HARISON 407 Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Back Pain In 2020

Inversion table is normally used by Physical therapists or Chiropractors to do traction on Spine job for patient. Because of its benefits, now inversion table has been used as a normal fitness equipment for users to get relief from back pain, relieve spine pressure, and promote blood circulation to the upper body.

With the correct usage, the inversion table can be an important machine which will contribute to your fitness. So it is necessary to get one. Now the question is how to choose a suitable inversion table machine.

In the following part, we will guide you to know the factors need to be considered about choosing the inversion machine. And some details features about Harison 407 heavy duty inversion table.

What To Consider When Buying an Inversion Table?

Note: Before buying this machine, please consult your doctor if inversion table is OK for you. Since people who have heart or circulatory conditions, high blood pressure or osteoporosis inversion therapy can be too aggressive.

Here are some more factors to consider when buying an inversion table:

Durability and Safe

It is very necessary to check the durability and safe item, then choose a good one, so that you can enjoy using it for a long time.

You can check the material of the frame, normally, the high quality material for making inversion table is heavy duty steel. The check if the machine has the safer structure. Like the double lock ratchet tooth mechanism.

When you are choosing the best quality inversion table, you should ensure that it can be able to support your weight. In most cases, a standard inversion table will support about 220 pounds of weight.

Set Up and Use

When buying the heavy duty inversion table, you will not want a machine complicate to assemble and use. You need an easy install and use, so it will save your time and increase the usage time of it.

Price and Warranty

Look at the warranty period so as to ensure that you get a good deal. Normally, the inversion table which last long to 2 years for the warranty is OK.
It is important to ensure that you get the right model for the right price. Since this machine matter to your health, so you need to check every factor as you can before buying. Here, we introduce the details of our own brand inversion table. If it is fit for you, then no hesitate to have one. This machine is well known as its high-performance and it is regard as the most value buy.

HARISON  407 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The HARISON 407 is a heavy duty inversion table that comes with many new features that set it apart from other inversion tables. Generally speaking, the Harison Heavy Duty Inversion Table is a great option to specifically treat neck pain and generally see many of the advantages of a quality inversion table. You can head to the review of Harison 407 heavy duty inversion table from www.verywellhealth.com and know more details.

Product DATA:

Height Limited: 147-196cm/4.8'-6.4'
Weight: 33kg/73lbs
Oval tube: 27.6”11.8”
WARRANTY: 3 year for the whole inversion chair, 5 years frame structure, lifetime parts.
Capacity: 300-350 lbs

Key Features

Durable table with a steel frame
Ergonomics design 3D backrest
Rubber, non-skid floor stabilizers
20- 180 degrees vertical inversion
Ankle cushions and ankle locking system
Suitable for all kinds of people

For safety, Harison 407 table provides a safety belt, secure and covered footholds, easy-access handles, a non-slip mat, and a sturdy, heavy duty steel frame. Also the true balance design. Take multiple security measures to protect you when inverting.

Allows for quick and safe selection of either the 180 degree inversion positions free.

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Frequency Ask and Answer of HARISON 407 Inversion Table

Q: Does this product easy to assemble, and how long it takes to finish?
A: This therapy table is easy to install, you can finish it within 30 minute.

Q: Is this inversion table right for back pain ? I saw someone said it’s heavy but good quality
A: Yes, it is a good quality product. I haven’t use it for back pain issue. My husband uses it for neck pain and stiffness and he swears it has helped immensely.

HARISON B1850 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The cool and fashion HARISON B1850 indoor cycling bike is an affordable and practical spin bike for home use. Whether you are beginner or advanced indoor bike enthusiast, this pro indoor cycling bike will help you get the best workout. The B1850 is a durable, quiet, smooth exercise bike that very suitable to use at home. No matter your goal is strength training, weight loss or other fitness target. It can be a wonderful partner! It’s special design with iPad holder will make your exercise interesting.

Click here to check the price of the HARISON B1850 Indoor Cycling Bike on Amazon.


Height: 44’’ (111.8cm)
Width: 19’’ (48.3cm)
Length: 47″ (119.4 cm)
Product Weight: 88lbs
Max user weight: 280 lbs


iPad holder
Reasonable price
Very sturdy
Material: 1.8MM stainless steel
Resistance: Adjustable via a small knob
Seat adjust: Horizontally and Vertically
Free water bottle and its holder
29 lbs flywheel with belt drive
Handle and seat are adjustable (4 directions)
Real-time digital monitor

Shipping and Assembly:

The HARISON B1850 will be shipped for free if you buy it on Amazon. For the installation, no worry, this home bike is very easy to install. The fly wheel and bike’s main structure come ready assembled. And customers will be provided with the assembly video which will guide them to attach the handlebar, seat, pedals and bottom support. It will take about 20 minutes or less.

What We Love About the HARISON Pro Indoor Cycle:

Reasonable Price
If you are looking for an indoor bike under $400, B1850 with its wonderful features is the good choice and will help you to have the workout jobs well done.

Special offers

iPad holder: HARISON B1850 is designed with the tablet holder, which will help users to stand the iPad or other tablet. So that users can see movies or checking other staff when exercising. Make the workout time interesting.

Water holder and its bottle are provided for free. It is very necessary to supplement during your exercise. It’s a good idea to drink several ounces of water every 10 to 15 minutes during high-intensity exercise. HARISON bike set its bottle holder on the right place, so you don’t need to get off the bike to reach the water. Very user-friendly and convenient.

Seat/ handlebars Adjustable Horizontally and Vertically

The handlebars and seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to better accommodate your body shape and riding posture. These basic features also make it possible for you to sit or stand while riding, just as you can on a road bike.

Real-time digital monitor

A Multi-functional Digital Monitor is essential for any professional exercise bikes like this one.
Making your work-out numerical is necessary to help you set up work-out plans.
It monitors time, speed, distance, calorie, RPM, ODO, scan, pulse.

Pro Saddle

The saddle is exquisite and pro designed to reduce the friction between legs and the seat while you riding on the bike, sometimes it may be a little bit compact for someone who like to sit on the bike for a long time, luckily, you will be provided with a free wider one if you need.

HARISON is a American brand which focus on providing pro and high-quality fitness products to users. This B1850 indoor bike is one of its popular items. If you are looking for a best buy bike with less money, then it won’t let you down. When comparing to other expensive bikes, B1850 have the basic functions and some other special user-friendly features, also along with the sturdy, quiet, smooth advantages which a excellent spin bike should have.

How is the review of Harison B1850 home bike from some other websites?

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Frequency Questions and Answers on B1850

Q: I am only 5 feet tall…will this fit me ok?
A: Sure, this pro spin bike is suitable for people’s height from 4.9 feet to 6.6 feet.

Q:If I can feel like riding a real cycle when using this?

A: Fully adjustable seat and handlebar perfect for flexibility, Continuous adjustable resistance gives you the experience of a real-road feeling. If you can imagine the scenery on the roadside in your mind, that will be perfect.

Q:What’s warranty on this product?
A:It is provided 1 year warranty from the day you received it.

Q: Does the bike accomidate any size ipad?
A: The size of iPad holder is about :3.74(L) x 2.17 (W), you can reference. I recommend that the iPad not be too large is better.

Q: I want to know if the spin bike is noisy?
A: It makes a soft “whirring” sound as the wheel spins and you turn the pedals. It’s not loud enough to be distracting or drown out any other sound, so you can easily listen to music, watch TV/videos, or have a conversation at a normal speaking level while riding the bike.

Q:Is this spin bike sturdy?
A:Yes! It’s very sturdy and heavy duty.

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Portable Stair Steppers: HARISON 306C+

Using the portable stair steppers can give you a great workout without taking up a lot of space in your home. Besides, a mini stair stepper can also come with a lot of additional advantages that can make your workout unique. Let’s see:

1.Low Impact
As a low impact workout machine, mini stair stepper is very suitable for the people who are looking for the easy way mode exercise. With it, you can do workout, but you don’t have to tolerance the pain as workout on high impact machine like treadmill.

2.Tones the lower body
If you persistently use the stepper machine to train, you will tone your calves, gluteal muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps. What’s more, portable steppers perfect for building lean muscle and burning fat without becoming big and bulky.

3.Helps train natural movements

Moving up an incline is a very natural action in many fitness routines. Consistently using a stepmill or stepper to workout will help train your core and allows you to hike and climb more efficiently. It also increases your overall stamina and endurance so nearly every activity throughout your day will be easier for you. Also, it’ll allow you to dramatically run up office stairs at a quicker rate.

4.Save Time

The portable stair steppers allows you to workout when watching TV or do some office work too. Because it just need your legs standing on it, but your hands are free up, you can do something you like. It will save you some time.

After knowing the benefits of the small stepper machine, you may want to know which small stepper machine is a perfect choice. I’d like to introduce an value buy one: HARISON 306C+

The Factors of HARISON Portable Stair Steppers

Heavy-duty steel construction

Heavy-duty steel construction to stand the test of time, and the everyday use of intense workouts. The max user weight of this HARISON mini stair stepper is up to 220lbs. With its oversized slip-resistant footplates, you can do the up and down workout without any worry.

LCD computer

LCD computer makes the sport data simple and easy to read.

The Adjustable Resistance

Adjustable resistance is very necessary, because you can use it to set the easy workout mode or the aggressive way. And very useful for people to set the resistance to their level and continue at that pace indefinitely. HARISON 306C+ allows you to do that.

Massage Pedal

This machine are designed with massage pedal. If you stand on it without shoes to exercise, it will help you to promote blood circulation when exercising. It is a difference and great experience.

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment knob lets you to set the step motion height, for either short bursts or long steps.

Also check HARISON Mini Stepper on Amazon

Frequency Questions and Answer

Q: Does this machine come with a warranty?
A:Yes, one year warranty card coming with package.

Q: Is this stepper a swing stepper or up & down stepper ?
A: It’s an up & down stepper

Q:Can a mini stepper help with weight loss?
A: I used this stepper in conjunction with diet and walking and lost 25 pounds in 2 months.

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