HARISON Massage Series New Product Launch HR 711 and HR 712 Massage Chairs

HARISON Massage Series New Product Launch HR 711 and HR 712 Massage Chairs

Anyone who enjoys relaxing needs to check out Harison’s new product lineup as soon as possible. The products debuting have so many exciting features and upgrades to try out. Harison has been working to perfect massage chairs and recliners for years. Harison is a renowned company that primarily specializes in-home workout equipment selling equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, dumbbell racks, etc. Since Harison already has the knowledge of designing machinery to improve your lifestyle and take physical stress out of your life they decided to expand their repertoire to include other home items to improve your lifestyle like massage chairs, vibration machines, yoga mats, and more.

HARISON 711 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

HARISON 711 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Harison 711 Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes in champagne gold and can comfortably fit people up to four hundred pounds. The chair completely reclines and envelopes you. It has massagers at every point of your body, your head, back, shoulders, legs, etc. The chair also comes with additional special features of its own including a panel and screen at the end of one of the arms that monitors your heart rate with a single touch. The side of the chair also has a light-up feature and you can choose between yellow, green, pink, or blue lights.

HARISON 712 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

HARISON 712 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Harison 712 Zero Gravity Massage Chair brings an elevated and updated design to the previous model, the Harison 712. It has an adjustable reeling feature and adjustable foot component so you can stretch your feet out while reclining or keep them close to you. It also comes with many different massage settings based on the user’s preferences. You can choose the type of massage which feels best to you. This model also comes with a light-up component and a large screen at the end of the arm like the last model does.

HARISON 712 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

HARISON 712 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Harison Zero Gravity Massage Chairs also recline your body into the zero gravity position which positions the feet above the heart and eliminates pain and stress from your neck and vertebrae. This will have a profound effect on your body, doctors have found that most people’s normal seating positions place physical stress on the glutes and the sciatic nerve. These chairs work to eliminate that physical stress on top of giving you a relaxing massage which will soon have noticeable effects on you and your body.


For those who need to destress other notable products Harison carries are the variety of massage guns offered like the Harison Massage Gun HR-310 or the Harison MonicaFit 314 Massage Gun, a portable gun you can blast on any part of your body that needs a quick massage, the Harison 423 Back Posture corrector or the MonicaFit 503 Stretching Board so you can stretch yourself out in new and creative ways beyond the standard.


Overall these products are a very worthy investment for anyone who seriously needs to relax. With many components beyond just massaging Harison’s zero gravity massage chairs use cutting-edge technology to make sure your body has as little physical stress as possible inside and outside of the chair.

Businesswomen Work Health Balance by Rowing Machine

Recently, in the Chinese popular comedy-drama TV series, HARISON rowing machine, elliptical machine, and exercise bike were used by the successful businesswomen Cheng. Overall, the plot of this drama is very entertaining and worth thinking about women’s health issues in the workplace

About The Chinese TV Series

In the series, Cheng, the second daughter of the Cheng family, is a warm and healing, beautiful and flower-loving guesthouse owner.

Being a boss is not easy at all, she works hard to earn a living every day, manage booking, Check-in, check out, laundry, cleaning, etc. Until one day she can’t handle the cash flow. She owes the landlord rent, and she is besieged by employees when she can’t pay the employee’s salaries. Tons of pressure is coming for her!

Everyone was besieging and asking for a salary, but she still stay calm and unrestrained to deal with everything and carried beautiful and energetic energy all day long. At last, she gets through this issue and starts making a profit.


Women’s Decompression Methods

From the series, we can see that Cheng not only has a positive and optimistic personality but also maintains a healthy lifestyle and self-disciplined workout routine in life.


Under the pressure of work and life, everyone will have their own way deal with pressure. After getting off work, they can sit quietly in the car for a while, have a drink in the bar, read, do cardio or strength exercise at the gym or at home…


Exercise after work is undoubtedly a very good decompression way. While burning fat, you can release stress as much as you like. The dopamine produced by the brain during exercise helps resist the great stress at work.


HARISON Rowing Machine W2 Workout for a Full-body Workout

HARISON rowing machine in the series is not only good in appearance but also an artifact for shaping a good figure. If you are anxious of appearance, your body shape, it is better to take action, do your best, start exercising and enjoy the moment that make you become better.


The effect of burning calories is impressive, Leg exercises can strengthen the lower body

When exercising, it involves the shoulders and back of the upper body. In addition to shaping good-looking muscle lines, it also helps to eliminate back pain. It is very suitable for people who have back muscle strain caused by work.



Of course, for busy bosses, improving endurance is the top priority. Consistent exercise eg. 3-4 times a week can improve stamina and energy for daily activities.

Women nowadays pursue a balance between work, life, and health, in the meantime, the energy will become positive and attractive.

But the process will definitely take a lot of hard work, like a beginner is definitely hard to begin the first step. Believe it or not, your every effort will be rewarded. The time and effort invested in health will definitely be beneficial to all aspects of life.

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What’s the best Chinese drama you have seen?

Do you exercise after work?


[Video]HARISON W2 Luxury Commercial Rowing Machine

What Muscles Does A Rowing Machine Work And How To Use It Correctly

Learn the Correct Way to Rest and Gain Double the Training Effect!

What Is the Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight at Home?


Rowing Machine harison fitness sale home use gym equipment Rowing Machine harison fitness sale home use gym equipment businesswomen



Olympic Champions Using HARISON TT Treadmill Training During Quarantine

Olympic Champions Using HARISON TT Treadmill Training During Quarantine

Mainland China Olympic athletes delegation’s three-day trip to Hong Kong ended successfully a few days ago and is currently undergoing quarantine in Zhuhai. During the quarantine period, our Olympic athletes did not stop training. They made full use of the limited space in their own quarantine rooms to do some physical training. The National Department of Sport also records the daily training of every Olympic athlete at Chinese Tiktok, so that we can understand the cute and interesting side of life in addition to the tenacious spirit of the Olympic athletes

HARISON TT cardio Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

During this visit to Hong Kong,  Yilu Wang/ Dongping Huang, who won the Tokyo Olympic Games  At the Tokyo Olympics, the two Olympic athletes’ words of “you beat me to death, there is no retreat”, how confident they are.

Our Olympic champion Huang Dongping is a cute, cute, and funny young lady in life. She has been using our HARISON TT treadmill to maintain daily training in her room. The National Department of Sport recorded all these lovely training daily videos at TIKTOK.

HARISON Treadmill for home







In the video, Miss Huang Dongping came for a run first and solved both the warm-up before exercise and the activation of body functions on the HARISON TT treadmill.









Then she used dumbbells to do some strength training; at last, she did some stretching training, and the amount of training in a day reached the standard.


She completes so much training in a small single room. The HARISON TT treadmill used by Miss Huang Dongping is foldable and portable also functional. HARISON TT treadmill was selected as Customer most like List and is also an app link ecological product. The treadmill can be folded 180° in half, and it is lightweight. After folding, it can be placed upright and occupies an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters. After training, it is folded and placed in a small corner which definitely saves a lot room space. The vacated space can allow Miss Huang Dongping to stretch out.

Shop HARISON TT treadmill at Harison Shop

HARISON TT cardio Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

HARISON TT cardio Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

HARISON TT cardio Exercise gym Equipment for home Workout

Scammer Websites List Which Sells Harison Fitness Products

Important Notice: Scammer Websites List Which Sells Harison Fitness Products (Updating…)

Harison fitness Important statement about customers being deceived by buying products through unofficial channels


Dear HarisonCustomers,

Recently, a lot of scammer’s website appears as attractive offer or pretend itself a large online shopping site, users are more receptive to these schemes. And they caused Harison customer transaction funds to be deceived. In order to protect the safety of your funds, Harison Fitness Team hereby declares:


1. Please use your real-name account to purchase Harison products. The only official purchase channel for Harison products is http://www.harisonfitness.com/ and Harison Amazon Store. Any other losses caused by third-party transactions shall be borne by the customer;

2. If a user has encountered a similar fraud, it is recommended to report to the police immediately, and Harison Team will fully cooperate with the investigation and provide corresponding evidence;

3. If users have any problems during the transaction of Harison products, please contact us in time.

4. Please comment below if you notice some scammer website that sells Harison Products, After we confirm it we will send a $30 coupon (no min use limited) to your email for a reward!

Online customer service: Below Red Chatbot, Customer Support: support@harisonfitness.com.


Scammer Websites: 

Harison bike X6:   https://icta.hk/news-article/throwback-thursday-the-discovery-of-penicillin/

Harison treadmill TT:  https://www.obhmarket.com/ 




Scammer Websites List Which Sells Harison Fitness Products

Your Next Steps

If you paid a scammer using a money transfer app:
  • If the app is linked to a credit or debit card, contact that company or bank first. Find out how to dispute a credit or debit card charge here.
  • Contact the company behind the app. Ask if they can reverse or stop the transfer, and make sure they know the transaction was fraudulent.
Scam Advice:


A list of MUST-HAVE Harison items. With Christmas around the corner who doesn’t love receiving gym equipment as a gift. This list includes all my staple ideas I’m obsessed with from here. I get super specific and go into why I love each product and highlight special features, functions, and fit of them.

1. Large pieces of fitness equipment generally include treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, spinning bicycles. If you buy a low-quality treadmill, which is narrow,  lightweight, shaking at high-speed mode, the noise is also loud, the user experience is very poor. Moreover, the home decoration is originally a warm atmosphere. Facing the soft sofas and beds at home, it is difficult to raise the sports fever. The treadmills purchased by most families eventually become clothes racks.


When buying a large and heavy item like a treadmill, you must consider choosing a reliable brand, to ensure after-sales is guaranteed.

In the field of home treadmills, Harison has always been a leading domestic enterprise. Focusing on home gym equipment for so many years, We also design and produce commercial equipment.

This TT folding treadmill is his mid-to-high-end model. The treadmill area is large, the machine is self-heavy, and the stability is very good.

Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine

Harison TT Tech Folding Treadmill



Training on the rowing machine can greatly reduce back pain and cervical spine soreness, which is very suitable for current white-collar workers and mobile parties. Rowing is a comprehensive exercise that requires multiple joints and multiple muscle groups to participate in resistance aerobic exercise. In the same time, rowing machine training consumes more than 30% more calories than treadmills.

The HR-W4 rowing machine is mainly cost-effective. Thanks to the benefits of HARISON FITNESS’s brand effect, we deduct a lot of promotion costs, the money is spent on the products. So the quality of this rowing machine is worth this price, so you can buy it with confidence.

Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

HARISONfitness rowing machine for home

Harison Rowing Machine W4


Spinning bikes are the easiest to use in household aerobic fitness equipment. Like the elliptical machine, it has low impact on the knees and is safe to use. Its fat reduction efficiency is second only to that of a rowing machine. It also contributes to the plasticity of the hips and legs. , The price is relatively low, it can be said to be the most cost-effective household fat-reducing equipment.

Harison B1850PRO bike , The large 35LBS flywheel  can fully meet the exercise intensity needs of the year-round fitness crowd.

The whole machine weighs 68lbs, has excellent workmanship, stable body, can hold below 280LBS, 4 positions and 4 riding modes, is ergonomically designed, and can be used by almost all people of height. In general, it is a cost-effective model. And you can buy with your eyes closed.

Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

harison pro indoor cycling bike



A fitness bench is also a relatively common home fitness “equipment”. For who don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t like to go out, a fitness chair can easily exercise at home. If there is a set of dumbbells at home, it is perfect. !

HR-609 weight bench is for full-body workout,

  • fully Adjustable and Multi-Purpose Design
  • Powder-coated steel frame, Heavy duty weight bench solid build , capacity : 800 lbs
  • Workout Bench with Preacher Curl
  •  Utility Exercise Bench with Barbell Rack

Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

HR-609 Utility Exercise Workout Bench

HARISON fitness


harison treadmill exercise bike elliptical rowing machine recumbent bike

Learn the Correct Way to Rest and Gain Double the Training Effect!

I believe that after every training
We all want to lie motionless
Because it is too tired

Is it really good to sit down or even lie down immediately after the exercise?
the answer is no.

How Does the Wrong Way of Rest Affect the Body?

1.Squat immediately after or during exercise

The blood flow speeds up after we exercise

If you sit still immediately

Blocked blood return

Insufficient blood supply to the brain can cause dizziness or fainting

2.Drink plenty of water at rest

We emphasize the timely replenishment of water during exercise
But it wasn’t irrigated
Suddenly drinking a lot of water will increase the burden on the heart
Cause physical discomfort, which in turn affects the training effect

3.Exercise interval is too long

Intermittent exercise also has a great influence on the training effect

If the rest is too long, the body will recover

Decreased central nervous system excitement

Heart rate also slowly decreases

Affect subsequent explosiveness

It takes time to restart the body

Reduce training effect

4.Exercise interval is too short

Too long is not good, too short is not good
Insufficient muscle strength recovery
Affect the training of the next group
Not strong enough to complete the action
This will also greatly reduce the effect

The Correct Way to Rest Can Enhance the Training Effect

1.Strength training breaks

The strength training set arranges the duration according to the training intensity

The general principle is that the greater the intensity, the longer the intermittent time

Divide strength training into three strengths

High intensity: Intermittent time is controlled at 2-5 minutes

Medium intensity: Intermittent time is controlled at 1-2 minutes

Low intensity: Intermittent time is generally around 30 seconds

During this time, you can move around or stand still

Don’t let the body stop immediately

2.Aerobic training breaks

Generally, aerobic exercise takes 30 minutes to achieve the fat burning effect

But we can’t ignore the pause time for the amount of exercise

When the exercise time is long, the heart rate is too fast to exceed the fat burning heart rate

The brain will be dizzy and will be dizzy

If you are running on a treadmill

Then you might fall

When exceeding the fat burning heart rate, you can rest for 30-60 seconds

Brisk walking is the most used way of rest after jogging

3.Rest after exercise

Rest after exercise is mainly stretching

Stretch to release muscle fatigue after exercise

Helps increase muscle elasticity

Reduce the soreness after training

Let the next training run normally

4.Scientific hydration after exercise

Scientific hydration is also part of the rest

Immediately after the exercise, pick up ice water and drinks

Drinking in one breath causes discomfort

It’s best to go to rest for about ten minutes
And slowly replenish the water
You should drink warm water and drink slowly in small amounts

You can drink some sports drinks during and after exercise

This can largely

Replenishes water and inorganic salts lost by the body

Let your body recover better

5.Scientific Diet After Exercise

Within 30 minutes to one hour after exercise

It’s the best time to consume energy without growing meat

Especially after high-intensity aerobic exercise

The body needs to add calories to restore energy and repair muscles

It is actually best to eat starchy food after exercise

You can get your energy back quickly

Eat some cereals, brown rice, etc., avoid cookies and cakes

Protein can repair muscles well

But also pay attention to the amount of control, preferably about 300 kcal

HARISON 407 inverson table Exercise gym Equipment for Strength Workout

FAQ: How Long And How Often Should I Use An Inversion Table?

We got most common questions from our customers about the HARISON 407 heavy duty inversion table are “how long should I invert on this machine” and “how often should I use it?”. Today we will reply these questions in details to all of you. Let’s Read more

HARISON Exercise gym Equipment for Strength Workout

What Muscles Does A Rowing Machine Work And How To Use It Correctly

As a newbie, choosing the right workout routine that works for you can be an uphill task. As a result, you may end up making simple mistakes that may not help you reach your fitness goals or worse get you injured.

Working on a rowing machine is one of the simplest but most effective work out machines to start from. Apart from that, a rowing machine works up the entire body giving you your desired results quicker.

In this article, we shall state and discuss the benefits, how to use a rowing machine appropriately and which muscles are targeted when you are rowing.

Benefits of Using A Rowing Machine

1. Rowing machines are easier and safer to use.
Rowing machines are one of the safest work out machines available. It is a low impact workout which is good for newbies and people with joint problems.
Rowing machines are easier to use. Thus lowering your chances of making mistakes while working out, making it easy to reach your fitness goals easier and faster.

2. A rowing machine provides both cardio and strength training.
A good workout routine should always include a cardiovascular workout. Rowing works up your cardiovascular system improving your energy levels.
When on a rowing machine muscles are targeted to increase their power. Growing your muscles and improving your full body strength. Allowing you to go on with your daily chores with ease.

3. Rowing burns a lot of calories.
You can burn over 300 calories every thirty minutes you work out on a rowing machine. This helps in burning excess fat and converting them into muscles. Allowing you to lose weight and have well-toned muscles in your upper and lower body.

4. Rowing is an excellent full body work out.
While rowing your lower and upper bodies are worked up. Your shoulders, core, legs, and even the back are also engaged while working out. This strengthens and helps to tone your muscles giving you a physical look to be desired.

5. It helps you build a lot of endurance.
Having endurance means that your energy levels are up and you can engage in an activity for longer without getting tired quickly. Stamina is vital if you are to participate in your daily activities comfortably.

Read more: Best Recumbent Bike Workout Machine for Lower Back Pain

How to Use A Rowing Machine Well

Just like any other ordinary fitness routines, people are prone to making mistakes, and rowing is no exception. Even though the consequences of rowing the wrong way cannot be felt immediately, they are still severe.

Simple mistakes such as not keeping your back straight or moving your arms alone are some of the common mistakes people make while rowing. Below we have explained how to row correctly to ensure that you get the right results faster when using the rowing machines.

1. The first step is to ensure that your legs are appropriately secured on the feet straps. Ensure that your legs are firm on the footplate and that you are comfortable before you start working out.
2. Once your legs are set, grasp the handlebars with both hands and get into the rowing position. With your back straight fold your knees until your body is close to the footplate.
3. Once you are ready, slowly move your feet back until they are straight. Then slowly push back the handlebars until you lean back at an angle of 45 degrees.
4. Repeat this for several reps while your back is straight.

Muscles That Are Built When Rowing on A Rowing Machine

Rowing machines have been known to build and increase power in your muscles. Below is a list of eight primary muscles that are targeted when rowing.

1. The deltoids muscles
Deltoids are muscles that cover the shoulders and helps the arms move. When rowing this part of the arm regularly moves hence strengthening the shoulders

2. Tricep and biceps.
Both of these muscles are located on the upper arm just below the deltoids muscles. These muscle groups help you do a lot of things which include pushing, lifting or pulling. A rowing machine works them hence strengthening and toning your arm muscles leaving strong and looking good.

3. Core muscles
Have you always wanted a flat stomach? Well working out on a rowing machine can help you reach that goal. Moving back and forth when rowing tones your core muscles leaving you with a flat stomach.

4. Rhomboids and the erector spinae muscles
Having a strong back makes you powerful and even less prone to injuries. While rowing your back muscles especially the rhomboids, which are located on your upper back, and the erector spinae group of muscles are strengthened.

5. The Hamstring
The hamstring muscle is located behind your thighs. They help in the movement of the legs. As you row, these muscles move regularly. Strengthening them keeping you strong and less prone to injuries.6. The glutes.
Glute muscles have a lot of importance to us. They help in providing the much-needed stability for the upper body. Apart from that having strong glute muscles help in preventing back and knee pains.

7. Quadriceps
The quadriceps muscles join the knee and the hip joints. It is made up of a group of four muscles. They help in making the lower body firm and strong.

8. The Gastrocnemius
The gastrocnemius muscles are located at the back of the lower leg. Its primary function is to help in the movement of the legs. Besides that gastrocnemius helps in pushing blood from the lower body to the heart.

In conclusion

To ensure that you get good results, ensure that you work out with intensity, eat well and drink plenty of water.

HARISON Exercise gym Equipment for Strength Workout

What Muscles Do Squats Work And How to Do Squat Correctly

Every gym rat or fitness enthusiast has one motto, never skip leg day. Even though squat is a full body work out, it primarily works up most of the lower body muscles. It is considered as a core work out routine that anyone who wants to get fit or even become stronger should try.

Squats can be done using weights or even body weight. Apart from the regular squat routine, there are various squat variations that you can engage in to help improve results and built lower muscles further.

What Are the Benefits of Squats

1. You become stronger

As stated above squats works up the entire body. As a result, your whole body is likely to become stronger, and your energy levels will rise. An athletes performance is expected to improve as a result. Engaging in daily routines for non-athletes also becomes more natural because of the extra energy one has.

2. Squats can help you shed off extra fat.

Squats are also an excellent fat burning work out. It helps burn the extra calories and converts them into muscles. This tones up the body giving you a good look which is essential for your health and confidence in general.

3. You can get a flat stomach when you squat.

Do you want a well-toned stomach? Well, squats have been known to help tone up your core muscles. To squat easily, you have to tighten your core muscles and straighten your back repeatedly as you go up and down. Over time excess fat on your stomach is shed leaving you with a flat stomach.

4. Squatting straightens your posture.

Squats help to strengthen and straighten your back. Allowing you to have a better walking and sitting posture. Because having a bad posture is known to be a leading cause of backache, squats help you to avoid constant backaches.

How to Squat Properly with Correct Posture

A good number of people do not like squatting merely because they don’t know the proper squatting technique. To have a strong lower and upper body, you have to squat correctly.
Knowing the right technique has a lot of advantages, with avoiding life-threateningInjuries being the main one. Below we are going to show you the proper squatting technique step by step.

1. The starting position for squats is standing straight with your legs apart. Ensure that you will be comfortable and stable at the same time when you start going down. 2.Look forward, push out your chest and ensure that your back is always straight.
3.Slowly start going down as if you are going to sit. Ensure that your knees do not go in front of your toes.
4.When you reach an angle of 90 degrees slowly go up. 5.Repeat this severally until you get the right technique.

Which muscles are built when doing squats?

As stated above squats strengthens the lower and upper body muscles. Below are the muscles that are strengthened when squatting and how.

1. The Hamstring.
Hamstring muscle is found behind the thighs and precisely below the buttocks. They are attached to the knee and gluteus muscle. Hamstring muscles help in the movement of legs.

2. The Quadriceps.
Found on the thighs, a quadriceps is a group of four muscles namely the rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, and the vastus medialis. These muscles join the knee and hip joints.

3. Core muscles.

Core muscles are found on the stomach. They help to protect the stomach and other internal organs from any external damage. As you move up and down when squatting the core muscles are strengthened with every movement.

4. Gluteus maximus.
Popularly known as the buttocks, the gluteus maximus is the bodies largest and strongest muscle group. It helps in the movement of the hip and the body’s stability in general.

5. The back muscles.
Scientifically known as the erector spinae, back muscles are some of the most important muscle groups. They protect and strengthen the spinal cord protecting you from injuries.

What muscles do squats work without weights?

Using body weight is one of the best and easier ways to do squats. Squatting without weights helps in strengthening your glutes, core, quadriceps and the hamstring muscles. Apart from those muscles squatting strengthens your knee and hip joints.

In conclusion

Squatting is one of the most important workouts that everyone should try to strengthen your entire body. However, when doing squats ensure that you use the right technique. If you don’t know how to squat appropriately do not be afraid to ask for help from a professional fitness trainer.
If you are a beginner, always use weights that you can manage or use your body weight until you are comfortable and strong enough to use heavy weights.

What Is the Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight at Home?

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Whenever you think about losing weight, workout equipment will come to your mind. That is a good thing and you are not the only person who thinks that way. Some people try losing weight by cutting on high-calorie or fatty foods but if you are trying to achieve the proper shape and Read more