How To Protect Your Knees When Doing Exercise

  1. Tiptoe Feet Squat

Feet shoulder-width apart
Stand on tiptoe for 10 seconds

Then bend your hips and sit back, hold for 10 seconds and then recover

2. Squat

Squat is a very good exercise

You can use it in your usual exercise

Not only exercise the thigh muscles

Can also activate the lower limbs well


3. Lunge Squat

Squat with one foot in front and one foot behind

Keep your upper body straight and stable

4. Sideways Squat

Stand with feet wider than shoulders

Turn your body while squatting

Make your body do side lunges to the left and right

This set of actions is suitable for activation before various aerobic exercises

Such as running, elliptical exercise, spinning, etc.

Activate the ankle, knee and hip joints

Achieve preheating effect

Protect the meniscus in the knee joint

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