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Anytime Fitness Prices and The Things You May Not Know about It


Anytime Fitness, this is a 24-hour health and fitness club which are open 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. It was founded by Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger in 2002. For now has over 4,000 franchised locations in 50 countries. Its headquarters is in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Anytime Fitness is less concerned with how much weight and inches its users reach but more focused on their improved quality of living and outlook on life with the manifesto “Improve the self-esteem of the world.” This 24-hour fitness gym is very convenient and helpful for the people with busy lifestyle. They provide personal trainers, tanning and affordable memberships.

Anytime fitness membership cost with difference location

As the low prices and convenience 24-hour gym, Anytime Fitness membership cost will vary according to your location and the specific gym. The average monthly membership cost in the United States is $36.50, but in Canada is $49. Normally, its membership fee start out at $30-$40 per month for an individual and $50-$70 for a couple.

It is worth noting that Anytime members need to pay $50 as an initiation fee. This fee is for a 30-day “get-started” program with two complimentary training sessions, nutritional recommendations, and a customized workout plan. Which is offered by Anytime called “No Member Left Behind” program. Initiation fee is free during some special promotions.

Anytime Fitness equipment

Before choosing the gym, it is necessary to know what kinds of equipment that it provides. When it comes to Anytime Fitness, it offers the machine including:

Cardio Equipment
Exercise cycles
Rowing machines
Free weights
Synergy 360 systems
Cable crossovers
Lateral X trainers
AMT cross trainers

Due to each location being independently owned and operated, the set-ups all include free weights, Nautilus, stationary bikes, spin class bikes, Studio with Video Workouts, ellipticals and treadmills.

Information you may not know about Anytime Fitness?

1. Find a hidden fee called “key fob deposit” for $86.96. Anytime states that this deposit will be refunded after your annual contract (or lease) ends. Some customers who end their contract prematurely report difficulty getting this deposit refunded.

2. Other amenities the company offers at its fitness centers are free Wi-Fi, private restrooms, and private showers. Anytime is not replete with upscale amenities like many of their competitors who offer indoor/outdoor pools, spas, steam rooms, massage beds, cafés, etc. Also, Anytime does not offer childcare the way similar gyms of its size do.

3. Anytime is not replete with upscale amenities like many of their competitors who offer indoor/outdoor pools, spas, steam rooms, massage beds, cafés, etc. Also, Anytime does not offer childcare the way similar gyms of its size do.

4. Anytime’s fees are less expensive than some of the nation’s most popular gym chains, making it more affordable for the average working person to maintain a monthly membership.

5.In 2011, Anytime Fitness developed a health and fitness app for their website that is available to members and serves as a platform to download workouts, track food, and interact with other users to meet fitness goals.

Some Reviews from Membership to Anytime Fitness

I’d like to post some most helpful reviews here from influenster. Maybe it will help you to grasp more details about this gym.

“The staffs there are very friendly and the facility is always clean. Products in the vending machines are always stocked etc.”

“But the concept of being open 24 hours with all types of equipment including all manners of free weights plus classes if that’s your thing, and you can use your key at any other Anytime fitness location… it’s great for frequent business travelers.”

“I like anytime fitness gym since I can go to the gym as early or as late I want. Because it is a 24 hours gym. But my local gym does not offer as much as some other gyms I’ve been to but it’s still nice and I can get in a good workout.”

“I got a really bad experience with my local anytime fitness. I was told before I can cancel at anytime without charge. But the thing was that I was not eligible to cancel without paying my entire fee. With having to go through the bank to stop the reoccurring charge I no longer agreed to pay I am finally out and still had to pay off a debt of 1,000. Bs.”

“Kindly staff, good equipment. If there will be a a few separate rooms to stretch that will be better. In general, could be bigger, but aside from that I enjoy my workouts at anytime.”

In Conclusion

Overall, Anytime Fitness is a get in, get your workout done, and get out type of facility. There are not a lot of additional amenities at these gyms like childcare or steam rooms. Most have a very basic gym layout, with very few locations offering pool services. Due to the company’s facilities being open 24/7, we recommend Anytime Fitness gyms for anyone who is a “night owl,” works the graveyard shift but wants a gym to work out in regularly outside of business hours or on holidays. We also recommend Anytime for people who travel a lot and want a gym membership that allows them access to any location at no additional charge. Anytime is also a viable option for anyone who doesn’t want to be pressured by personal trainers to buy training sessions and desires a warm, community-like environment. We do not recommend those wanting an upscale spa-like gym with lots of open space to try Anytime, as many customers complain about the small anytime fitness locations and limited space.

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