How to Do Clean and Press Correctly and Its Benefits

Clean and press is an exercise involving complex body movement and can be performed in different variations and with various pieces of equipment such as the kettlebell, barbell, long bar and dumbbell. This technique and movement require a lot of practice, hard work, and skill to master. However, the rewards that one gets from practicing barbell clean and press regularly are worth the energy and effort. It’s an incredible exercise and helps to stimulate multiple muscles in the body and increases your power and energy levels.

Barbell Clean and Press Muscles Worked

The clean and press involve a complete body movement that works the upper and lower body, the core and muscles. The muscle groups are the ones that are majorly targeted during the exercise. The muscles worked during the exercise include the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders. This is a total body exercise movement that can be performed for both strength and hypertrophy. This lift requires a lot of endurance and strength. It also allows the building of cardiovascular, muscular and stamina endurance.

Benefits of Barbell Clean and Press

Total body power and strength

The clean and press are one of the most sophisticated exercises and movements and one can build power, strength and general athleticism. The exercise allows for high amounts of loading, challenges every muscle in the body and enables one to acquire power, strength and neutral control. The barbell clean and press movement is significant since it enhances athleticism and optimal fitness.

Muscle growth

Heavy barbell clean and press body movement will help in building and increasing the size of your muscles. Compound exercises are known by most trainers to increase and build muscles in the body. These exercises involve movements or exercises that work out more than one joint in the body and enhance the working together of multiple muscle groups in the body. The clean and press is the ultimate compound exercise and combines 2-3 other complex exercises into one. The power clean combines the upright row and deadlift while the overhead press is known best for the pressing movement in the upper body boosting the growth of bigger arms, chest, and shoulders.

Increases Athleticism

Clean and press movements are beneficial to athletes since it enables them to run faster, jump higher and have great potential in athletics with their power, strength, and fitness. The movement also increases motor and muscular development of an athlete specifically during training thus enhancing their optimal performance.

Metabolism Boost

The movement or exercise also requires lots of energy thus increasing the metabolism rate rapidly. More muscle movement through the workout proportionately increases the rate of metabolism in the body. The workout hits all the main muscles in the body and results in excessive consumption of oxygen after the exercise. The high increase in metabolic rate also enhances the loss of excessive fat in the body.

How to Do Clean and Press Correctly

To perform the clean and press movement properly, you need to stand with your knees bent and in between your arms. The knees should be shoulder-width apart and elbows should be flared out. The movement begins with a flat back just like in deadlift, bent knees, bent hips, arms completely extended grabbing into the bar and bar close to the shins. Then grip the bar with both hands and should be a bit wider than the width of the shoulder while shoulders sitting a bit over the bar. Initiate the lift by stretching your knees and this begins the upward movement of the bar. When the bar passes the knees, triple extend the hips, knees, and ankles. During this process simultaneously shrug the shoulders to control the bar into the proper finishing position.

In Conclusion

The clean and press movement is a very important exercise and has been linked to numerous health benefits and advantages. Powerful hip extension as a result of the exercise has been linked to benefits in sporting activities such as tackling, sprinting, increased output in running and jumping abilities which enhance athletic performance. Movements such as clean, squat and deadlift are part of an athletic training program and fitness which incredibly enhances power and optimal strength abilities. It is also very important to take ample rest between sets to help reduce the risks of injuries and any form of break down. It is also vital to ensure increased technique and control during this movement to avoid any risks of injuries and poor movement while moving the objects.

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