Weight Loss Calculators can help with Weight Control

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to lose weight whilst getting fit and healthy with it. The only problem is, is that most get disheartened part way in and give up quite frustrated with the whole process. A weight loss calculator can help to make the process a lot more appealing, fun and challenging. They can also be a great tool to help keep the pounds off once reaching an ideal body weight.


How does a Weight Loss Calculator Work?

In order to lose weight the general rule of thumb is that one has to eat fewer calories than they burn up in a day. A big problem when trying to lose weight is to find the ideal balance to suit your body type and lifestyle.

A weight loss calculator can help a person to find their optimum daily intake taking into account various factors about the individual and their daily routine/requirements. Depending on the calculator chosen some may even help a person to make some adjustments in both their routines and eating habits.

Most of the online calculators use the Mifflin St. Jeor equation which helps to calculate the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is also known as the resting metabolic rate (RMR). This calculation identifies how many calories a person would need to function properly.

To get an even more accurate calculation a good weight loss calculator will also consider the persons “total daily energy expenditure (TDEE)”. This is how much exercise they do a day some calculators go into quite a bit of detail such as how often you climb stairs, garden, carry a baby etc. TDEE is an important factor as two people weighing the same, that are the same height, age and gender usually have different daily calorie requirements. This is because the one may be more active than the other living a sporty lifestyle whilst the other is more of a family person or prefer their sport on their console.

How can they benefit you?

• A weight loss calculator helps to give a person a more accurate daily calorie intake
• It will help keep a person’s target weight in a healthier weight bracket according to your body structure and lifestyle
• The calculator will help keep your weekly weight loss goal a realistic one to work towards. Most people want to lose weight as fast as they can. This is not ideal and can actually be harmful to personal health.
• Some calculators can help a person calculate how many calories they have to burn a day to meet their weekly weight loss target.
• Most have downloadable applications, so you can keep your calculator with you on the go.
• They usually offer a weight loss plan or food plan along with your weight loss calculations.
Some Weight Loss Calculators to explore:

Scoobysworkshop.com – this is a create calculator allows the user to enter their activity level. It even has a chart with various body fat types on to help you estimate your body fat percentage. It has some great goal options to set such as the percentage of calorie or weight you think you need to cut down on to how many meals a day you eat. For those who deal with macronutrients, it has an option to input these.

NIH Body Weight Planner – this is a quick and simple body weight planner but the site on a whole has a lot of helpful tools, videos and eating options/plans to help achieve your goal.

Calculator.net – this is a good site to check out as it has the same calculator of that of Weight Watchers along with some of the basic food group points that Weight Watchers use. Although it works on points per day system these can be converted to calories. Weight Watchers is a unique concept and have some great calculators, but they are not free, and you have to join the program. This you can do both in person or online!

Will they work for you?

If you choose the right calculator for you and stick to it, you are sure to reap the rewards! But you have to remember that you get what you put in. Do not be scared to stand on that scale and be brutally honest about your weight and set achievable goals for yourself.

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