[Video]How to Assemble HARISON 608 Weight Bench

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  1. Vanessa Fifer
    Vanessa Fifer says:

    A little disappointed. Spent the last hour trying to put this thing together.The lug nuts appear to be too small for the bolts. They don’t screw in all the way leaving the parts wobbly and loose. Is there a way to get replacements? The bench otherwise seems great. Not sure if I should return it or see if we can find the correct size nuts to secure the bolts in place.

    • Olivia
      Olivia says:

      Hi Vanessa, we are sorry for the unpleasant experience during your assembly. For the lug nuts issue, our workmate will contact you with Email and will provide the parts to solve this issue for free. No worry, We are here to help you to solve any question. Besides, You can also contact info@harisonfitness.com for detail information in case you cannot get mail. Nice day!


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