How Often Should I Deadlift and Tips for It

The deadlift is a weight training exercise that involves one lifting a dead weight off the ground. It is considered to be one of the most important exercises for mass building, strengthening core muscles and also developing leaner muscles. Additionally, there are more benefits accrued from doing a deadlift, that is, it helps in burning of fat, increasing bone density, helps in the production of the growth hormone and also helps in the production of testosterone.

There are different approaches one can use in doing deadlifts. These approaches vary and they include the squat, sumo-deadlift, kettlebell deadlifts and the conventional deadlift.

The sumo style of the deadlift is mostly known for being gentle on the lower back and involves holding the bar between the legs and has a wider stance. The conventional deadlift has a narrower stance compared to the sumo style deadlift and one has to position his/her hands close to the outside of the feet. Finally, there is the kettlebell style deadlift and it involves the two-handed kettlebell deadlift and the double kettlebell suitcase technique. The two-handed kettlebell deadlift involves lifting the weight with both hands in between the legs while the double kettlebell technique involves lifting two kettlebells, one on each hand.

The approach one chooses to us while performing a deadlift will have a significant approach to the amount of weight one can lift. However, this is dependent on your physical structure or the condition of your body. As one exercises their body falls into three broad types. The first body type easily adapts to high-intensity workouts and as one can maximum results as he or she trains more. The second body type involves those who cannot keep up with high volumes of work out routines but can easily adapt doing extremely heavy weightlifting but at moderate routines. Finally, there is the third body type which is for people who can do extremely high volume training. Before one decides to do a deadlift or weightlifting at large it is quite important to know what body type you are.

What muscle does deadlift work?

Deadlifts are very hip dominant, however, they work out a variety of other muscles and this is from performing the different variations of the deadlift. These variations include the deficit deadlift, the standard deadlift, deadlift rack pulls, the sumo deadlift, and lastly the Romanian deadlift. All these variations are slightly different from each other but all work for the different muscle groups.

Some of the muscle groups that the deadlift works are the gluteus maximus(simply the butt) and the hamstrings which work for the extension of the hip joint. The deadlift also works the quadriceps so as to be able to extend the joint on the knee. The adductor Magnus is another muscle worked on which helps in stabilization of the legs. Other groups of muscles worked are the core musculature and the grip strength which help to stabilize the spine as well as prevent the spine from rounding itself respectively.

Other than the group of muscles worked on there are also individual muscles that are worked on such as the biceps, flexor digitorium profindus on the forearm and also the torso. The torso muscles include both those at the front and the back and include rectus abdominis, iliocostalis, latissimus dorsi, levator scapulae, longissimus, abdominal extended oblique muscle among others.

How often should you deadlift?

There is no perfect answer to this question since we all are different and our bodies respond quite differently. Some of the key factors that affect the frequency of doing a deadlift are how well one recovers as well as how one feels. How well one recovers will depend on your nutrition, how well hydrated you are, your genes and your health at large. If you have recovered well and feel good at the same time you can hit the gym and continue with your routine workout.

Additionally, it is important to know that deadlifting is a very difficult task for your body so you should consider your body type as well as your experience at the gym, that is if you are a beginner how long you should rest before undertaking another weight lifting session.

More tips for doing deadlift better

As you do your deadlift it is important to put on a belt so as to support your back. Additionally, it is important to mix deadlift with other exercises so as to ensure even development of the body. For beginners, they should not try heavyweights that they cannot manage but they should simply start with small weights and slowly grow into heavy lifting.

Final words

In conclusion, there is no other weight lifting exercise as the deadlift. This is because it involves the movement of the full body and uses a lot of body mass. Start small and be consistent and with the time you will able to reap from your hard work.

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