What Is the Lunk Alarm and How Do People Feel About It?

Planet Fitness is a gym for people who wants to try working out in a gym environment, without the discomfort and the judgement. While most gyms target body builders or those who want to become stronger, Planet Fitness began with a quest to target the rest of the population. The founders of the gym wanted to encourage more people to be active, by creating gym that is low cost, commitment free and aims to be judgement free. Since then, Planet Fitness has become synonymous with affordable fitness centre in a friendly environment. So the Lunk Alarm was setted by them.

Planet Fitness boasts to have a newcomer friendly environment, and some of their gyms even open twenty- four hours a day for seven days a week. They have two membership options: the $10 a month to just one home club, or $22.99 per month to access more benefits and locations. Which is cheaper than most of other 24 hours fitness gym, like the anytime fitness prices.

What Is the Lunk Alarm

It is normal to make some noise when you lift weights: the occasional weight dropping, the grunt during a lift, or even banging the weights together during a workout; but it is not an acceptable practice in this fitness centre. The centre describes a Lunk as a person who “grunts, drops weights or judges”, and it has a Lunk Alarm to alert people of the presense of a lunk. Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm is a loud siren, that draws attention and pauses workouts. The alarm also alerts gym managers to the lunk.

When a person grunts or drops weights, it draws unwanted attention, the lunk alarm will sound and the club manager will intervene. It is not always that the alarm will sound, as it can be turned off at the manager’s discretion. More often, the alarm will sound when a person breathes too loudly, grunts when lifting heavy weights, or dropping the weights too hard on the floor.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have a Lunk Alarm

When your target demographic are normal people, you would want them to feel welcome. In an attempt to make most of their clients feel less intimidated, Planet Fitness introduced the Lunk Alarm. While grunting or crashing weights will elicit some dirty looks, the Lunk Alarm will sound in their gym. To make the gym friendly to new gym- goers or novices, hence they try to discourage behaviours that make their clients uncomfortable. What is accepted as a normal practice in regular gyms is being banned at Planet Fitness. The lunk alarm is the gym’s answer to drawing attention to other people’s discomfort. Those who draw attention upon themselves, risk getting thrown out.

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Lunk Alarm Rules in Details

The definition of Lunk is described as a person who draws attention upon themselves, whether intentionally or not. When a manager detects any loud noises, the a loud siren will be played and the person who made the noise will be expelled. In keeping with their policy of being a newcomer friendly gym, Planet Fitness go all the way to prevent uncomfortable situations like grunting, or the sound of heavy weights dropping on the floow, which can intimidate members who are not proficient in weight lifting. When there is a loud grunt or bang, it is usually grounds for eviction, and there are many videos and complaints about how Planet Fitness treats those who lunk.


How Do People Feel About Lunk Alarm

Planet Fitness caters for those who are average in terms of fitness level, or the occasional gym goer who justs wants to be healthy. Hence, the lunk alarm serves to promote a more neutral environment, where people do not feel intimidated by stronger weight lifters. With a target demographic of 80% of the population, which are light to normal weight lifters, Planet Fitness’ lunk alarm works well to create a “Judgement Free Zone”. But for the heavy weight lifters, working out at the gym can mean eviction at any moment, just by breathing heavily.

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The Lunk Alarm creates a lot of contention, but it stays. Planet Fitness may be one of the cheapest fitness centres around, but it aims to please the average Joe or Jane. Body Builders or those who are more serious about their health might be more open to normal gyms, as they are more tolerant towards loud noises and grunting. As Planet Fitness says: you can do your own thing without being judged, unless it is making loud noises.


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