5 Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Seniors

As it is already known, exercises are an important part of our lives – because of them we can maintain our shape the way we want. But at some point of our age, most of the exercises may seem difficult to accomplish. However, things are not lost because our muscles can still work.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to put so much effort in order to fulfill an exercise and reduce that belly fat. The only thing that matters is to do it correctly.

1 – Hip Lift Exercise

It may seem quite challenging, but it’s truly worth it. It’s a hard pose from Yoga where you have to lift your body with your bare hands.

Tip: keep your hands straight while lifting your body.

2 – Warrior Pose Exercises

This type of exercise may help you prevent Constipation or get you rid of this ugly disease. It can be done in your spare time, and it doesn’t require too much space to do it.

It’s an easy one where you have to open your arms straight, and bend your knees. Put the body weight on each leg for at least one minute and then go forward to the other leg. You can increase the time you put the weight on a leg after you get used to this type of exercise.

3 – Cobra Pose Exercises

From all, this is the most easier one. Keep your body straight on the flat and only raise up your head, chest, and shoulders.

Tip: your knees must touch.

4 – Superman Pose Exercises ( but for seniors )

Even the name makes it fun to do it. In order to do this exercise correctly, lay down on a flat, and not directly on the floor. As a senior, the floor will seem hard and it can cause backpains while you are trying to reduce the belly fat.

Put yourself on the belly and stretch your arms and legs straight forward in the air. Don’t go for an excessively high reach, but keep it simple. Your arms and legs must be parallel.

Don’t forget to deeply inhale and exhale at the same rate. Even if you feel your body as giving up, don’t bend your knees or your elbows.

5 – Bow Pose Exercises 

With this exercise you will not only reduce the belly fat, but prevent any stomach disease ( it removes bacteria and other microscopic corps ).

As well as the Superman Pose Exercise, you have to stretch your arms and legs, and keep them up on your head. With the help of your hands, drag your feet and stay in this position for a while. Inhale while you are in this position and exhale when you are freeing your legs.

It is recommended to repeat this process 15 times, and increase it after some time ( up to 30 repeats ).

It can be seen that those exercises don’t require too much effort and time. You have to be motivated in order to do them everyday, because belly fat can’t disappear in one day. Besides reducing fat, those exercises are good for your mind – they will make you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

However, are a healthy way to prevent any bacteria that can harm your body.

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