Exercise in moderation to lose fat and shape up in one step

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How should we exercise during weight loss? What is the most effective exercise? Today we will learn how to properly lose fat and shape.

01Emphasis on daily consumption

In fact, your so-called daily consumption, that is, your unconscious consumption, is also a movement, including walking, wiping the table, pouring water to drink, typing, brushing the cell phone, shopping, bathing, etc. Even if you sit, shaking your legs and shaking your hands, you are consuming calories. A full day of busy chattering idle people consumes more calories daily than those who can lie down and not sit, and those who can sit and not stand up, at least 200 calories more! Don’t underestimate the calories; you walk 1 1/2 hours to consume more, and it is constantly consumed; it is just a habit; you do not need to bother to spend time to adhere to the implementation of the habit. After all, not everyone can dedicate time to exercise every day.

02Aerobic, strength with flexibility training

To carry out, aerobic exercise includes running, swimming, and so on, while strength includes iron lifting, squatting, flat, and so on. Intensity and time cannot be generalized; after all, everyone’s foundation is different. But here is also a general suggestion: for us ordinary people, five days a week of exercise is good; two strength-based, three aerobic-based, and flexibility exercises can be carried out every day. Each exercise, even a warm-up with stretching, should not last more than 2 hours; aerobics should not last more than 50 minutes. In the order of exercise, it is more recommended to do strength exercises first, then aerobic and flexibility exercises, and training before and after to avoid sports injuries.

03Emphasis on strength training

Generally women’s favorite exercises are swimming, running or yoga, and they don’t pay much attention to anaerobic strength training. For fat loss, it is really a great loss. So many people, jogging 1 hour a day, weight body shape change is not big, and stop exercise on the rebound trend.


Practicing good muscles will give you good skin. In order to ensure that the muscles have enough blood, the heart beat will be more powerful, the blood circulation will be better, and the skin dullness will disappear. Next, let’s talk about some of the precautions to take during exercise.

1、How can I tell if I’m over-exercising?

For example, after exercise, if the muscles feel obvious pain rather than just soreness and this pain does not disappear for a few days, it means that the exercise is too much. In a short period of time after exercise, muscle fatigue is a normal phenomenon, but if it lasts a few days and you are still feeling pain, you should pay attention and adjust the amount of exercise.


Also, nausea during or after exercise and vomiting, of course, to exclude the possibility of eating too much before exercise, then it is likely to be too much exercise. This time you can consider eating time and exercise time a little farther away and at the same time adjust the intensity of the exercise appropriately.

2. Excessive exercise will reduce daily consumption.


A lot of people’s movement is the gym that one hour, drive to drive back, and psychologically, they also feel that they have been hard exercising anyway; there is no need to make themselves so tired in normal times, how comfortable to stay, and cannot move on.


Don’t underestimate the daily consumption of walking, climbing stairs, doing housework, and washing up. This compensatory behavior also accounts for part of the total daily consumption.

3, excessive exercise changes your metabolism and hormones


Secondly, excessive exercise will make you fat, in addition to daily consumption, if you overdo exercise, but also with the control of diet, your basal metabolism will also drop dramatically. Adhere to a period of time, you will have a variety of weight loss sequelae, hair loss, insomnia or drowsiness, amenorrhea, cold, weak digestion, embarrassing breath, mental depression, and may even be depressed.

Strength training, which has a muscle-building effect, can give you a physique that can’t eat fat, excessive exercise is counterproductive, and we need to keep exercise within moderation.

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