Postpartum Shaping? Try this aerobic rehabilitation exercise.

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A lot of moms in the experience of October pregnancy, in the smooth delivery or cesarean section after giving birth to the baby, turn out of the closet in the beautiful dresses but can not wear. In the postpartum as soon as possible to restore the body, I believe that many new mothers of the idea, but blindly slimming body shaping will make the body worse. So let’s talk today, how to post-partum scientific shape.

01How soon after having a baby can you get postnatal contouring

Mothers who have had a normal delivery can start training 42 days after the postpartum checkup is fine.

Mothers who have had a cesarean section can start training 3 months after the postpartum checkup.

In addition, the focus of exercise after a normal birth is to tighten the pelvis, while the focus of a C-section is to tighten the entire abdominal and pelvic muscles, but whether it is a normal birth or a C-section, you need to go through the scientific method to achieve the best state, and should not be too early overstretching and overloading.

02Misconceptions about Postpartum Slimming and Shaping

Misconception #1: Doing Exercise Right After Giving Birth
Doing shaping exercises right after giving birth may cause uterine bleeding and prolong the recovery time, while a bit of strenuous exercise will also prolong the recovery time of surgical section or side cut wound, some joints are especially vulnerable to injury, and the situation of cesarean section moms will be even more dangerous. Mothers with normal delivery can start doing postpartum slimming exercises 4 to 6 weeks after delivery, while mothers with cesarean section need 6 to 8 weeks.

Misconception No. 2: anemia also want to lose weight
New mothers who lose a lot of blood during delivery will cause anemia, which makes the postpartum recovery slow, and slimming down on the basis of not solving the anemia will aggravate the anemia. So in this case, eat more iron-rich foods, such as brown sugar, fish, animal liver and so on.

03 Aerobic rehabilitation exercise

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Stand with feet spread shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hips down, pelvis tilted forward, back relaxed, arms bent at the elbows and open, both hands holding the lower abdomen and lower back one in front of the other. Lower abdomen upward, knees straight, back muscles upward stretch, the body in an arch shape. Hands down, naturally close to the side of the legs, abdominal muscles tighten, straighten the upper body, shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades down and back, so that the chest is properly open.

Thigh fat burning

Feet to the left and right each step across the open, the size of the step for the shoulder width of two times, outward slightly bent knee cover, hips vertical sinking, arms to the left and right sides of the flat lift, and stretch outward, keep and shoulders in the same straight line, the size of the legs into 90 degrees, posture hold 100 seconds.

Abdominal Recovery

Cross your arms, open your bent elbow arms, stand with your pelvis up, stand with your feet spread wide, and take steps the size of your shoulders, followed by twisting clockwise and counterclockwise for 100 seconds.

Hip Rehabilitation

Stand straight in front of a wall, hands on the wall, elbows naturally bent, in turn, back to raise the left and right foot, raise the leg straight, a total of 100 seconds.

Finally, shaping should also be accompanied by healthy meals. Comprehensive nutrition is the basic guarantee, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and fruits and vegetables, these should be eaten in small quantities but comprehensive.

Feeling irritable easily during pregnancy? Try These Ways

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The changes in the body of a pregnant woman are enormous, and every pregnant woman has to spend a great deal of time, energy, and money to address the various problems of her body, and as a result, she faces tremendous stress. If the psychological pressure of pregnant women is not relieved at this time, then the combined effect of psychological pressure and physical pressure will bring them a greater burden. Pregnant mothers should release stress in time and keep their mood happy in order to make their babies healthier.

01 The Importance of Stress Relief

The negative impact of stress on the body of a pregnant woman is very obvious, as she has to face a lot of changes, and various kinds of stress that are not relieved in a timely manner can bring serious consequences to her health. Increasing stress affects the absorption of nutrients by the pregnant woman and reduces the amount of blood to the placenta and the fetus, which in turn affects the development of the fetus. On the other hand, in the face of stress, pregnant women will easily give up their efforts to get rid of all kinds of bad habits, such as quitting smoking and regulating their dietary habits.

02 Ways to Relieve Stress

There are many forms of stress relief, and relaxation is a great option. There are also many ways to relax, and the main forms of relaxation include mental relaxation, exercise relaxation, and distraction.

Mental relaxation

Simply put, mental relaxation is a method of relaxation that completely removes all kinds of distractions from the brain for a certain period of time. The biggest effect of mental relaxation is to eliminate distractions and focus all your attention on the most important things. Counseling is the easiest way to relieve stress.

Exercise for Relaxation

Exercise is the best option for stress relief. Not only because of the obvious role of exercise in promoting physical health, it is also good for releasing mental stress. Simple exercises can help relieve physical stress. Exercise promotes the body’s production of endorphins and other feel-good hormones. You can consciously utilize some exercises to release stress. These exercises are not restricted by conditions and can be performed equally well even when there are uncomfortable symptoms occurring during pregnancy.


A more typical example is to focus on your breathing during labor rather than on the process. Of course, distraction requires repeated practice. This method is particularly good for eliminating fear or nervousness about a process, or for avoiding things in life that bore you. For example, if you listen to music, watch TV or movies, over time, you will subconsciously use distraction when you feel tense or stressed.

Pregnant mothers feel anxious and stressed during pregnancy, as a husband, can not stand idly by Oh, you can use words to help pregnant mothers to relax, you can also give her a massage, so that her body to relax, which is also more conducive to pregnant mothers to sleep better. A gentle and considerate husband will make the pregnant mother’s anxiety reduced by half!


Can you exercise during pregnancy? Recommendations for exercise equipment during pregnancy

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If you want to be able to recover quickly after giving birth, you have to start preparing during pregnancy ~ using some fitness equipment to assist in pregnancy fitness, for pregnant mothers and children are good.

01 Benefits of fitness during pregnancy

1. It can maintain or improve physical fitness and cardiorespiratory function. Enhances physical and mental health.
2. It avoids excessive weight gain during pregnancy and prevents and alleviates discomfort during pregnancy, such as backache and back pain. Weight control during pregnancy is also more conducive to faster recovery of body shape after delivery.
3、It can speed up the process during labor and delivery, making it easier and reducing the probability of cesarean section.

02Pregnancy Fitness Equipment Recommendations

Beginning in the middle of pregnancy, the embryo is gradually stabilized, if there is no contraindication to exercise, pregnant mothers can begin to exercise. If pregnant mothers do not have a foundation for exercise, you can start with the most basic exercise, and slowly increase the intensity of exercise. Pregnant mothers who have a foundation in sports can carry out slightly more intense exercises, which can be chosen according to their own situation.

Yoga ball, yoga mat, yoga block

These three are the most commonly used and basic equipment in maternity fitness moves. Many movements use these pieces of equipment. For example, seated ball clamp, hip bridge, static squat against the wall and other movements.

Stretchy Belt

Stretch band is easy to carry and use as there is no weight and volume to bother. At the same time, the elastic band training is safe, does not smash people, and helps the landing cushion will not cause injury to pregnant women exercise. For people with no exercise experience, using elastic bands to increase the amount of exercise is a good way to start.

Elliptical machine

Pregnant moms who have a foundation in exercise can try using an elliptical machine for exercise. The elliptical machine can increase the intensity of the exercise, will not cause damage to the knee, for the intensity and length of the exercise can be controlled according to their own, is also very suitable for pregnant mothers to use the equipment.

Dynamic cycling

Dynamic cycling is a fixed position, will not be like a bicycle, such as side-turning or bumps on the road and other situations, for pregnant mothers can be completely during pregnancy through dynamic cycling to achieve fitness purposes. Dynamic cycling exercises can also achieve the effect of pregnancy weight control, weight control during pregnancy so that the weight of a reasonable increase in weight, unloading after the natural body to recover very quickly.


Exercise during pregnancy should be careful to avoid intense sports, such as basketball, skiing, surfing and activities involving bouncing. If you want to recover quickly after giving birth, you need to exercise more during pregnancy. These exercise machines are very highly used in the home and can continue to be used even after the birth of a child. Get moving in order to return to your prenatal body~!

Overtime stay up late to eat late-night snacks, how to eat healthy

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For ordinary people, eating late night is just for fun, but for people who work overtime, the late-night stage is a nutritional supplement for intense work. Of course, due to the decline in the body’s metabolic capacity in the evening, the late-night phase can not eat and drink, otherwise it is easy to lead to gastric ulcers, or cause obesity. Then stay up late to work overtime should eat something?

01 Supplementation of high quality protein

Protein is one of the important elements needed for the nutrition of our body and to maintain the function of the body. After staying up late, it will affect sleep, affect the recovery of the brain, the mental state is often poor, high-quality protein, can make up for the consumption of the brain. Especially for friends who stay up late for a long time, the consumption of the brain is even more enormous. Therefore, we can make a healthy addition by supplementing high-quality protein. For example, more beef, lean meat, fish, shrimp, soy products and other foods rich in high quality protein.

02 Supplementation of water-soluble vitamins

Vitamins are also indispensable nutrients for the human body, which are further categorized into water-soluble and fat-soluble. As water-soluble vitamins can be eliminated from the body with the body fluids. In the process of staying up all night, vitamin consumption will be greater, and should be supplemented in time. Water-soluble vitamins can not be synthesized by the human body and can be obtained in food.

03 Adequate hydration

The human body to maintain normal physiological functions, water is indispensable, whether or not to stay up late, you should drink a sufficient amount of water. An adult’s normal water intake should be 1500-2000 milliliters, here the water refers to just simple water. Coffee, strong tea, milk tea, etc., will make people have a certain dependence, in the long run will cause wear and tear on the human body, if you really need to, try to choose not to add sugar and cream of the coffee, or choose not to contain sugar drinks. Because sugar is not consumed in time at night, it will be converted into fat, which will cause obesity.

04Try to stay away from high calorie foods

As mentioned earlier, the human body’s metabolism slows down at night, but due to the need for physical fitness, the human body at this time tends to be very keen on high-calorie foods. If the intake of fried, sugary foods, will easily cause excessive calories, triggering obesity at the same time, can also cause high cholesterol, some chronic diseases will ensue. Like fried chicken, potato chips and other eat as little as possible, you can choose high-quality nuts as a snack alternative. Some deep-processed sugary snacks, such as candy, ham and sausage should also be avoided, you can choose fresh fruit as a substitute.

Summarize: Although staying up late and working overtime is not the life we want, but the reality has to let us bow our heads and work hard, so we have to pay more attention to the daily exercise and nutritional supplements. Of course, as long as the conditions allow, try not to choose to stay up late to work overtime, after all, the damage to the body is indeed too great.

The following are some of the most important things that we can do to help our bodies.

Should you quit your job to prepare for pregnancy? Read this and decide!

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Preparing for pregnancy is a happy and agonizing thing, pregnancy will make some changes in the body and life. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without success, the pressure on women will increase, especially older women who are trying to get pregnant. Therefore, under the double influence of work pressure and fertility pressure, many women will begin to think about whether to quit their jobs to prepare for pregnancy.

Many people leave their jobs on impulse only to realize that there are actually better options available. Are there factors in the job that seriously affect pregnancy preparation, such as hours, physical intensity, and emotional stress. Are there other ways to solve the problem besides quitting, such as transferring to another job or taking time off. After determining that it is necessary to quit the job, are you prepared to do so, rather than quitting the job immediately and naked.

01Adequate Preparation for Quitting Your Job to Prepare for Pregnancy

After considering the necessity, only the first step has been completed, you still have to be fully prepared for the life after quitting.

1、Without working, will you still be able to work and rest regularly, and live a full and meaningful life every day?

2、Can your savings + partner’s income support your life for 3-5 years, or even after that?

2、If you still can’t get pregnant after quitting your job, including losing the sense of fulfillment, belonging, and social circle brought by your job, is there a way to relieve the greater stress and anxiety?

For all the above questions, has the partner fully considered and made a supportive decision?

If you can pat yourself on the back and say, no problem! Then rest assured that quitting your job to prepare for pregnancy at home will give you better exercise, rest, and a better environment to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not sure, or even have already beaten a retreat, in fact, there are good ways to prepare for pregnancy at work.

02Great ways to prepare for pregnancy on the job

The scientific preparation for pregnancy probably comes down to: a good environment + healthy shaping + a good mindset + the scientific use of ovulation, all of which are actually less related to being at home or at work. And the change of mindset of changing the habit of working is huge, the pressure of pregnancy preparation anxiety will rise exponentially.

In fact, compared to quitting or not quitting your job, preparing for pregnancy super requires regular exercise on both sides of the preparation, which is super beneficial to the quality of preparation. You can utilize the office space and rest time for effective exercise ~

Stairway Exercise

Find a stairwell in your building, use the bottom step as a tread and just move up and down on the tread. While exercising, maintain an appropriate frequency and be careful not to slip. Use the handrail next to the steps to stabilize your body if needed.

Seated Lumbar Front Stretching Exercise

Sit in a chair and lean forward at the waist, pulling to keep your chest close to your thighs as much as possible. Hold for 30 seconds until you feel a mild stretch in your lower back.

After reference to make your own choice, the choice is not divided into good and bad, only to their own choice is willing to bear the results on the good.

What to do about postpartum joint pain? A few tricks to help you relieve it~

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A few months or even six months from the birth of the baby, some mothers feel that one of the joints of the body will often be in pain, which is the common postpartum joint pain that many mothers experience after giving birth.

01Why are you prone to joint pain after giving birth?

1、 Nerve compression

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body circulating water overall increase, the ligaments in the wrist and other places will appear edema, which makes the nerves innervating the fingers are compressed, so the hand will produce numbness, pain symptoms.


2, too early to do heavy physical activity, cold

If a mother who has just given birth engages in some housework too early or too much, or carries a child for a long time, or touches too cold water, it will lead to overburdening of joints, tendons and ligaments.

3, less activity during the month

Many mothers in the period of menstruation seldom activities, some even have been lying in bed not move, which will make the original heel of the fat pad becomes weak, greatly weakened its support for the weight and sports shock absorption effect.

02What to do for joint pain relief

I. Minimize the activity of the painful area and pay more attention to rest.


When mothers feel the pain in the painful area is obvious, they should stop or slow down the activity immediately.


Second, the painful parts of the hot compresses, or warm baths

The temperature of the hot compresses should be 40~50℃, or you can soak the painful part in warm water;

It is recommended that each hot compress be applied for 20-30 minutes. The temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long, so as not to cause burns, the specific temperature and time maternal can be adjusted according to their own acceptance;

Third, massage or acupressure way to relieve

The use of massage to relieve pain, massage can be used to rotate the root of the palm of the hand in a circular manner, clockwise massage;

With the thumb to press hard on the painful parts of the pain, the pain also has some relief.

Fourth, the pain caused by osteoporosis can be moderate calcium supplementation

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women have a higher demand for calcium. When the calcium content in the mother’s body can not meet the needs, osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency will occur. One of the most typical clinical manifestations of calcium deficiency is pain.

Mothers will be weak after giving birth, so they must take good care of their bodies. If the condition of postpartum joint pain occurs, you can also use some suitable methods to make your body improve and recover as soon as possible.

Essential equipment for spring trekking! Let’s go on a date with spring~

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Spring is a great time for spring trekking. With the arrival of spring, many people like to go out to climb mountains and other outdoor sports. So what equipment should be prepared before trekking? In order to make outdoor sports more comfortable, take a look.

01Basic Equipment

1、Hiking backpack

The best choice for outdoor sports is a lightweight, wearable, high-capacity sports backpack. In the case of the body does not cause additional burden, large-capacity backpacks can also carry more travel goodies, so that your hiking trip experience up! In addition to the pursuit of large-capacity, backpack fixation is also a problem to consider. If there is a special design for water bags, it would be great.


2、Hiking shoes: 1-2 pairs

A pair of comfortable fit hiking shoes for outdoor hiking is very important for the requirements of hiking shoes are mainly wear-resistant, waterproof, lightweight and breathable, preferably medium-high shoes in order to protect the ankles. In these basic conditions, according to personal preference.


3、Quick-dry clothes and pants: 1-2 sets

Clothes and pants should choose more quick-drying and breathable equipment. Also pay attention to physical sunscreen, reduce bare skin. If necessary, you can also prepare a rushing jacket to deal with complex weather conditions.

4、Sports leggings: 1-2 sets
Considering the sweaty condition of climbing in spring, you can consider preparing 2 pairs of sweat-wicking socks. Sweat socks can make your shoes drier, reduce the discomfort caused by excessive sweating, and also effectively prevent blisters on the soles of your feet. Sweat big family can also prepare quick-drying underwear, is also a spring hiking out of the sweet goodies.
5, water cup / water bag: 1 (2L or so)
Climbing must pay attention to replenish water, to avoid heat stroke symptoms caused by water loss.

02Equipment Selection

1. Hiking poles:

Hiking poles can reduce at least 22% of the force exerted on muscle joints such as legs and knees, making legs feel more comfortable.


2. Sunglasses:

Spring is not very hot, but the afternoon ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, prepare a pair of sunglasses can effectively reduce the dazzling feeling.

3, sun hat, ice sleeves, sunscreen spray, bandana and other sun protection equipment:

If you don’t have a good sunscreen, it is easy to sunburn your skin red, and it is also easy to get sunstroke. Therefore, good sun protection is also a matter that can not be ignored when traveling in spring.

4, disposable raincoat:

In case of emergency, wind and rain are not afraid!

03 Additional Expansion

Similar compressed towels, outdoor cushions (picnic mats), camping supplies, multi-functional hardware tools, etc., can be prepared according to personal discretion.


Most of the above traveling equipment belongs to common items, and should be adjusted according to other constraints such as weather conditions and geographical environment during the actual spring trekking activities. In addition to preparing the travel equipment, you should keep a good sleep and consume enough food to replenish energy during the trip, so that you can have a good condition to play the hiking and harvest happiness.



Get moving and say goodbye to postpartum venous thrombosis

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After the 10th month of pregnancy, you enter the traditional Chinese period of menstruation. One of the most common phrases you hear during the menstruation period is that this is the only chance you have in your life to change your physique, so be sure to get plenty of rest, don’t get out of bed, and lie still. Unbeknownst to you, there is a disease that is creeping up on you – postpartum venous thrombosis.

01Causes and symptoms of venous thrombosis

After getting venous thrombosis, many moms sometimes find that their heart beats suddenly faster, the localized skin on their legs is pale or bruised, and some parts of their legs are painful to touch and hot and swollen. This is because mothers are sedentary and bedridden for a long time, which reduces the amount of movement and slows down the blood flow, causing blood to pool into clots in the veins. And once the blood clots in the veins are dislodged and enter the body with the blood circulation, more serious symptoms such as pulmonary embolism can occur, seriously jeopardizing the health of mothers! Some moms may even experience swelling and pain in the lower extremities as a sequela.

02Prevention of venous thrombosis

Preventing postpartum venous thrombosis is actually very easy, and that is by being active early in the postpartum period, which can effectively reduce the risk of venous thrombosis. Mothers who give birth naturally can get out of bed soon if there are no tears, side cuts or other complications. Here are some exercises for mothers who have given birth on time to help them prevent venous thrombosis.


Walking slowly

Mothers who have had a normal delivery can get out of bed soon if there are no complications. You can walk slowly along the room holding the wall, the time can be more than 5 minutes, depending on the physical condition, do not force. Time: 3 hours after delivery.

Foot exercises

Method: Lie flat on your back (you can also sit) with a book on your heels. Move one foot towards the body to the maximum extent while the other foot moves away from the body, hold for 3 seconds, alternating with the other foot. 2 times a day, 10 minutes each time. Key: calf and thigh straight, heel can not pad book at first. Time: the second day after delivery to start, if the sitting posture has problems can choose to lie down.


Sitting gyro exercise

Methods: Cross-legged, both hands grasp the soles of the feet, slowly clockwise rotation of the body; counterclockwise rotation of the body; each time 10-20 groups. Main points: back straight, after doing can pound legs. Time: start on the third day after delivery, if there is a problem with the sitting position you can choose to lie down.


There is no big problem as soon as possible after delivery, if the movement has no effect, you can go to the hospital for the appropriate examination, under the guidance of the doctor to wear varicose vein socks and so on. Don’t worry, vein thrombosis is actually very good to prevent, move, and vein thrombosis say bye-bye.

Still upset by gas and bloating? Here are two easy ways to relieve it.

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I happened to review the classic Staxol commercial back in the day, and I was very impressed with the description of the bloated stomach segment in the commercial. A small person is seen constantly inflating a balloon in the stomach, so much so that the whole stomach keeps expanding, making people feel very uncomfortable. And this is also a common adverse symptom for many pregnant women during the process of conceiving life. When there is a new life in the stomach, the enlarged uterus will press on the stomach and intestines, affecting the digestive activities, which in turn will lead to symptoms such as flatulence.

01Manifestations of flatulence and its effects

A feeling of fullness and bloating in the abdomen before or after meals, as well as burping accompanied by a large amount of gas discharge, are specific manifestations of flatulence. In the early stage, it will lead to indigestion and loss of appetite. If not relieved in time, it will easily cause symptoms such as acid reflux, and in serious cases, it may lead to esophageal cancer and other malignant diseases.

02What can be done to improve

Due to the special body structure of pregnant mothers, the slow speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis can easily lead to indigestion, thus making them more susceptible to being targeted by this undesirable symptom. To get relief, it is best to do the following:


(1) Improve diet and drink more water

The root cause of flatulence formation is slow intestinal peristalsis and indigestion. Therefore, we can improve this symptom by changing our diet. Consume more fiber and avoid foods that tend to cause flatulence such as beans. Drink more warm boiled water after exercise or when resting. All of these can bring some relief to this symptom. Remember, never overeat. This will add to the already poor digestion of the stomach. If you are afraid that your infant is lacking in nutrients, you can supplement with a little more fruits and vegetables by eating smaller meals.

(2) Turn on the air conditioning to do a good job of abdominal warmth

If you choose to turn on the air conditioner in the summer to keep cool, make sure you do a good job of protecting your stomach. The stomach is a fairly sensitive part of the cool, don’t forget to cover it with a layer of protection, do a good job of keeping warm.


(3) appropriate exercise

If you want to effectively relieve the symptoms of flatulence, apart from drinking more water and improving your diet, you should also pair it with the right exercises to expel the flatulence from your stomach faster. Here are two simple exercises that you can do at any time when you are at home.

Pregnancy Yoga

Sit in a kneeling position so that your hips can sit between your legs and hold your hands toward the floor at the back of your body. To keep your body balanced. Slowly lay your body down. Lean back on a pillow. Adjust your body and choose a comfortable position to hold for 1 to 3 minutes.


Raise your arms above your head and hold your elbows together. Keep adjusting your breathing here. Hold for about three minutes. Slowly inhale and exhale. Relax both hands. Brace your hands on the floor and rise slowly. Straighten your feet, move your ankles and stretch your joints.


If you want to effectively improve this undesirable symptom, you can do the above measures!

Spring more sweet and less acid to raise a good stomach~

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Spring food is numerous, which is definitely a blessing for “foodies”, but in this variety of food, your stomach still hold up?

Spring temperature changes, gastric acid secretion increases, easy to induce gastritis or gastritis recurrence. Moreover, the spring liver qi rise, liver qi too strong may make the stomach and intestines digestion and absorption function decline, caused by gastrointestinal weakness and so on. So the spring diet to do “acid does not hurt the stomach, heat does not hurt the yin”, this time and eat too much oil, easy to cause indigestion, abdominal pain and bloating.

01Dietary rules

1. Reduce the intake of sour foods and increase the intake of sweet foods. Sourness enters the liver and sweetness enters the spleen. Sweet foods like yam and red dates help nourish the stomach and benefit the qi, while sour foods like hawthorn and oranges can encourage the liver qi to rise and stimulate the gastric mucous membrane cells to secrete gastric acid, which will make the stomach feel acidic and uncomfortable.


2, pay attention to the main food. Diet is one of the basic conditions of human life activities. Chinese medicine believes that: “five grains for nourishment”, staple food are generally rich in carbohydrates, can be converted into heat faster by the body to utilize, the weak stomach and intestines have a very good maintenance effect.

3, more vegetables and less meat. Vegetables in addition to help digestion, but also rich in minerals and vitamins, but also has the role of timely and smooth intestinal tract. Animal food meat in the fat content is more, not easy to digest, should eat less.


4, reduce salt intake, increase water intake. Eating more salt will reduce saliva secretion and aggravate the burden on the stomach. Drinking more water can ensure that the secretion of digestive juices need enough water to help digestion. At the same time, it is also conducive to defecation, the body’s garbage in a timely manner, to alleviate the damage caused by toxins on the stomach and intestines.

5, eat less greasy, cold food, meal selection should be biased towards light, warm and soft-based, spring gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity is weak, in order to nourish the stomach and intestines, it is not suitable to eat cold and greasy food, suitable for eating easily digestible light food.

02Great Tips for Preventing Gastrointestinal Disorders in Spring

Exercise can help improve the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, in the spring to regulate the stomach and intestines, but also to strengthen the exercise. Chinese medicine believes that the human spleen and stomach is the pivot of qi and blood operation, only the spleen and stomach to ensure the normal functioning of other organs. So the spring should pay attention to the spleen and stomach, in order to achieve the health of the five organs, the spirit of the purpose.

Exercise can often do limb rotation and other simple gymnastics exercises to strengthen the stomach transport function. Workers can use the sit-up exercise, every day up, before going to bed for 20 to 40 sit-up exercises. You can also lie on your back on the bed, with the palm around the navel clockwise rotation massage about 20. These small actions can play a very strong stomach effect.


Spring although there are a lot of food, but we should pay more attention, there are a lot of food gastrointestinal patients need to avoid eating, in normal times to pay more attention, do not crave it Oh ~!