Preventing high blood pressure starts with a healthy diet~

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At present, China’s patients affected by hypertension affected by hypertension disease, and still to 10 million per year growth rate in the increase in the number of cardiovascular deaths, more than half of the number of deaths are related to hypertension. Hypertension can be said to be a wider range of national health impact on the invisible killer, to prevent hypertension disease, the situation is grim, in our daily life, can be from the table, from changing the diet.

Chinese cuisine is profound, in our traditional culture, “food therapy” occupies a large part. At present, all kinds of health restaurants in the catering market is very hot, dietary health has also become a topic of discussion, how can we improve our diet in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, how about starting from the following points.

01A bag of milk a day

We have noticed in our lives that Europe and the United States are much fitter than we are. This is related to the fact that they began to drink milk in the early 20th century. Currently, our 00s, height began to generally increase, but also with the modern society to live well, pay attention to the daily milk supplement. Milk is rich in nutrients, and a variety of nutrients can ensure that our daily life needs. For the prevention of high blood pressure, the richness of calcium plays a key role. WHO recommends that people should ensure that the daily intake of 800mg, but in the traditional diet, our dining habits can only ensure that 500mg, so it is essential to ensure that a bag of milk every day. If some friends have lactose intolerance, then you can switch to yogurt.

02No more than 250 grams of carbohydrates

Each person’s exercise or consumption is different, appropriate adjustment of carbohydrate intake is necessary, here 250g intake is the average person a day required intake, if the labor is particularly large, or exercise than the average person a lot of friends, you should properly increase the amount of carbohydrate intake. 250g of carbohydrates is equivalent to 300g of staple food. This data shows that we need to eat less staple food in our daily life, do not eat too full. Especially office workers, sedentary people, usually less exercise, or diabetic groups, control the intake of carbohydrates, to control the body’s own blood glucose, blood lipids, blood pressure are good, can better prevent and control the “three highs”. In daily life eating habits, breakfast and Chinese food can be eaten more, to the dinner will be appropriate to reduce the staple food, reduce late-night snacks.

03Eat more high quality protein

Protein is a nutrient that the body needs, and the milk mentioned earlier contains a lot of it. For the prevention of high blood pressure, it is very important to choose high-quality proteins. Currently, fish protein is the most suitable for the body’s needs, in addition to soy products in the plant protein is also quite important to the body, and more easily absorbed. Meat protein try to choose red meat-based, such as lean meat, beef, lamb, etc., to avoid excessive meat fat intake. Egg white is also a common quality protein in our lives and is by far the most consumed level of protein in the country.

04Eat more roughage and fewer meals

Today’s food market is full of varieties and are dominated by fine products. Increasing the intake of coarse grains is a more frequently mentioned topic in healthy eating. Although the market business in order to enhance the taste, most of the food is very beautifully done, the taste is also very good, but the oil, sugar, salt content is generally high, if the intake of too much, it will cause a relatively large burden on our body. From the point of view of preventing high blood pressure, less oil, less salt and less sugar is more beneficial to the health of the body. And can not eat too full, you can eat more meals, with appropriate exercise, to increase our body’s own consumption, if not consume too much energy, will cause obesity, followed by a variety of “rich people’s disease”, which also includes high blood pressure.

05Eat more fruits and vegetables

For friends who are picky eaters and only love meat, pay attention. Eat more vegetables and fruits for reducing blood pressure has many benefits, the right amount of fruits and vegetables will not burden our blood pressure, on the contrary, there are many fruits and vegetables to lower blood pressure has an auxiliary effect, apples, celery and other such common vegetables and fruits are very healthy fruits and vegetables, more fruits and vegetables can also increase the dietary fiber, which helps the intestinal peristalsis, enhance the body’s metabolism.

Summary: Although the prevalence of high blood pressure is developing towards a younger age, it is still very easy to prevent and control high blood pressure as long as we eat reasonably and exercise appropriately. Keep a normal mindset and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the disease will naturally stay away from you.


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