What Is Sweat Suit?

The sweat suit, as the name suggests, is to wear it to exercise and make you sweat a lot.

In fact, sweat suit is not a new thing. It has been around for a long time. He has a special name called: drop-body suit. The meaning is also very clear. It means to reduce weight, mainly professional competitive sports. , Used in competitive bodybuilding circles.

In some competitive sports, some are divided into two episodes by weight, such as boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc. In order to get a better ranking, many athletes wear sweat suits before the competition to quickly Reduce weight to participate in more lightweight competitions.

In the short term, it has an effect on weight.

What Is the Principle of Weight Loss in Sweat Suits?

The principle is to achieve the effect of burst sweat by not dissipating heat.

The outer layer wraps you tightly, and the inner layer is a heat-insulating chemical coating, just like the takeaway boy’s incubator, which can prevent body heat from dissipating, resulting in a large amount of moisture, sweating speed and amount of sweat It is several times the normal amount. It is the same principle as the use of plastic wrap to lose weight, which was spread on the Internet.

Purely relying on this clothing can only achieve the effect of weight loss in a short period of time. This effect will be restored after you replenish water. It will not achieve the goal of weight loss and fat loss, and it may cause harm to the body.

This kind of excessive sweating in a short period of time can cause dizziness, palpitation, and chest tightness in mild cases, and cause electrolyte imbalance in the body, dehydration and syncope in severe cases, and can lead to organ failure and death in the most severe cases.

Because when the human body loses more than 4% of body weight, the muscle’s exercise capacity will decrease; when the water loss rate exceeds 10% of body weight, blood circulation will be impaired; when the one-time water loss reaches 15% of body weight, It will endanger lives.

The More Sweating, the Better the Exercise Effect?

For a long time, people have had a misunderstanding about weight loss: sweating = weight loss. This is actually wrong. If this is the case, isn’t sauna more effective than exercise?

Sweating is a physiological mechanism that maintains a constant body temperature.

In order to regulate body temperature, nerves stimulate sweat glands to release sweat, and sweat takes away part of the body heat through evaporation. If you sweat abnormally and your body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, you will be in danger of heat stroke.

Weight loss is actually a process of fat oxidation.

When fat is decomposed in the body, energy is released to produce water and carbon dioxide. However, 84% of the water produced by fat burning is excreted through breathing, and the other 16% is excreted through urine, sweat, tears or other body fluids.