Not getting pregnant for a long time? It may be due to insufficient corpus luteum

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Many girls are infertile for a long time, there are menstrual disorders, shortened menstrual cycle, heavy and dripping menstruation, thin lining, dry and yellow skin, lack of passion, weakness, abdominal pain and even habitual miscarriage, we should consider whether it is not luteal insufficiency. We are all relatively unfamiliar with the “corpus luteum”, what is it, and how we should regulate it, we will talk about it in detail.

01What is the corpus luteum?

Normally, after ovulation, a hematoma is formed, which after a few days turns yellow and is therefore called corpus luteum. It is actually a “cell mass” formed by the remaining follicles and other cellular tissues after ovulation. It secretes the natural hormone progesterone. The corpus luteum is responsible for the endocrine function of the ovaries and is the main source of estrogen and progesterone after ovulation.

02What causes luteal insufficiency

After ovulation, the luteum is underdeveloped, does not produce enough progesterone, or degenerates prematurely, resulting in a decreased secretory response from the endometrium. The incidence of luteal insufficiency in women of childbearing age is about 3-10%. Insufficient or incomplete corpus luteum function is detrimental to embryo implantation, and even if the embryo does implant, biochemistry may occur.

03How to regulate luteal insufficiency

(i) Prompt medical attention:

Hospitals will usually provide direct luteal support, HCG injections; progesterone supplementation; and promotion of follicular development, depending on the circumstances. Inflammation is dealt with before pregnancy, with anti-inflammatory treatment, suppression of inflammatory factors, and vigilance during preparation for and pregnancy as well.

(ii) Food regulation:

① Intake of black beans as well as other soy products is recommended. Usually can drink some black beans made of soy milk, tofu and other foods, rich in progesterone and plant hormones, and easy to absorb and digest.

② recommended intake of peanuts, hazelnuts and other nuts, containing a large number of phospholipids, can effectively improve the quality of the body, but also can play a role in maintaining the skin.

③ can often eat some kiwi, figs, hawthorn, strawberries and other foods, can promote the secretion of estrogen in the body, regulate the endocrine, so that the body is more healthy, maintenance of the ovaries.

(c) Moderate exercise:

Girls with luteal insufficiency still need to do some exercise to improve their physical fitness and promote the function of the corpus luteum. But when exercising, you must pay attention to the difficulty and time of the exercise, and prohibit too intense exercise.

Appropriately reduce the amount of exercise. You can choose exercises that are performed daily and are easy to adhere to. For example, fast walking, jogging, yoga exercise, simple aerobics and so on. Be careful to reduce the amount of exercise and exercise time, relax, slow down, appropriately reduce the amount of exercise, play a role in relaxing the muscles, stretch the body, and appropriate sweating can be.

Choose low to medium intensity exercise. In the process of exercise, you can speak, but can not sing, is belong to the medium intensity of exercise. Especially belonging to the menstrual period is not recommended for jumping type of exercise, but also to avoid the inverted position in yoga, do not overdo strength training, so as not to increase abdominal pressure.

Finally, a small reminder, women should pay more attention to care for themselves. To pay attention to develop a good living environment, avoid overwork, while strengthening nutrition, maintain a good state of mind, do not eat hot and sour and stimulating food, drink more water and eat less fried food, maintain a good mood.

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