Learn these few ways to take care of yourself in your old age!

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Many people in the elderly life feel the body is not as good as before. One reason is that in the young time there is too much work and the body does not get timely rest; two reasons are that in the old age, the body did not pay attention to good health, so in the old age, the body will appear with a variety of small problems. Our body is like a machine, which needs to be used regularly to avoid rust but also learned to maintain to extend the period of use. Here are a few common ways to take care of your health. Hurry up and give them to the elderly at home!

01Drink a glass of warm water in the morning

Water is the source of life, and we often hear things like drinking more water and drinking warmer water. Drinking water may seem like a small thing, but drinking water regularly does have great benefits for our body. As we age, the water content of the cells in our body will gradually decrease; the ratio gradually decreases, and every ten years, the body will lose about 3 liters of water. Every day before getting up on an empty stomach, drink a cup of about 300–500 ml of warm boiled water. You can timely replenish the water lost at night, activate our stomach and intestines, accelerate bowel movements, and help discharge hangovers. At the same time, you can also dilute the body’s blood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the middle-aged and elderly.

02Sitting for a few minutes in the morning

People in their middle-aged and elderly years get up very carefully because, after a night’s sleep, our limbs are in a state of weakness and cannot make the state, so you cannot wake up immediately out of bed activities because it is easy to appear that the body’s center of gravity is not stable, leading to the phenomenon of falling. People who quickly get up are also prone to cardiovascular and other diseases. It is recommended to wake up in bed for a few minutes, so that the brain can stay awake enough to wake up the limbs; sit in bed for 3-5 minutes, so that the rest of the body can adapt to the state of activity; wait until enough time has passed to wake up; and then slowly move the limbs, craning the neck, stretching upward a few waists, twisting, and other light exercises, to promote the body’s blood circulation.

03Foot soak before bedtime

Before going to bed, boil a pot of hot water, adjusted to the appropriate temperature. The water level can be dipped to the ankles for a comfortable soak for 10–15 minutes, removing the day’s fatigue. Soaking your feet can promote blood circulation in the body. Soak your feet in winter and then go to bed; your feet are no longer cold. Foot soak can effectively stimulate the meridians and points on the feet so that the body relaxes. “Cold from the feet: feet are also particularly vulnerable to cold parts, and foot soak can dispel the body’s cold.

04Moderate training. Massage points

In people of middle age, limbs are no longer as flexible as before, and if not often exercised, limbs will slowly degrade, resulting in poor mobility. It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people get up and move their muscles moderately, especially the head. You can use a wide-toothed comb to slowly comb the head, massage head acupoints, gently scrape the upper orbital area with your fingers, do a set of eye exercises, and move their wrists, ankles, and other joints.

Above is our introduction of several health methods, in addition, the most important thing for middle-aged and elderly people is to maintain a healthy state of mind, optimistic view of the problem, a good state of mind, people will be young.

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