Mothers-to-be look over, long fetus does not grow meat, should eat like this

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In a woman’s life, pregnancy is a very unforgettable and critical life experience. After pregnancy, both themselves and their families will become very important in order to make the fetus develop better, especially the elders of the family. Following the ancient tradition, always try to stew tonic and do food for the mother-to-be tonic. However, often the tonic is overdone, resulting in excessive obesity in the mother-to-be, and fetal development is too large, resulting in difficulties in childbirth.

01Conventional wisdom should be changed

Many expectant mothers have this experience, in fact, already eaten enough, but the family will still persuade to eat more. In fact, this concept is wrong, in the process of pregnancy, pregnant women should be controlled in the weight gain of about 25 pounds to be a reasonable range.

02What should I eat when I’m pregnant? How to eat?

Expectant mothers are a special group; we need to pay more attention than usual to the diet. What should be pursued is a reasonable combination of nutrition, rather than trying to eat more; eat everything.

(a) Supplement high-quality protein

Protein not only improves the mother-to-be’s nutrition and immunity but also constitutes the main source of fetal organs and tissues. While rich in high-quality proteins, it also promotes the development of the baby’s brain and bones. Especially after mid-pregnancy, which is a critical period for the development of the baby, the intake of quality protein can be increased appropriately.

(b) Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients for the functioning of our body. The importance of vitamins during pregnancy is known to mothers-to-be as compared to folic acid; after all, many pregnant women start preparing folic acid during the preparation for pregnancy. Since many expectant mothers think that meat dishes are more nutritious and neglect the importance of vegetables, therefore, in the daily diet, you should increase the intake of vegetables. For example, green vegetables, radish, winter melon, and other vegetables contain a large number of vitamins and minerals, which is conducive to the development of the baby.

(c) Calcium and iron supplementation are important.

After entering mid-pregnancy, the fetus will develop rapidly. At this time, the fetus has nutritional needs, and many mothers-to-be will experience anemia and calcium deficiency. The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency, and for babies, iron deficiency may cause preterm delivery. The same fetal development of calcium demand is also very large; at this stage, you can eat more dairy products, spinach, kelp, a moderate amount of animal offal, and so on.

(d) Eating fruits should be controlled

Both the old man and the mother-to-be think that eating more fruits is good for the baby. This subjective factor is correct, but can not eat without restraint. Because the fruit contains a lot of sugar, eat too much, energy consumption does not turn into fat accumulation in the body, in addition will cause pregnant women’s high blood sugar, or worse, will trigger diabetes during pregnancy, easy to cause the mother-to-be in the process of production of more risk.

To summarize: Overall, it is important to have a scientific mix of nutritional intake during pregnancy, but not to overeat without restraint. In addition, the mother-to-be should also pay attention to the importance of exercise. In short, keep a happy mood + scientific diet + reasonable exercise is the key to long fetus not long meat.

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