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HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Review Pros and Cons

HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Harison-fitness-squat-stand-48-1-768x1024

Review Pros and Cons

The Harison Fitness adjustable squat stand provides a lot of value for the price that it is offered at. It features 10 different height settings for the uprights, and it can hold up to 650 pounds of weight. Squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, dips, and other workouts may be performed thanks to the uprights’ ability to be modified.


About HR-30812 Squat Stand

The weight capacity of the movable spotter arms is 400 lbs, and they have five different settings to choose from. They are there to rescue you in the event that you get caught at the bottom of a workout. The breadth of the squatting stand may be modified to one of ten different settings, providing you with a great deal of flexibility while also making it simpler to store.


Additionally, it features a weighted plate cushion on every side that is suitable for use with weight plates of both regular and Olympic dimensions. One hundred seventy-five pounds of force may be accommodated by every weight plate sleeve.


How did the machinery feel when it arrived at homes


Although enthusiasts are aware that squat stands do not get a lot of love in this community, many still wanted to submit a review on the stands that are located in my home gym.


A lot of people wanted a piece of machinery that could easily take at least 400 pounds, was movable, could fit in a tiny place, and was affordable, so there are a plenty of people who went ahead and bought them. These fulfilled all of those requirements completely.



Nothing out from the ordinary about the assembly or the package. Arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, and each component was individually wrapped with bubble wrap. The assembly process took around half an hour for each stand, but that was because I wasn’t very efficient while separating the individual components before putting them together. The assembly process consists of nine bolts and the foot caps.

Pros and cons




  • Rated to hold 700 pounds
  • J-cups with plastic liners are included in the package.
  • Very reliable even when a weight of 25 pounds is placed on every stand (has a weight horn on the back of the rack).
  • If they need to be relocated, they are light and simple to carry.




  • Did not provide other attachment like the power cage( HARISON would update a pro version for more  at the next squat stand)




The Harison Fitness squat stand is one that I prefer using overall. Because it is adjustable in height and breadth, it may serve as a base for a variety of activities. Does not need a large amount of space, which is an essential requirement for the majority of home gyms. In addition to that, there is space available for storage.

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HARISON Weight Bench For Best Full Body Workout

HARISON Weight Bench: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People

Thanks to some innovative designs and competitive pricing, working out at home has become not only the desired option but a more realistic one. In times past, big, heavy pieces of equipment took up lots of space, were extremely hard to put together, and if it came with accessories, they were more trouble than their worth. Fast forward to today and working up a good sweat and a solid pump at home is all the more attainable. With high-quality, full-body machines like the Harison Weight Bench, space is no longer an issue holding you back, and thanks to their ergonomic design, they’re extremely easy to use and install.




Fully-Adjustable Weight Bench – You’ll be able to target all muscle groups at different angles with this multi-purpose design which allows you to work at various degrees of decline, flat, and a bench incline. This bench has six backrest positions and five-seat positions.

Powder Coated Steel Frame – With the capacity to support up to 800lbs. this heavy-duty weight bench has a solid build meaning it will last you for years to come.

weight bench for home HARISON fitness
Preacher Curl Accessory – The priest pad is made of high-grade foam padding to provide the best comfort and support possible. It’s securely locked into place and can be adjusted to your height or easily removed when not being used.

Utility Exercise Bench with Barbell Rack – You can add or take off weight quickly and move on to the next set with the ability to fit up to six plates.

Leg Extension and Curl Machine – With dual positioning, you’re getting two machines in one, allowing you to perform both quad and hamstring movements.

Secure Lock – Provides a sturdy and safe user experience.

Compared With Other Brands

Let’s compare the weight capacity, backrest adjustment, full-body capabilities with added accessories, and cost between some similar brands.

1.HARISON 609 Weight Bench – capacity is 800lbs. with 6 positions for the backrest adjustment. Includes preacher curl attachment and lower body piece giving full body capabilities, and priced at $199.
2.Marcy 6 Position Bench- capacity is 600lbs. with 6 backrest positions. No attachments are included but it has a built-in lower body piece and is priced at $129.99.
3.FLYBIRD Weight Bench- capacity is 700lbs., with 7 backrest positions, no attachments, or lower body capabilities, priced at $239.99.
4.Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench- has a 600 lbs. capacity, 6 backrest positions, no attachments, no leg extension and curl machine, priced at $349.99.


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People


HARISON 609: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People

User reviews show this brand felt more sturdy and therefore safer than other brands during use. The last thing you want to worry about is a wobbly weight bench when you lift weights above your head.

When looking at the quality of craftsmanship in this bench, compared to others, you can clearly see the detail of thick, quality padding allowing you to perform set after set without worrying about pain from thin, low-grade foam.

When deciding to go with the HARISON 609 exercise bench, you’re getting what you pay for and more. The quality, ease of use, and sturdiness make this weight bench one you can workout on and grow with.

With a fully adjustable bench, you’ll be able to target your upper, middle, and lower chest muscles, target all three deltoids when working shoulders, and easily perform leg extensions and hamstring curls as a single set or superset with quick weight adjustments.

You can hit both bicep heads with the addition of the preacher curl, work your back at different angles, perform tricep dips, hip thrusts, and more. It truly is a full-body workout bench with endless possibilities, minimal space at an affordable cost.


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Best Inversion Tables Benefits Health- Harison Fitness

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People

What is the best inversion table for big people? Here we HARISON list some points, lets check it out.



What is the best inversion table?  An inversion table is a fitness product wherein you practice Inversion Therapy
Simply put, it makes you execute the process of getting therapeutic benefits of hanging by your legs, ankles, or feet from an inverted angle or entirely in an upside down position.

The inversion table is one medium to gain spinal traction wherein you temporarily create space between vertebrae that are customarily smudged together.


People are always 99 percent of the time upright in daily life, in keeping with the earth’s gravity pull.

But our internal organs and blood circulatory system suffer because we easily become susceptible to cardiovascular disorders, gastroptosis, and other diseases which are a result of our constant uprightness.

With regards to inversion table benefits, gravity remains the same, but the pressure and tension on our joints, organs and muscles change. The inversion eliminates and weakens inter-articular pressure. The relaxation of our muscles also means that there are positive effects on our control of our pain for our neck and back. We also have better health management if we already have sciatica and arthritis.




Do you want to avail of the best inversion table in the market? The Harison 407 Inversion Table is now available for you in its updated version.

Harison has a heavy duty integrated steel frame which makes its back inverter stretcher very stable and durable.
A safety belt, protective pedal cover and cap, non-slip nuts, sponge foot cover and safe handles are double security features which make Harison your best candidate for your spine and back health.

HARISON 407 inverson table Exercise gym Equipment for Strength Workout


You avail the benefit of longer lumbar support because of the safety belt. This is double protection for your own safety.
You can adjust the safety belt according to your own body proportions. This ensures that you will not flop down or slip.






Harison 407 Inversion Table has a unique structure design comprising a triangle frame which has true balance. This makes it super sturdy and stable to fully fit your waist curve, relieve your neck, back and pain pressure.









You can conveniently adjust to 4 different angle position, even a fully 180 degree vertical inversion with the Harison. This amazing inversion table benefits you by exercising your neck and back, the strong possibility of losing weight.

It is also recommended for anti-gravity beauty training because it releases pressure and lets you avoid the need for pharma painkillers and provides you with a good night’s sleep.




You can inverse from Flat Sturdy Inversion, Slight Inversion, 60 degree Inversion and finally, Full Vertical Inversion, when you have gotten used to the Harison 407 Inversion Table.



Harison has high quality memory foam for the 3D backrest which makes it stand out. The ergonomic design makes it comfortably fit your waist curve to release pressure and protect your spinal and back health.

You will also be provided with a safety belt and ankle holders while you are inverting for maximum safety. You will feel no pinch or pain occurring on your ankles while inverting.

You also avail the benefits of full loop foam-covered handlebars which enable you to easily return to the upright position.

The Harison 407 Inversion Table has the capacity to carry the weight of extra-large people up to 350 lbs heavy.




The Harison 407 Inversion Table is one of the few products in the market which has a safety belt. Its backrest is very comfortable because of the high-quality foam. Your feet will be reinforced with an adjustable roller with premium quality foam wherein you will not feel any discomfort.

On the other hand, the Teeter EP-560 is not provided with a safety belt but has ergo embrace ankle cups and also an adjustable foot platform to secure your feet and ankle.

The Harison has gears that make it convenient for you to achieve a full 180 degrees and 4 other inversion angles. It also has handlebars which makes it easy for you to control the inversions. It is also easy to assemble.

The Teeter has a manual that instructs on its assembly. Once assembled, you strap your feet on the foot pedal but without the added protection of a safety belt.


Like the Harison 407, the Ironman Gravity also has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It has an extra-wide tubular steel frame. On the other hand, the sturdy and unique triangular frame of the Harison 407 has true balance and has much better heavy load performance (compared to a normal triangular design).

It has also extra-long foam-covered handles which give extra grip when you want to return to the upright position. Just like the Harison 407.

But then again, no safety belt. That’s what sets apart the Harison 407 in terms of extra protection features.

More than 20 years of inversion table experience assures you that you get what you pay for when you purchase the Harison 407 Inversion Table.


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Sourcing: https://relaxtheback.com/blogs/news/inversion-table-benefits

HR E1507Plus Light Commercial Intelligent Elliptical Trainer

Useful Suggestions for Choosing Best Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine can be said to be an aerobic fitness equipment for the general public. There is no limit to the applicable people. You can use it regardless of your age, fat or thin!

In short, it is suitable for all ages, fat and thin.

When facing with many elliptical machines, do you know how to choose the suitable one for yourself?

In this post, we will show you how to choose the best elliptical machine for workout.

Tip 1: Flywheel

The elliptical machine has two designs for everyone to choose from, one is the front flywheel, and the other is the rear flywheel. Many people think that the front flywheel must be better than the rear flywheel, but it is not absolute. Both have their own advantages.

The front flywheel is more difficult in design and production process, and it performs better in stability, safety and sports effects.

The rear flywheel has a relatively simple structure, light weight, small footprint, easy maintenance, and easier movement.

Tip 2: Flywheel Weight

The elliptical machine does not need to rely on the inertia of the flywheel to drive. The weight of the flywheel is mainly to increase the stability of the fuselage.

If the flywheel is too light, there will be a feeling of floating when stepping on it. Although the flywheel with too much weight can increase the stability and user experience of the elliptical machine, its production cost is also high, the price will be more expensive, and the floor space will be larger. many.

For the average person, a weight of 5-8kg is sufficient. It is too light to step on under 5kg, and it cannot achieve the effect of daily exercise.

Most of the flywheels of 8kg-12kg are front flywheels. As a symbol of mid-range elliptical machines, they can satisfy most home users. This kind of elliptical machines can burn fat quickly and is more suitable for most people.

Flywheels above 12kg, the standard for commercial elliptical machines, are generally common in gyms, and of course the sports performance is even better.

Tip 3: Stride

It is the size of one step taken by one person. The stride size is related to the exercise effect.

Large strides are closer to the effect of running, and the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is better for reducing fat.

Small strides have a smaller relative movement range, but you can exercise your body more, which can improve the buttocks and leg lines. If you want a large amount of exercise, you must extend the exercise time to achieve the desired exercise intensity.

Generally, the stride of the elliptical machine is between 30-52cm, or even larger, and you can choose according to your own sports needs.

The stride of an elliptical machine is related to the size of the flywheel. The larger the flywheel, the larger the stride. Generally, the stride of the front flywheel is larger, and the stride of the rear flywheel is smaller.

In addition to the parameters of some main components we need to pay attention to, the overall design, workmanship, painting, appearance and other qualities of the elliptical machine are also important factors that we consider.

Good product design is reasonable, ergonomic, and beautiful in appearance. It is the coexistence of appearance and strength. It is smooth and stable to use, and the more you use it, the more you like it; while the poor quality product is rough in workmanship, and the more you use it, the more awkward it makes people want to exercise.

Why Choose HARISON Elliptical Machine? 

  1. FSR connecting rod structure, better shock absorption effect

The elliptical machine allows the exerciser’s footsteps to run along an elliptical trajectory. During the entire operation, the force feedback from the pedal to the exerciser must be consistent to ensure smooth and comfortable movement.

In order to achieve this goal, the elliptical machine adopts the FSR linkage structure design, which consists of four support arms. During the movement, the upper arm and the lower arm can rotate at the same time. This design allows the body’s force to be evenly distributed throughout the movement track The upper part reduces the stress on the joints and has a good protective effect on the knees.

  • Magnetic control system, the core component of elliptical machine

The magnetic control system on the elliptical machine is the key to achieving the best exercise effect.

Every step taken during exercise will drive the electromagnetic system of the elliptical machine. Pedal movement drives the balance flywheel to run, and the flywheel is connected to a motor to provide resistance for movement. The precision and smoothness of the magnetron resistance determines the movement effect of the elliptical machine.

  • High-precision parts to ensure the durability of the elliptical machine

The parts in the main joint must have sufficient strength and precision to support the high-intensity movement of the elliptical machine. Any wear of any part inside will make the elliptical machine loose. The high-precision and high-strength parts can withstand high-intensity exercises, making the elliptical machine last longer.

  • Simulation testing, the only way to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine

Before the elliptical machine leaves the factory, the simulation test is an important indicator to check whether the machine is qualified. During the test, adjust all slope and resistance to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine.

Such a rigorous production process can achieve the safe, comfortable and durable performance of the HARISON elliptical machine.

HARISON fitness inversion table

Teeter Hang ups Inversion Table VS Harison Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Inversion therapy has been used for ages to treat a lot of ailments. With back and neck pains being the most common ones. Inversion therapy has also been known to promote the flow of blood around the body.

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harison fitness 415 abs core exercise wheel for sale

How Is the HARISON HR-415 AB Roller Wheel for Firm Abs

Ab roller wheel is the fitness equipment which allows you to exercise the abs while utilizing other muscles for an intense full-body workout. It is the portable and simple to use machine. Such as HARISON HR-415, it is offered with other extra equipment for your better home workout experience. Read more

HR R3800Track Luxury Commercial EMS Electromagnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Elliptical vs Recumbent Bike

Recumbent elliptical trainer

A recumbent elliptical trainer or a cross-trainer helps in doing a total body workout in a seated position and is very comfortable. It mimics the movement that occurs during running. It has a longer ellipse pedaling motion with low impact. It has a small range of Read more

How Is the Harison X6 Upright Exercise Bike

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HARISON B8: Best Recumbent Bike Workout Machine for Lower Back Pain

“I don’t feel good with my knees after 1 month running outside to lose weight. Now I am looking into purchasing an equipment which is friendly to my knees when exercising. It will be better if it wont cause any other pain when using it. Any suggestions are welcome. Will kindly check and think about it.”

If you are also looking for one of this machine, then recumbent exercise bike is your best choice. This machine will support your body and transfer all your body weight from your joints and knees onto itself.

Recumbent bike give people the safe and painless workout. It is the gentlest of all exercise bikes. Calorie burn is less intense than it is with upright stationary bikes, but the best recumbent stationary bikes can still be excellent tools for weight loss. They’re also useful for rehabilitation, muscle toning and cardiovascular workouts.

Today let’s get to know one of the best recumbent exercise bike. The HARISON B8, this is our new design product, which aims at helping more people to get an ideal workout.

HARISON B8 Recumbent Stationary Bike

HARISON B8 Recumbent exercise is an excellent bike machine for you to shed unwanted pounds and increase cardiovascular endurance without pains and stress on your joints and back. Let’s start to know the details of it.


Basic Data:

User Weight Capacity: 350lbs
Product Weight: 77lbs
Assembled Size: 60.24 x 21.65 x 51 inches
Resistance Levels: 1~14 levels
Display: LCD display
Seat: Comfortable Oversize Padded Seat

Heart Rate Monitor: Side Armrest
Bluetooth Connectivity






Key Features

Magnetic Control System allows you to challenge yourself over time. Excellent design helps you to release the stress of joints and knees when working out.


14 levels of resistance for a wide rang of workout intensity options allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout.


HARISON B8 Recumbent exercise machine with Pulse can support the weight up to 300 lbs.


The high-quality steel material and well design will give you a stable workout.

The wider seat for comfort and mesh seat back for wicking when exercising.


Large, easy-to-read LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate information

Hand Pulse Sensors allows you to stay within your Target Heart Rate Zone.

HARISON B8 offers a smooth and quiet workout to users, so that it will not disturb others when using it.

Frequency Ask Questions and Answer about Recumbent Bike

Q: What I should look out when Choosing a Recumbent Bike
A: Seat and seat back: a padded seat and mesh seat back
User Weight Capacity: Up to 300lbs is better.
Stability: relate to good material and well-design

Q: What muscles do recumbent exercise bikes work?
A: Mainly works on Quads, the quadriceps are the large muscles on the front of the thighs. Besides, it can also work on other muscles like glutes, hamstrings, Abs, Calves, and tibilais anterior.

Q: Are recumbent exercise bikes safe?
A: Recumbent bikes are…Safe. Yes, they are. They are no less dangerous to ride than any other type of bike. Actually, they are the gentlest of all exercise bikes.