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Treadmill indoor running, as a time-saving and convenient, and is not affected by the weather of the exercise by many people’s favor, but for those who intend to try treadmill running, treadmill purchase and use of a lot of questions. This issue pushes for the treadmill to the majority of runners to do an answer.

01Is it true that treadmills hurt your knees?

In fact, there are many reasons for knee damage caused by running, and the reaction force of the hard surface of concrete is even more likely to cause damage to the knee in comparison. The treadmills on the market today have different degrees of shock absorption. As long as one overcomes the problems of incorrect running posture, too long exercise time, too fast setting speed, etc., the use of treadmill will not have adverse effects on the knees.

02What’s the difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors

The exact feeling varies from person to person, but in general, running on a treadmill will be more effortless and relaxing than outdoors. Running on an indoor treadmill requires less effort as we don’t have to overcome wind resistance. At the same time, the elasticity and shock absorbing design of the treadmill’s conveyor belt also reduces the amount of force required by the body. Many of the treadmills on the market today also come with corresponding courses, which will also be a distraction and easier for runners who are just starting to try out long-distance running.

03Do you need special running shoes on the treadmill?

No need, the conveyor belt of the treadmill itself is elastic and softer than the outdoor ground. Running shoes that are normally used for outdoor running can be used directly on the treadmill with no problem.

04Do’s and don’ts of using a treadmill

Indoor treadmill running is much the same as outdoor running, don’t eat too much before exercise, just add some energy appropriately. It’s best to do a full warm-up before you go for a run to avoid muscle strain in the process of running. Treadmill running pay attention to grasp the rhythm, from the slow walking in the transition to running, so that the effect of the movement is the most ideal.

05How to buy a treadmill

There are several key parameters to look at when choosing a treadmill. The motor is the heart of the treadmill, and its quality is related to the treadmill’s life, smoothness, noise and so on. Generally speaking, the motor power is 1HP or 2HP, so you can choose according to your own situation. The slope has a great influence on the knee, generally 2~5° is more suitable, the entry-level treadmill does not have the adjustment function, fixed about 2.6 degrees.


Shock absorption design is very important. Effective treadmills usually use rubber shock absorption or airbag shock absorption, some manufacturers also have their own patents. Entry-level treadmills use EVA or spring damping.

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