect of a certain food on blood sugar. Low-GI foods will increase blood sugar at a slower rate and decrease steadily, allowing the body to use these sugars slowly, making it less likely to feel hungry. Whole wheat bread, corn and some potatoes are all good choices.

Supplement the appropriate amount of high-quality high-protein food: moderate intake of high-quality protein before exercise can help muscle synthesis.

But remember not to be too full, just eat to 6 minutes full.

Tips: How to Eat after Exercising?

Within 45 minutes after exercise, the body’s metabolism will increase. Appropriate food can repair and grow muscles at maximum speed. Not only is it not easy to gain weight, it also helps to improve basic metabolism and exercise capacity, and will also make fat loss and exercise more efficient in the future.

The first thing after a workout is to drink water to replenish the water that you lost due to sweating during the workout.

You need to add some carbohydrates after exercise. Carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin, and insulin can help muscles synthesize glycogen and promote rapid repair of the body.

Protein supplementation can help muscle repair. Protein is the source of muscle. The essential amino acids provided by protein can repair muscle tissue damaged during exercise and relieve exercise fatigue.

In short, if you want to effectively repair damaged tissues and quickly restore strength after strenuous exercise, then you need to consume carbohydrates and protein within half an hour after exercise.


How to Relieve Low Back Pain

One of the most important reasons for low back pain is the forward tilt of the pelvis.

The pelvis is a very important part of our whole body, which has the function of connecting the upper body and the lower body; it is close to the center of the body and needs to bear the weight of the upper body and control the activities of the lower body.

However, due to some bad habits in our daily work and life, such as sitting for a long time, our abdominal muscles are elongated, and our back muscles are too tight. This looseness and tightness creates a pressure difference and causes pelvic tilt.

The tilted pelvis will contract the lumbar muscles, which will compress the lumbar nerves and cause low back pain.

In addition, if the muscles from the waist through the back to the shoulders become stiff, it affects blood circulation and causes shoulder pain.

In order to improve this situation, we must stretch those tight muscles while strengthening and activating the long-term dormant abdominal muscles and gluteus maximus.

4 Steps to Relieve Low Back Pain

Step 1: Relax Waist

Bend forward and downward

First, stand up straight and start slowly from the head forward, then drive the neck down, and then bend down the thoracic spine. Then the hands are naturally vertical and the lumbar spine bends down until the hands touch the ground. Friends with a stiffer body can bend their knees slightly to fully stretch the lumbar spine.

When recovering, the order is reversed, starting with the lumbar spine and going up section by section.

Breathe Like a Cat

Kneel your knees on the mat first, spread them hip-width apart, and do a quadruped position. While inhaling, lift your belly down and hips. When you exhale, look at our tailbone with your eyes and arch your back and waist.

Step 2: Training Abdominal Muscles

One of the best ways to train your abdominal muscles is to roll your belly. Before you roll your belly, let’s learn how to use abdominal breathing.

Abdominal Breathing

Lie flat on the mat, with your legs bent, one fist distance between your legs, and your palms on your belly button to feel the breathing changes. First, when you inhale, your belly quickly bulges. Before exhaling, hold back your urine and levator anus, and then spit out all the air in your belly.

Curl Belly

Lie flat on the mat, with your legs bent, one fist distance between your legs and one palm distance below the waist, cross your shoulders with your hands or your palms to support your head. When you exhale, lift your body up and roll up your abdomen, inhale and return your body to the starting position. When curling, the lower back is always close to the ground, and the upper back only needs to be off the ground for a short time.

Step 3: Training the Hip Muscles

There are three main functions of the buttocks: contraction and lengthening, abduction and internal rotation. Therefore, all the three functions of the buttocks can be practiced.

Step 4: Training the Hamstrings on the Back of the Thigh

Lie on the mat with your feet open and hip-width apart. When you exhale, bend your knees upwards and retract, and when you inhale downwards, do not touch the ground with your feet.

The advanced action is to raise the entire leg, including the knees, exhale upward and inhale downward.

The posture is not only the beauty of the image, but more importantly, it affects the health, corrects the posture, and returns the body to health.

HARISON Treadmill cardio strength Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

Does Sweat Suit Help You to Lose Weight?

HARISON Ab Roller Wheel for Firm-Abs MT002

How To Increase Your Ab Strength?

Target muscle group is not activated
Affect your body and training effect
Muscle has its contractility and toughness
The muscles are not activated mainly in
Muscles become shorter, hyperextension becomes longer, and atrophy
Like a spring
Long-term stretched, will become slack and weak
Long-term compression, muscles have no flexibility
Will rust if not used for a long time


Actions to Activate the Abdominal Muscles

Curl belly

2 groups, 10 per group
Bend leg up
Use the power of rectus abdominis contraction
Raise your upper back and curl your body
Pay attention to the lower back

Leg raises

Lie on your back
Back close to the ground
Lift your legs without straightening

Russian twist

2 groups, 10 per group
Lean back
Feel the abdomen tightened


2 groups, 30 seconds each
Tighten your abs, don’t collapse your waist
Keep your eyes on the ground and breathe evenly
Back slightly arched
Can tighten the abdomen better

After the abdomen is activated
Whether it’s aerobic or strength training
Can protect our lumbar spine
Prevent lumbar disc herniation and waist injury

harison fitness 415 abs core exercise wheel for sale

How Is the HARISON HR-415 AB Roller Wheel

As an easy to use, inexpensive piece of equipment which can be used for super effective core workouts at the comfort of your home, the ab wheel is one of the best fitness equipment out there to strengthen and work your abs.

HARISON HR-415 is this kind of product. You can use it  to exercise your abs and build a sexy beach body. Then let’s see how is the HARISON ab roller wheel.


Multi-angle Side-sliding Exercise: Multi-angle provide more stretching and enhance a series of abdominal and muscle-lengthening exercises, Not only for abs, but exercise your whole intrinsic muscles groups.

Easy to Folding, Light and Portable :Roller folding design make you free to exercise, perfect for training at home, gym, office, or travel everywhere.

Silent Workout: Solid rubber wheel ,quiet and not hurt the floor. You can enjoy your own space without disturb others.

Pull Rope & Kneeling pad:: Pull rope used with elastic rope to reduce the difficulty of movement , further exercises each muscle group of your body, Knee pads for non-slip wear resistance, reduce impact during sport.

Special Triangle Support: The Triangle Push up bars greatly enhance the stability and help you target specific muscle groups – scapular Muscles, Triceps, Deltoids & Pectorals,and sculpts your entire upper body

Super Soft sponge Handle: Absorbent sponge, anti-skid and abrasion resistant, provide you a comfortable using experience and make you easily stick to your workout.

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How To Protect Your Knees When Doing Exercise

  1. Tiptoe Feet Squat

Feet shoulder-width apart
Stand on tiptoe for 10 seconds

Then bend your hips and sit back, hold for 10 seconds and then recover

2. Squat

Squat is a very good exercise

You can use it in your usual exercise

Not only exercise the thigh muscles

Can also activate the lower limbs well


3. Lunge Squat

Squat with one foot in front and one foot behind

Keep your upper body straight and stable

4. Sideways Squat

Stand with feet wider than shoulders

Turn your body while squatting

Make your body do side lunges to the left and right

This set of actions is suitable for activation before various aerobic exercises

Such as running, elliptical exercise, spinning, etc.

Activate the ankle, knee and hip joints

Achieve preheating effect

Protect the meniscus in the knee joint