Why You Need Strength Training Machines?

You may think that strength training is just for athletes to become stronger and faster. But actually it is suitable for people who are not athletes to gain a healthier body. The strength training burns calories more efficiently than a cardio workout, which will shorten your time but gain the same result compare to long time exercise on Cardio machine. Keep reading to know why.

Target your workouts
One of the wonderful things about strength workouts is that you can target any muscle group you like. Glutes, back, biceps, you name it – you can isolate any muscle or area with a selective workout.

It’s also a cardio workout
You don’t need to kill yourself running 12 mph on the treadmill to work your heart. Doing various strength exercises not only builds muscle, but it pumps your heart.

Slows the aging process
According to research from Duke University, strength training not only maintains muscle mass that naturally diminishes with aging, but it increases our metabolism, which normally declines with age.

You get stronger
While this is somewhat of a “duh” statement, it’s important to recognize the importance of becoming stronger. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, building muscle strength makes you more resistant to injury, and building bone strength makes you more resistant to developing osteoporosis.

Body weight management
By maintaining consistent strength workouts, you maintain your body weight and dramatically reduce your risk of becoming obese or getting diabetes. Better overall health means that your life and health insurance premiums could be reduced.


Recommendation for The Strength Equipment

HARISON 408, this power tower allows you to all type of exercises. Including Pull-up, Push-up, Leg-Hip Raise, sit-up, Leg raises, Chest-expanding, Squat pulls and so on. Click here to know more.

Read more details about HARISON 408: Multifunction Power Tower Dip Station with Bench

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