A must see for the beginner cyclist!

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Dynamic bicycle is the first choice for family fitness, convenient, does not take up space, fat loss effect is also very good, but there is no correct use of dynamic bicycle but easy to cause physical injury.

01Possible Hazards of Dynamic Cycling

(1) Knee injury

As a relatively low-impact sports in addition to jogging, dynamic cycling, although belonging to the more gentle movement, but because many drugs to the same action repeated many times, so it is easy to accumulate small injuries and cause team knee damage. Some statistics show that riding an hour of car, pedal about 5000 circles, equal to the knee joint in an hour of bending and stretching 5000 times. As the legs in the bicycle pedaling process repeated circular motion, easy to cause the cartilage in the knee joint overload and damage. And the sudden braking, accelerating, and stopping during bicycle riding also puts more pressure on the knee.

(2) Thickening of legs

Dynamic cycling exercise gives a full workout to the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, posterior thigh muscles on our thighs, and the flounder and gastrocnemius muscles on our calves. Need to be clear when the dynamic cycle can indeed play a good role in shaping these muscle groups, enhance the strength of the lower limb muscles. However, for some athletes who have more fat in the lower limbs themselves, the increase in leg muscles may lead to thicker legs to a certain extent.

(3) Superimposed on the upper limb exercise easy to injury

At present, many dynamic cycling training courses will add some upper body training exercises. However, from a professional point of view, the combination of upper body and lower body exercises will reduce efficiency and calorie consumption. Therefore, in the dynamic cycling training, swinging the upper body is not only counterproductive, in the long run will also damage the body, there are security risks.

02How to regulate to avoid injuries from workouts

Before training on a dynamic bicycle, it is necessary to adjust several positions, especially the seat height, handlebar height and the sequence of the seat.

Adjust the seat height so that the highest part of the seat is in line with the horizontal height of the thigh lift. Adjust the handlebar height so that it is in line with the seat height. Note that the handlebars should be adjusted further up if the trainer is pregnant or has health problems such as back strain.

Seat fore and aft position. When adjusting the seat fore and aft position, we’d better get in the car to make the adjustment. First the hips are at the farthest end of the seat and with the footrest at its lowest point, place the heel of the foot on the footrest so that the leg can be straightened or have a slight bend. Next, with the footrest still at its lowest position, place the forefoot on the footrest so that the knee curvature is 23-35 degrees. Finally, with the footrest at a level, check that the knee and the middle of the footrest are in a straight line.

Any exercise program can cause knee strain. So we must do a good job of warming up and stretching before playing sports, and master the correct sports posture.

After reading the above hope can let you correctly use the dynamic bicycle, happy sports ~!

Can’t control your mouth and still want to lose weight? Get to the root of your appetite problem

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When you start to lose weight, what do you have to eat so that you don’t get hungry fast? What snacks can be eaten during the day to satisfy your cravings? This article together to explore exactly!

01How do you regulate your diet?

The basic principle of weight loss is always “calorie intake <calorie consumption”, overweight people come up to exercise can easily lead to joint injuries, you can start with a standardized diet, so that the body fat to be consumed, and gradually reduce the weight to a certain extent with the start of the exercise, which can further increase the consumption of calories, but also let you have more lines.

Overweight obesity recognizes that the most worried about losing weight is that you can not eat meat, in fact, chicken breast, duck breast, seafood and other white meat with low fat content, you can eat, but also rich in protein, but also pay attention to the white meat with high content of unsaturated fatty acids, the daily control of about 50g on the good.

02Root causes of weight gain

For the most part: the culprit that makes you fat is eating too many refined carbohydrates. After all, foods with a high GI are digested quickly and absorbed well as they enter the intestines, and glucose is able to enter the bloodstream quickly leading to the production of high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which are common in obese people. In the long run, the sugar that is too late to be broken down will also be converted into fat and stored in the body, and you get fatter and fatter, with a better appetite.

High oil, high sugar can improve the color, aroma and taste of food and widely loved by consumers. Overweight and obese people often like to eat high oil, high sugar food, in addition to high salt food will stimulate the appetite, resulting in excessive energy intake, thus leading to weight gain.

03Lose weight and eat these more effectively

For this reason, it is still not recommended to eat takeout during the weight loss period, at the same time, do your own fat loss meal can be fine carbohydrates and other low GI, satiety and strong do replace —.

Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes meal texture is soft and rich in fiber, so relatively strong sense of satiety, in addition to purple potatoes are also rich in selenium and anthocyanins, used to replace the staple food is our common choice.

Yam and taro nutritional value is not much difference, relatively speaking, taro calories a little lower. It is rich in trace elements and vitamins, which dietary fiber content is relatively high, moderate consumption can promote their own gastrointestinal tract peristalsis, accelerate the human body for toxins and residue discharge, conducive to weight loss and fat loss.

Oats are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, conducive to defecation, low calorie, low glycemic index, lipid and glucose, is a kind of balance between nutrition and not fat health food, can be appropriate instead of part of the staple food.

04Snacks for the Obese

First of all, we must avoid the intake of high-energy foods, such as: fried foods, cream cakes, dessert snacks, cream bread, ice cream, high-sugar drinks, etc., it is best not to eat, really can not help but eat some other weight loss suitable for snacking it.

Preferred snacks with less oil is freeze-dried fruit, according to research, its fat content is generally below 1%; you can compare the fried dried fruits and vegetables, their fat content can rise to 10% to 20%, so try to eat it.

When you crave sweets, you can replace them with high-protein snacks, such as chicken sausage, chicken breast strips, etc. Even if the calories are the same, high-protein is relatively healthier and more satiating than carbohydrates.

What to do when you have postpartum depression? Three points of regulation to improve depression

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01Family environment regulation

The postnatal family environment is extremely important. Mothers need a relatively quiet and comfortable environment after giving birth, and they also need the patience of their family members to accompany them and take care of them, so as to create a cozy family environment. Poor rest naturally affects the mother’s mood, and external stimuli (e.g., family indifference, family arguments about the financial burden after the birth of the child, etc.) will only aggravate the depression.

02psychosocial adjustment

Mothers should pay attention to self-psychological adjustment, timely and good a mother’s role in the child-rearing road to learn from the experience of others, learning scientific knowledge, do not because the baby’s crying more than irritable, to learn to self-regulation, listen to music to relax the mood, but also can be confided in the family or friends, release their own pressure. Serious cases need to go to the hospital for psychological counseling.

03movement regulation

Exercise can make people feel happy, and this is also true for postnatal depression, appropriate exercise can not only enhance the physical fitness of the mother, early recovery of body shape, but also can ease the inner anxiety, release uneasy emotions. Through the regulation of exercise, the symptoms of postpartum depression can be relieved.


With the doctor’s permission, practicing some simple postnatal yoga can improve blood circulation and promote the recovery of anal and urethral sphincter, so that your mood will naturally become more beautiful when you are in good health.


It has been found that the brain will secrete a lot of endocannabinoids when running, which is also called the happy hormone, and can effectively enhance the sense of happiness, so for the postpartum depressed moms and dads, they can choose to go jogging. In the process of jogging, it strengthens metabolism, improves cardiorespiratory function, and leaves worries behind. When jogging, put your eyes in front of you, don’t hunch your back with your chest, relax your shoulders, and keep your jogging amplitude. 3 times a week, depending on the physical fitness of the baby moms.


Swimming can be able to make the blood vessels, including the skin, contract, can enhance the body coordination of the moms and dads, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, make the skin firm, and reduce the injurious nature of the exercise. During swimming, fully relax your body and mind and enjoy the freedom of this moment. Be sure to do a good warm-up before swimming, and wait for your body to adapt to the water in the pool before going into the water. 3 times a week is appropriate, each time 30 minutes moderate.

I hope all the moms and dads who are plagued by postpartum depression can get out of the haze soon, be happy every day, and accompany their babies to grow up healthily!

What cycling er can’t afford not to know about knees

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Cycling as a daily healthy exercise method, not only can effectively help us to burn fat in the summer also can be along the way to enjoy the scenery of nature or the city. All we need is a bike and a backpack, and we can go on a beautiful journey with a light load.

Riding can help improve memory, long-term persistence of riding, but also can enhance the cardiopulmonary vascular function, enhance the body’s metabolism and immune ability, play a role in fitness and health care. Whether it is normal walking or sports fitness, can not do without the help of the knee joint. But in our daily fitness and sports, the knee joint will inevitably be damaged and worn. How to minimize this damage and how to avoid the potential risks of knee joints in sports is what we are going to explore today.

01How to protect your knees while riding

1. Good riding method

For people who ride, a good posture can greatly prevent us from being injured in the ride, not only can reduce the pressure on the knee joints, but also can be able to drive us to burn fat more effectively. The first thing is to adjust a good standard seat, the height can not be too high or too low, the best is to be able to level with the hip joints, if too low will lead to excessive knee bending in the riding process, resulting in increased pressure on the knee.

Next is to an even speed, because long time riding is very wear and tear of the knee, if in the process of riding has been maintained at high speed, which will be more pressure on the knee. So we try to keep an even speed during the ride, and also try to find some smooth roads that don’t have too much climbing.

2. Adequate riding preparation

Not only do we need a good riding method, adequate riding preparation is also an important measure to protect our knee joints. For cycling er, you can prepare a pair of suitable riding knee pads, which can not only prevent the knee injury due to accidental fall in the process of riding, but also can keep the knee warm, in order to prevent the knee from being cold due to the cold wind invasion in the process of a long time riding.

Secondly, adequate preparation for exercise is also necessary, before riding we can have a proper activity, stretch out the joints and muscles, can be better prevented, and get hurt during the ride.

02Knee Care Tips

After talking about the importance of knees and some ways to protect them, we can also learn how to take care of them. First of all, we should avoid excessive pressure on the knees in our daily life to avoid damage. Therefore, we should avoid overly strenuous running and jumping during sports, or sports that are beyond the body’s ability to withstand the pressure, as well as climbing for a long time, all of which will bring great pressure to the knees.

We can also go to exercise the muscles of our thighs and calves to increase the stability of the knee joint by exercising the muscles. You can also supplement more calcium-rich ingredients in your daily life to increase the calcium element in your body and achieve the purpose of maintenance.

Well, for the knee joint we talked about the importance of the knee joint and how to go about protecting the knee, such as if you are a keen cycling sportser, then make sure you read this article carefully and thoughtfully and learn how to protect your knees for better sports!

Always talking about sugar control, how exactly should we control sugar scientifically?

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Sugar, as the all-ages kill object, almost no one can escape its temptation. But along with dental caries, diabetes and obesity and other diseases in our country’s prevalence rate continues to climb, sugar control, also began to trigger a boom, but completely rejected the sugar food but make us more depressed, many people can not help but ask: how to scientifically consume sugar in order to satisfy the nature of the people addicted to sugar at the same time does not aggravate the burden on the body?

01What exactly is being fought against sugar

Anti-sugar ≠ no sugar, carbohydrate food still have to eat, but need to control the amount of consumption, high sugar content of food in the sugar is seriously excessive, so anti-sugar to eat less cake, milk tea, carbonated drinks and candy and other high-sugar food.

02Knowing the sugar content of food

The method is very simple, observe the ingredient list of the product, if sugar, fructose syrup or sugar and so on ranked in the first three positions of the ingredient list, it means that the sugar content is not low, at this time you can say no to it.


The second is about the calculation of sugar content, as there are many food packaging does not write the sugar content, but the presence of carbohydrates, carbohydrates in not only sugar, but also starch and polysaccharides. In contrast, the lower the carbohydrate content also indicates a smaller percentage of sugar.

The most important step in scientific sugar control is to develop a program. Since sugar is indispensable to the body, it can not be completely not consumed, therefore, in the usual time of consumption, we should have some control over the intake of sugary foods.


1, three meals meals containing sugar: cooking dishes, try not to add sugar in the dishes, as far as possible, less sweet dishes.

2. Packaged food/drinks: Estimate the sugar content and pay attention to the intake.

3. Unpackaged food/drinks: Try to exercise moderation and do not consume too much.

03How much sugar is appropriate

Both the World Health Organization and the Chinese Nutrition Society suggest that, to prevent overweight, obesity and dental caries, adults and children (age ≥4 years) should reduce their daily intake of added sugars to 10% of their total energy intake for the day. Specifically, it is calculated that the intake of a day should not exceed 50 g, but it is recommended to 25 g or less.

04Is it okay to substitute sugar?

As long as the sugar substitutes are legally compliant and not used in excessive amounts or in an excessive range, there is no problem in consuming sugar substitutes. Like other kinds of additives, each kind of sugar substitute, to become a “legally compliant” additives have to go through numerous rounds of testing, its metabolic process, toxicological effects, etc., have been thoroughly studied, and to determine the permissible daily intake (ADI) per person before they can be approved as legal additives. Sugar substitutes are indeed a better choice for those who need to control sugar but crave sweets.

In short, sugar control must be mastered in an appropriate way, sugar control in a healthy life is only a small percentage, want to be healthy, adhere to the moderate exercise and regular work and rest is also very necessary.

Preventing side cuts and tears and what to do when you’re pregnant

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For a sister who is pregnant for the first time, everything is strange and new. There is fear and nervousness about labor, but more than anything else, there is the surprise of being a first-time mother and the love of the child to come. As the joy of the baby’s arrival ended, I realized that my body hurt everywhere. Especially if you’ve had a perineal circumcision, you’ll have pain and swelling until the wound heals. Today, we will talk about perineal circumcision.

01What are the circumstances under which a side cut may be

Not every pregnant woman will undergo perineal circumcision. Doctors will choose circumcision only when the following situations occur.


1, maternal factors: some diseases such as maternal heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.; labor is too long, when the physical strength is insufficient.


2、Fetal factors: fetal distress syndrome, preterm birth or overweight macrosomia (≥4000g), natural delivery can not be successfully out of the birth canal before the possibility of lateral incision to assist the fetus out.

3. Anatomy of the perineum: If the perineum is not flexible enough to hold the baby, or if there is localized edema or severe inflammation, then a lateral incision is needed.


4、When forceps are needed to assist labor: if forceps are needed to assist labor in a natural delivery, lateral incision will be needed to facilitate the operation of forceps.

02How side cuts are performed

The midwife evaluates the condition of the mother and the fetus, and when it turns out that a lateral incision is necessary, she informs the mother of the need for a lateral incision and begins to prepare for the incision.


Anesthesia will be given to the mother before the lateral incision is performed. The anesthesia, combined with the contractions, greatly reduces the pain associated with the lateral incision. Therefore, the mother should not be overly nervous when the midwife performs the lateral incision.


According to the requirements of the delivery, the mother needs to be in an upright position, avoiding twisting from side to side, so that the midwife can choose and position the angle of the lateral incision. The procedure is quick and can be completed in a few seconds.

Once the labor is complete, the side incision will be closed. Normally, it takes about 20 minutes to close the incision and the mother only needs to be comfortable with the closure.


The incision is 4 to 5 centimeters in length and is closed gradually in layers. How well the side incision is sutured is directly related to the ability to control bowel movements and sexual satisfaction after delivery. If the mother responds that the wound is painful during the suturing process, the midwife will add an appropriate amount of anesthetic according to the situation.

03What to do to reduce the probability of side cuts

As mentioned earlier side cuts are not performed in every labor. We can pay attention to the following points during pregnancy, which can effectively reduce the probability of side cut.


1、Control weight

Reasonable weight gain can make the baby develop healthily and will not turn into a huge baby, so that the baby is more conducive to natural delivery, which can reduce the occurrence of head circumference is too large and need to be cut sideways.

Methods: It is recommended to eat small meals during pregnancy, and the weekly weight gain should not exceed 0.5 kg. Specific weight control varies from person to person, and you can consult your obstetrician for details.


2, appropriate aerobic exercise

Choose the aerobic exercise that suits you to consume excess calories and control your weight, and at the same time, you can also achieve the purpose of exercising the pelvic floor muscles.


Methods: During pregnancy, choose to walk briskly, with the intensity of a slight sweat. Do this twice a day for 30 minutes each time. You can also adjust the length of the exercise according to your personal strength.

3、Kegel exercise

The gradually growing uterus during pregnancy increases the pressure on the pelvic floor muscle groups. Contraction exercises help to improve the elasticity and extensibility of the local muscles. During natural childbirth, the exercised pelvic floor muscles can better release a larger space for the fetus to be produced, reducing the possibility of lateral incision.


Methods: Imagine holding your urine, do it 5-10 times continuously and quickly, then keep it tightened for 10 seconds, relax, and then do it again for the next 10 seconds. Do 10 sets a day and be careful not to hold your breath during the exercise.


Lateral perineal incision was very common in the past and is not an operation that can jeopardize the life of the mother or the baby, so there is no need to be too afraid. Just pay more attention to the above points during pregnancy, so that the baby develops healthily, and naturally there will be no need for a lateral incision during labor~.

What to do if your ankle is too stiff? A few tricks to improve flexibility

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Most of us are more or less concerned about the health of our shoulders, necks, knees, abdomens, legs, etc., but seldom pay attention to an important part of our body that affects our walking and movement – the ankle joint.

01Understanding the Ankle

The ankle joint, also known as the talocalcaneal joint, is located at the junction of the lower leg and foot, and consists of the inner ankle made up of the tibia of the lower leg, the outer ankle made up of the fibula, and the talocalcaneal talus, which is an important weight-bearing joint in the human body. Its main function is to stabilize weight bearing and flexible movement.


If you have poor ankle mobility, especially in dorsiflexion, which is the ability to move the foot toward the tibia, it can lead to faulty form of movement and increase your risk of injury during exercise.

02Is your ankle flexibility up to par?

How do you know if you have poor ankle mobility? Try these methods:

Do air squats. See how often your heels leave the ground when you do this.

Stand straight with your feet together. See if you can lift your feet off the ground without moving your body.

Half-kneeling dorsiflexion test: take off your shoes, kneel on the ground with one knee, place your front foot 5 inches from the wall, lean forward and try to bring your front knee to the wall without lifting your heel off the ground, if you can touch the wall then ankle flexibility is considered to be up to standard.

03How to rescue an ankle injury in an emergency

Ankle injuries occur when the ankle joint is stiff, excessive improper movement occurs, and those ligaments that support the joint stability of the ankle are torn. When this happens, the following methods are recommended for emergency relief.

Rest: Stop walking, rest still and do not move the ankle easily to prevent secondary injury.


Cold compress: Fix an ice pack on the injured part, apply cold compress for 10-20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, and then continue to do so repeatedly for 2 hours.


Fixation: use elastic bandage or elastic clothing, appropriate pressure bandage to reduce swelling, pay attention to the strength, if excessive pressure will aggravate swelling, ischemia.

Elevation: Put a soft pad under the injured foot and elevate the foot to help promote blood circulation in the foot and leg, reduce swelling and promote recovery.


Rescue: take some medicines to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, you can also buy some topical medicines or sprays, etc. After the on-site treatment, you need to go to a regular hospital as soon as possible, take X-ray examination to exclude ankle fracture, and perform ankle MRI examination if necessary!

04How to Improve Ankle Flexibility

Whether you have very good or poor ankle flexibility, it is important to keep your ankle joints functioning in order to minimize your risk of injury while exercising. If you have good ankle flexibility, then you only need to do one set of ankle exercises per week to maintain it. However, if your ankle flexibility is not up to par, then you need to do ankle exercises twice a week.


Fascia Ball Release Calf


Movement Summary: Place the calf on a foam shaft. Roll up and down the entire length of your calf and Achilles tendon for 1 minute. If you hit a sensitive spot (trigger point), pause and focus on that area for 10-20 seconds. You can incorporate active movements into your rolling, such as actively dorsiflexing your foot or doing ankle turns.


Elastic Band Stretches


Movement: Place one section of the elastic band over some stationary object and the other over the back of your foot, lifting your foot to the side.

Elastic Band Double Foot Turnover

Action: Put the elastic band on the outside of the feet, heel on the ground toes up, like the outside of the flip to increase ankle flexibility.

These methods are not simple and easy to do? Hurry up and practice it~!

The Contemporary Woman’s Illustrated Guide to Office Pregnancy Preparation

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For contemporary women, 24H a day, basically 8H is spent in the office, and does not include the time to stay up late to work overtime. Irregular work and rest, untimely diet and so on have become commonplace. Under the double pressure of life and work, women’s physiology and psychology are prone to problems, which makes it more and more difficult to prepare for pregnancy.

01Factors affecting pregnancy preparation in the office

1. Office environment: in the office, the computer we use every day has a certain amount of radiation; the static electricity of the printer will produce a stench in the air to make people dizzy; the bacteria on the phone saliva and so on is one of the main ways to spread the virus; long-term air conditioning in a confined space will feel a headache. Various factors combine to affect the office women’s preparation for pregnancy.


2. Sedentary: for office women, the most common posture is “sitting” every day, sitting to do information, sitting to calculate the check, sitting to deal with matters. Prolonged sitting will make people feel back pain, and will not be action leads to blood circulation, but also cause gynecological diseases.


3. Work pressure: there are always some troubles at work that affect women’s emotions, high mental tension, invisible work pressure will make women feel anxious, which can lead to endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders and other phenomena.

02Office Exercise Tips for Pregnancy Preparation

Work also needs a combination of labor and leisure, appropriate relaxation exercises can help prepare for pregnancy, but also a good way to improve work efficiency. And due to the limitations of the office location, equipment, time, etc., the exercise we do is also subject to certain limitations, then, in the office to do what exercise can be better to prepare for pregnancy?


1. Rope skipping

Rope skipping as an all-round sport, in helping to enhance the physical fitness of women at the same time, can promote the improvement of cardiorespiratory function, improve metabolism, promote blood flow, is conducive to the development of women’s ovaries better quality eggs. Jumping rope has more benefits for pregnancy preparation and also helps to reduce the difficulty of labor and delivery after pregnancy. Because rope skipping may affect colleagues, you can switch to cordless rope skipping, the same effect oh.

Action Points: Wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes; when jumping rope, the body is upright, eyes looking ahead, breathing rhythmically, the body should be relaxed; the height of the jump should not be too high, generally 3~5cm is appropriate, slightly bending the knees to buffer when landing; use the wrist to shake the rope, rather than the whole arm.


Duration and frequency: 200~500 rope skipping per day, depending on the individual’s physical condition. If you do not usually exercise women can also be gradual, you can jump 100 after a break and then continue, not excessive exercise!


2. Yoga

Because of the limitations of the office space, it is more difficult to carry out large-scale exercise, and part of the yoga movement is both simple and convenient, in their own seats can be exercised, such as the goddess style, phantom chair style, crescent moon style and other actions. Practicing yoga can stretch the whole body, relieve shoulder and neck pain while eliminating swelling in the lower limbs, stabilize the pelvis, and allow pregnant women to gradually master breathing techniques in preparation for childbirth.

Action points: novice yoga practice in the best in the guidance of a professional teacher, to avoid muscle strain caused by the action is not in place. The choice of action should be from easy to difficult, can also rely on certain aids to help the movement.

Duration and Frequency: 10~30 minutes, 5~7 times a week.


In addition to this, indoor walking between jobs, walking during lunch breaks, climbing stairs instead of elevators, etc., can add luster to office women’s preparation for pregnancy over time.


Precautions: 1. should not jump rope during menstruation, will lead to the shedding of the uterine lining, causing menstrual cramps and other discomforts; 2. after the exercise need to replenish water in a timely manner; 3. too much is not too late, according to their own physical condition, according to their own strength.


Sedentary office women to prepare for pregnancy, in addition to maintaining a good state of mind, relaxation, but also after work, lunch breaks, appropriate exercise to stretch the limbs, in the body while preparing for pregnancy to be well-prepared. Let the office is no longer dull, in the movement to make preparation for pregnancy become easy and enjoyable.

Tips on preparing for pregnancy, endometrial conditioning tips

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As we all know, there are two important conditions for a successful pregnancy – a good uterine lining and a good quality embryo. The lining of the uterus is the “fertile soil” in which the embryo is able to settle and develop. In recent years, a lot of infertile women in the preparation for pregnancy or the process of treatment encountered the problem of thin endometrium, and how to regulate, today to provide the preparation for pregnancy knowledge, endometrial regulation strategy.

01What is considered a thin uterine lining?

Generally, we expect the thickness of the endometrium to reach 8mm or more after ovulation, and the ideal thickness should be 10mm or more. The ideal thickness should be 10mm or more. If the thickness of the endometrium reaches 15mm or more on the 7th to 10th day after ovulation, the fertilized egg can have a high rate of implantation.


If the thickness of the endometrium is less than 8mm, we can diagnose the endometrium as thin. The minimum thickness of the endometrium for pregnancy is 6mm, and below 8mm, the probability of pregnancy is low, and the risk of biochemical pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, and ectopic pregnancy increases accordingly.

02Why does the lining of the uterus change

(i) Damage to endometrial tissue

Multiple abortions to scrape the uterus or inappropriate intrauterine surgeries result in damage to the endometrium, which thins it and reduces its ability to give birth.

(ii) Poor endometrial growth caused by endocrine abnormalities

Irregular menstruation and persistent menstrual cycles are signs of endocrine abnormality, which will cause the skin to age prematurely, the body to begin to experience many discomforts, and the endometrium to grow poorly and become thin.

03Endometrial Conditioning Tips

(i) Stop medication, maintain good mood and regulate endocrine secretion


Ovulation drugs will stimulate the thinning of the uterine lining, if you use them, it is recommended to stop and give the body 3-6 months of rest to restore the uterine lining. You must learn to regulate your mood, keep your mood happy and avoid excessive mental stress. If you are chronically stressed and have bad moods, it is likely to hit the endocrine system, which will have an adverse effect on your body.


(C) Reasonable exercise, promote blood circulation


Reasonable exercise can effectively accelerate and promote blood circulation in the uterus, if you are often sitting at work, you should exercise more.


Swimming is conducive to improving the ability of contraction and maintaining the temperature in the uterus. Whole-body exercise can improve the muscle capacity of the whole body and improve physical fitness.

② Yoga is good for unblocking the circulation of women’s qi and blood, which is beneficial to the secretion of hormones.

Exercise effect: nourish the pelvis, thicken the uterine lining

Exercise frequency: dynamic movements, 3 groups per day, 15 strokes per group. Static movements, 10 groups per day, 5 breaths per group.


Action 1: static dead insects

Movements: Lie on your back, head toward your knees, knees bent, hands on your knees.

Action 2: left flat

Action: Lie on your side, elbows touching the ground, use your waist and abdomen to keep your body in a straight line, and be careful that your hips don’t touch the ground.

Action 3: Cat Pose

Movements: palms on the ground, knees bent, waist and abdomen force to keep the back parallel to the ground.

If there is a serious situation, you need to seek medical intervention Oh, so that we can better protect our uterine lining.

What to do if you have pain in the round ligament of the uterus during pregnancy!

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Many expectant mothers may have felt a sharp pain or tingling sensation on one or both sides of their lower abdomen and groin area during pregnancy. This is called round ligament pain, and it is one of the most common types of pain in pregnancy, often occurring in the middle of the pregnancy.

01Causes of pain in the round ligaments of the uterus

During pregnancy, several thick ligaments surround and support the growing uterus, one of which is the round uterine ligament, the ligament that connects the front of the uterus to the groin. As the fetus and uterus grow, the round ligament of the uterus stretches, which can make it more prone to tightening, and sudden movement can cause the ligament to tighten quickly, resulting in a tingling sensation. Symptoms of round ligament of the uterus pain include sudden, sharp cramps in the abdomen. Occurring in one or both locations on the lower part of the abdomen, the pain usually lasts only a few seconds.

02Treatment of pain in the round ligaments of the uterus

1, drug relief

If the pain is unbearable, you can take medication for pain relief under the advice of your doctor, and be sure to consult your doctor before taking the medication to see if this is feasible.

2、Keep exercising

Exercise can make the core abdominal muscles stronger, doing stretches or yoga are good choices, you can also do the following exercises to strengthen the core.

Abdominal Breathing

The body is fully relaxed lying flat on a yoga mat, one hand on the abdomen to feel the changes in the stomach, the nose inhales when the abdomen rises, the mouth exhales, the abdomen slowly shrinks back until the gas are spat out.

Supine Double Upper Limb Lift Breathing

The body is fully relaxed lying flat on the yoga mat with both upper limbs straight and perpendicular to the torso, the chest opens as you inhale and relaxes back to the starting position as you exhale.

Static Dead Bug Style Exercise

The body is fully relaxed lying flat on the yoga mat, both lower limbs flexed at the hips and knees lifted up to 90 degrees from the torso, keeping the pelvis stable, both upper limbs straightened on both knee joints, when you exhale, the upper body is lifted up, both hands and knees are against each other, the abdominal area is tightened, the pelvic floor muscles are tightened to keep the core stable, and when you inhale, you go back to the original position.

Left Side Plank

Lying on the yoga mat on the left side, the line between the left upper limb flexed at the elbow and the left shoulder joint is perpendicular to the ground, the left lower limb is flexed at 90°, the right lower limb is straightened, and the torso is in a straight line; on exhalation, tighten the abdomen (core) while lifting up the pelvis, and the left knee is tightly pressed against the yoga mat, and on inhalation, return to the original position.

3. Hip flexion

Before coughing, sneezing or laughing, bend your hips so that the round ligaments of the uterus are less stretched to avoid stretching.


Uterine round ligament is often encountered in mid-pregnancy pregnant mothers trouble, just a few seconds of pain, you can choose to ignore not to do measures, although only a small annoyance, but if the duration of a few minutes and a lot of pain, or need to go to the doctor to find help, or else to the baby’s detrimental to the baby is not worth the loss.