Should I Work Out Every Other Day or Every Day?

Whether it is done regularly or every other day, exercise is an important aspect of healthy living. Exercising has a lot of benefits, for example, it helps one to keep fit, prevents diseases, boost the general mood of an individual and also helps in the management of stress and anxiety among the working generation. Furthermore, including exercise in one’s lifestyle, would ensure balance in the general mental health of the person, which would result in a happy life.


When it comes to exercising, the ultimate question is whether to do is every other day or every day. So what are the benefits of working out every other day? In this modern society we live in, it is really hard for people to fit in time for exercise in their busy schedule. However, scientific studies have shown that working out every other day has its benefits just like working out every day.

One of the pros of working out every other day is that it helps to reduce incidents of muscle injuries which occur as a result of intense regular exercise. Moreover, every other day work out will reduce exhaustion which might hinder the productivity of a working person. This type of routine exercise aids in managing weight while at the same time ensure the safety of the person. Another advantage of every other day exercise is being able to maintain a well all-round routine.


This means that the plan is flexible enough to enable a person to work on different parts of the body in different days. For instance, different work out routine can be fitted into different days, that is, one can do weight lifting on day one and switch to aerobics on day three. This will ensure that an individual exercises different parts of the body for maximum benefit.


On the other hand, regular or everyday exercise has an immense advantage to general well being and a healthy lifestyle. It is generally suitable for those individuals who have a flexible schedule in there day to day life, sportspeople and those dedicated to physical fitness. One of the main benefits of regular exercise is that it helps to keep one fit and reduce the chances of being obese. It goes unsaid that a manageable weight reduces the chances of stress and thus leads to a balanced mental state which boosts the general well being of a person. Regular work out also reduces cases of heart attack or strokes.


This is because, regular active exercises, helps to keep a persons blood pressure in check, therefore reducing the risk of heart failure. Cancer has been established as a leading death cause in this modern world, however, recent studies have indicated that regular exercise, helps to reduce the risk of getting certain cancers like prostate cancer, lung cancer and even womb and breast cancer in women. Apart from this, being active every day also helps to keep one strong. This is because regular exercise helps to strengthen an individuals bones, enhances muscle development and reduces joint-related pains.

In Conclusion

Whether one engages in every other day exercise or everyday exercise, being active has a lot of benefits to an individual. It helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduces chances of getting sick, combats illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart failure and improves the mental health of a person. Therefore exercise leads to active, happy and healthy living.

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