Useful Suggestions for Choosing Best Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine can be said to be an aerobic fitness equipment for the general public. There is no limit to the applicable people. You can use it regardless of your age, fat or thin!

In short, it is suitable for all ages, fat and thin.

When facing with many elliptical machines, do you know how to choose the suitable one for yourself?

In this post, we will show you how to choose the best elliptical machine for workout.

Tip 1: Flywheel

The elliptical machine has two designs for everyone to choose from, one is the front flywheel, and the other is the rear flywheel. Many people think that the front flywheel must be better than the rear flywheel, but it is not absolute. Both have their own advantages.

The front flywheel is more difficult in design and production process, and it performs better in stability, safety and sports effects.

The rear flywheel has a relatively simple structure, light weight, small footprint, easy maintenance, and easier movement.

Tip 2: Flywheel Weight

The elliptical machine does not need to rely on the inertia of the flywheel to drive. The weight of the flywheel is mainly to increase the stability of the fuselage.

If the flywheel is too light, there will be a feeling of floating when stepping on it. Although the flywheel with too much weight can increase the stability and user experience of the elliptical machine, its production cost is also high, the price will be more expensive, and the floor space will be larger. many.

For the average person, a weight of 5-8kg is sufficient. It is too light to step on under 5kg, and it cannot achieve the effect of daily exercise.

Most of the flywheels of 8kg-12kg are front flywheels. As a symbol of mid-range elliptical machines, they can satisfy most home users. This kind of elliptical machines can burn fat quickly and is more suitable for most people.

Flywheels above 12kg, the standard for commercial elliptical machines, are generally common in gyms, and of course the sports performance is even better.

Tip 3: Stride

It is the size of one step taken by one person. The stride size is related to the exercise effect.

Large strides are closer to the effect of running, and the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is better for reducing fat.

Small strides have a smaller relative movement range, but you can exercise your body more, which can improve the buttocks and leg lines. If you want a large amount of exercise, you must extend the exercise time to achieve the desired exercise intensity.

Generally, the stride of the elliptical machine is between 30-52cm, or even larger, and you can choose according to your own sports needs.

The stride of an elliptical machine is related to the size of the flywheel. The larger the flywheel, the larger the stride. Generally, the stride of the front flywheel is larger, and the stride of the rear flywheel is smaller.

In addition to the parameters of some main components we need to pay attention to, the overall design, workmanship, painting, appearance and other qualities of the elliptical machine are also important factors that we consider.

Good product design is reasonable, ergonomic, and beautiful in appearance. It is the coexistence of appearance and strength. It is smooth and stable to use, and the more you use it, the more you like it; while the poor quality product is rough in workmanship, and the more you use it, the more awkward it makes people want to exercise.

Why Choose HARISON Elliptical Machine? 

  1. FSR connecting rod structure, better shock absorption effect

The elliptical machine allows the exerciser’s footsteps to run along an elliptical trajectory. During the entire operation, the force feedback from the pedal to the exerciser must be consistent to ensure smooth and comfortable movement.

In order to achieve this goal, the elliptical machine adopts the FSR linkage structure design, which consists of four support arms. During the movement, the upper arm and the lower arm can rotate at the same time. This design allows the body’s force to be evenly distributed throughout the movement track The upper part reduces the stress on the joints and has a good protective effect on the knees.

  • Magnetic control system, the core component of elliptical machine

The magnetic control system on the elliptical machine is the key to achieving the best exercise effect.

Every step taken during exercise will drive the electromagnetic system of the elliptical machine. Pedal movement drives the balance flywheel to run, and the flywheel is connected to a motor to provide resistance for movement. The precision and smoothness of the magnetron resistance determines the movement effect of the elliptical machine.

  • High-precision parts to ensure the durability of the elliptical machine

The parts in the main joint must have sufficient strength and precision to support the high-intensity movement of the elliptical machine. Any wear of any part inside will make the elliptical machine loose. The high-precision and high-strength parts can withstand high-intensity exercises, making the elliptical machine last longer.

  • Simulation testing, the only way to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine

Before the elliptical machine leaves the factory, the simulation test is an important indicator to check whether the machine is qualified. During the test, adjust all slope and resistance to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine.

Such a rigorous production process can achieve the safe, comfortable and durable performance of the HARISON elliptical machine.

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HARISON B8: Best Recumbent Bike Workout Machine for Lower Back Pain

“I don’t feel good with my knees after 1 month running outside to lose weight. Now I am looking into purchasing an equipment which is friendly to my knees when exercising. It will be better if it wont cause any other pain when using it. Any suggestions are welcome. Will kindly check and think about it.”

If you are also looking for one of this machine, then recumbent exercise bike is your best choice. This machine will support your body and transfer all your body weight from your joints and knees onto itself.

Recumbent bike give people the safe and painless workout. It is the gentlest of all exercise bikes. Calorie burn is less intense than it is with upright stationary bikes, but the best recumbent stationary bikes can still be excellent tools for weight loss. They’re also useful for rehabilitation, muscle toning and cardiovascular workouts.

Today let’s get to know one of the best recumbent exercise bike. The HARISON B8, this is our new design product, which aims at helping more people to get an ideal workout.

HARISON B8 Recumbent Stationary Bike

HARISON B8 Recumbent exercise is an excellent bike machine for you to shed unwanted pounds and increase cardiovascular endurance without pains and stress on your joints and back. Let’s start to know the details of it.


Basic Data:

User Weight Capacity: 350lbs
Product Weight: 77lbs
Assembled Size: 60.24 x 21.65 x 51 inches
Resistance Levels: 1~14 levels
Display: LCD display
Seat: Comfortable Oversize Padded Seat

Heart Rate Monitor: Side Armrest
Bluetooth Connectivity






Key Features

Magnetic Control System allows you to challenge yourself over time. Excellent design helps you to release the stress of joints and knees when working out.


14 levels of resistance for a wide rang of workout intensity options allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout.


HARISON B8 Recumbent exercise machine with Pulse can support the weight up to 300 lbs.


The high-quality steel material and well design will give you a stable workout.

The wider seat for comfort and mesh seat back for wicking when exercising.


Large, easy-to-read LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate information

Hand Pulse Sensors allows you to stay within your Target Heart Rate Zone.

HARISON B8 offers a smooth and quiet workout to users, so that it will not disturb others when using it.

Frequency Ask Questions and Answer about Recumbent Bike

Q: What I should look out when Choosing a Recumbent Bike
A: Seat and seat back: a padded seat and mesh seat back
User Weight Capacity: Up to 300lbs is better.
Stability: relate to good material and well-design

Q: What muscles do recumbent exercise bikes work?
A: Mainly works on Quads, the quadriceps are the large muscles on the front of the thighs. Besides, it can also work on other muscles like glutes, hamstrings, Abs, Calves, and tibilais anterior.

Q: Are recumbent exercise bikes safe?
A: Recumbent bikes are…Safe. Yes, they are. They are no less dangerous to ride than any other type of bike. Actually, they are the gentlest of all exercise bikes.

HARISON 607: The Adjustable Weight Bench for Home Use

An adjustable weight bench is an important equipment for bench press and weight training exercises. It helps you to correctly and safely perform the moves. The main advantage of an adjustable weight bench is that it can be used with other equipment like dumbbells and power racks. It is flexible to allow you do many exercises by simply adjusting the bench.

What to consider when buying a dumbbell weight bench

When buying a dumbbell weight bench, consider the following factors:

– Safety

The safety of any exercise machine is of paramount importance. Consider the material it is made of to ensure that is strong enough to hold your weight without breaking. For an adjustable weight bench, check what material makes the frame. It should be heavy duty steel and its structure should be strong to ensure your safety

– Durability

A durable dumbbell machine will save your money by lasting for a long period of time. This is also determined by the material used for its construction and its structure.

– Capacity

The capacity of an adjustable weight machine is important to consider. Ensure that the machine can support your weight comfortably without breaking.

– Set up

Choose a dumbbell exercise machine which is easy to set up and use. A machine which is easy to assemble and use will save your time and ensure that you have more time for your workout.

– Pricing

Ensure that you buy the right model of a dumbbell machine for the right price. Compare prices of all decline bench for sale so that you can get the best price for the best quality machine. It is also important to consider the warranty to ensure that you get a good deal.

Key Features of HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench

HARISON adjustable weight bench is a heavy-duty exercise bench which has a flat incline for strength training. It comes with a dumbbell rack and it can be adjusted in different positions to perform more than 30 exercises. It is a flat multipurpose sit up bench with multi-angle incline. It is easy to assemble the workout bench which can be adjusted to incline or flat as per your needs for an adventurous gym experience.

The dumbbell weight bench has a special compact design which is meant to save your space. It is easily portable and big enough for strength training exercises and your back. This adjustable weight bench is made of a heavy-duty steel material which makes t quite stable and durable. It is ideal to support your entire body.

What we like about it

This is a great decline bench for sale. It is a perfect multi-functional bench which is easy to incline to different angles. It is also a simple adjustable workbench which is easy to assemble. It makes exercising easy and enjoyable since you can incline it or work on it while flat to give a memorable gym experience. It is compact and portable and can it into a small space. You can also can also carry it from one room to another if you need to.

Dumbbell weight bench is a very safe piece of equipment which is made of a heavy-duty construction to make it durable and stable. It tends to support your entire body for comfortable exercising.


This adjustable weight bench comes with a one-year warranty for the whole weight set, five years warranty on frame and 10 years warranty on parts.


HARISON adjustable weight bench is a great piece of equipment for your home gym. It will give you the freedom to choose your incline and you can also work on it while flat. It is easy to assemble, compact and portable which is ideal for a small space.

It is safe and durable and you can be guaranteed of its longevity. It also has a good warranty which you can take advantage of.

HARISON 1160: Your Best Choice Elliptical Machine for Workout

Although running outside can be quite refreshing as you take in the fresh air and cover longer stretches, it can be quite restricting. The weather is a factor which must be conducive for you to successfully run outside. The impact is also much and if you have an injury is very difficult to achieve your goal.

You don’t want to run in a terrible weather. It also requires plenty of time since you have to run a certain distance and back. An Elliptical machine is a good investment as it gives you options to exercise at all times. This helps you build long-term healthy habits. Elliptical bike machines are a great exercise machines to have at home.

They are more cost-effective over a gym membership in the long-term. They have a decreased risk of impact injuries. In addition, they come with an elliptical weight loss plan to help you in losing weight fast. For more reason why you should choose the Elliptical bike machines, click here to know.


The Key Features of HARISON Commercial Grade Eelliptical

HARISON elliptical trainer elliptical machine helps you in cardio training, losing weight, improving heart and lung capacity and enhance leg muscle strength. It has a technology which enable you to count your breathing frequency, heart rate, and energy consumption. Besides helping you build your body, HARISON 1160 improves the coordination ability between your upper and lower limbs.

This machine provides many workout intensity options. The 1160 Elliptical bike machine consists of a high speed and inertia drive system which helps you to have an easy start and consistent workouts. You can use elliptical workouts to lose weight fast. This HARISON 1160 has a perimeter weighted flywheel and 32 levels electromagnetic resistance for a true elliptical movement and it helps in tracking and monitoring your progress.

HARISON 1160 has an ergonomic motion design which is of high standard to offer fine-tuning calibration. This reduces knee joint impact points to protect the knee during exercise.

1160 elliptical bike machine comes fitted with a 5.5-inch blue backlit LCD display to help track the important training data. It has a heartbeat recovery, heart rate monitor, body fat testing, and adjustable resistance level.

Other key features include iConsole program which provide elliptical workouts to lose weight fast. HARISON elliptical has an easy start and stop, large foot plates which have cushioning, an iPad holder, bottle holder so that you do not have to leave your workout area.

What You Will Gain from This Elliptical Trainer?

This elliptical bike machine offers a low impact exercise and it is friendly to your knees as it protects them from injury. Elliptical bike machines offer elliptical weight loss plan to help burn more calories in less time. It is a great machine which helps you to exercise both the upper and lower body.

THE 1160 Elliptical machine offers flexibility of using it as an add-on to other workouts for maximum weight loss and body toning. HARISON Elliptical bike machine has a dedicated and quality customer service to help in supporting fitness and wellness every day.

This machine is fitted with the latest fitness technology which offers advanced features to achieve your fitness goals. It has a sleek gym-quality design and style to make it the best choice of a fitness equipment. Designed to benefit the way people work, live and exercise, HARISON Elliptical Machine supports active and healthy living and it is an ideal bike machine for burning belly fat.

HARISON 1160 offers a comfortable posture by having its handlebars and seat easily adjustable both vertically and horizontally. This helps to comfortably accommodate your body shape and you can sit and stand while riding.

It comes with a Multi-functional Digital Monitor to help you set up workout plans. This digital monitor monitors speed, distance, time, calorie, scan, and pulse. Its pro designed saddle which is exquisite helps to reduce the friction between the legs and the seat.


The entire HARISON Elliptical bike machine comes with a 1-year warranty, 5-year structural warranty for the cycle bike frame and 10 years warranty on part.

Frequency Asked and Answer Questions on HARISON 1160

The frequently asked questions section is very important to the buyer, especially when buying online. You need to have the right information about the product you are interested in so as to get the best value for your money.

In this section, we have provided several questions on the best fishing nets to help you get an insight from other buyers.

1. What Is an Elliptical Machine?

Popularly known as a cross-trainer, an elliptical machine is an exercise machine which is stationery and which simulates, walking, stair climbing, or running. It exerts little pressure on the joints, therefore, there is decreased risk of injuries as a result of impact.

2. What Does an Elliptical Bike Machine Do?

An Elliptical Bike machine tend to perfectly provide a non-impact, cardiovascular workout with various options of high or light intensity and the user can control the speed and intensity.

3. How Does an Elliptical Machine Work?

This is a user-controlled exercise machine, which works both the upper and lower body of the user. They provide a weight-bearing exercise. The user steps on the medals and begins to run or walk providing a quiet and comfortable workout.

4. Where Can You Buy an Elliptical bike machine?

Elliptical bike machines can be bought from any of the retail store that is near you or from online stores like Amazon which provide a variety of brands.

5. How Much Does HARISON Elliptical Machine Cost?

The price of HARISON Elliptical bike machines is around 760 dollars.



HARISON Elliptical bike machine is one of the best exercise machines you can invest in. It offers a balance body exercise as it helps both upper and lower body work out. Those who wish to lose belly fat can combine it with other workout programs to achieve the desired results.

The 1160 Elliptical bike machine offers the user comfort and convenience by having an iPad holder and bottle holder so they do not have to leave the workout area. This elliptical bike machine offers great features and very competitive prices. It is sturdy and heavy duty and it does not make loud noise while spinning to distract the user.

HARISON 408: Multifunction Power Tower Dip Station with Bench

The Harison 408-Power Tower is the ideal fitness power-tower dip-station providing exercise solutions combining all the crucial exercises into one, space-saving equipment. It offers a wide variety of positions and stations that target the improvement of the body’s core strength.

It also focuses on the major upper body areas to gain toner arms, defined shoulder, sculpted back and a leaner chest. Its size helps it fit in any room in the house and is also practical enough to transport into a different location. It doesn’t matter if you are a bodybuilding expert to a fitness newbie, the Power-Tower can help you achieve your body goals making it the perfect gym machines for home.

View the power tower exercise equipment on Amazon

dip station with weight bench


Height: 92.91”

Width: 38”

Length: 53.54”

Product Weight: 46kg

Capacity: Up to 500LBS high capacity

Responsible for any damage,

1 year for the whole power tower, Lifetime parts.


Thick, Heavy-Duty Box Style Cushions

Enjoy comfortable exercise with padded grips and handles offering protection to your hands. The padding has been manufactured using strong materials to make the cushions last longer for more use.

Multifunction Pull-Up Bar

This station is able to cater to a wide variety of strength training such as, but not limited to:

– Dumbbell exercises

– Leg Raises

– Dips

– Pull-Ups

– Chin-Ups (including Hammer and Progressive)

– Vertical Knee Raise

– Push-Ups (including incline)

– Dip Stands

You can train most of your upper body with the Power Tower.

Power-Tower with Bench & Removable Backrest

Enable flexible exercise with removable weight-bench and backrest. You are able to adjust the tower as desired to provide crucial flexibility as you do your strength-training.

Four Adjustable Height

The tower comes with 4 adjustable heights to suit your training needs. You can set heights from 70.47 inches, 76.38 inches, 82.28 inches up to 88.19 inches. This enables you to exercise around the heights that work well with your fitness regime.

Ergonomic Design

The Power Tower’s ergonomic design makes the equipment adapt to you. With heavy-duty powder-coated steel framing, it is a sturdy equipment designed to withstand heavy user weights and difficult training methods. The overall design, including the back cushions and elbow pads, makes the tower seamless to use.

Protective Feet

The protective feet create a layer of protection for your floor keeping it in pristine condition. Avoid the worry of damaging your floor by using the Power Tower.


Harison Offer Great Warranty Packages:

1 Year warranty for the entire equipment

5 Year warranty for the frame

Lifetime warranty for the parts

What Exercise Can You Do with HARISON 408 Power Tower?

HARISON power tower with bench is a quality and well built fitness equipment at a great price. Impressive. It includes a flexible weight or ab bench that can be removed when not in use. Let’s check out how to use this machine and see what muscles does this power tower work?

Built in Push Up Station -Take advantage of the inbuilt push-up station that has molded handgrips that offers added security and comfort. Add some definition to your biceps and forearms with this exercise.

Dip Station – The dip station lets you build up your chest, shoulders, and triceps. All handles have comfortable grips for easy handling.

Pull-Up Station – Develop your core by training your upper body core. With comfortable grips, there are different methods of pull-ups you can do with the Power Tower.

Removable Multi-purpose Bench – The removable bench allows the user to take advantage of horizontal exercises such as sit-ups or weight training. You can remove this bench to make way for other exercise making the Power Tower a varied tool for your exercise.

What We Love About The Harison 408 Multifunction Dip Station

Multifunction Capabilities

The Power Tower offers various forms of exercises into one manageable gym equipment. You can forget cluttering your room with weights and pieces of equipment and merge it into one advanced tower to replace it all. Never pay for a gym membership ever again.

Safe and Sturdy to Use

Harison power tower is indeed a solidly built equipment. Heavy duty steel tube frame and the gym-level well designed construction make the machine stable and sturdy when using. Foam rollers for real comfort.

Save Your Room

This compact machine won’t take up too much room. Adjustable height from 70.47 – 88.19 inches. The base width: 38” and length: 53.54”. You can place it in your room and start your exercise journey without disturbing anyone.

Reasonable Price

The Power Tower is well priced for the type of equipment. Harison offers a competitive price against its leading market competitors. You are not able to find similar products with the same functionality as the Power Tower at this reasonable price.

Exercise in Comfort

The customized padding design makes your experience more comfortable. The Power Tower comes with back cushions, elbow pads, and padded handles with gym-level construction foam rollers.

Easy To Transport

You can move the Power Tower wherever you go. With its easy stowaway system, you can box up and move to your next gym station.

Avoid Damaged Floors

The metal framing has protective materials to avoid any damage to the floor. The material on the base of the tower protects any floor surface and also makes it non-slip to avoid any accidents from happening.

Excellent Warranty

Exercise with a peace of mind. Harison offers a great warranty package that protects your investment from premature wear and tear. The Power Tower is comprehensively covered up to 1 year and it has a lifetime cover for certain areas.

A Name You Can Trust

HARISON is an American brand that prides itself in providing professional and heavy-duty fitness products. The Power Tower is quickly becoming a popular item in its category. If you are searching for a product that provides maximum result comfortably and with high-quality material, then this is the product for you. The Power Tower comes with a training manual to give you ideas on how to effectively use the equipment. It has user-friendly functions to help you make a start on realizing your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Power Tower

Q: Will there be any guidance on how to effectively use the equipment?
A: Yes. The product will come with tips on how to maximize the use of the equipment. It will have a user manual to instruct users on how to use the Power Tower safely and effectively.

Q: Can I use the Power Tower outdoors?

A: Harison does not recommend the use of the Power Tower outdoors due to the material it consists of. The padding will wear much quicker when it gets wet often and the frame is made with metal that corrodes with constant exposure to water.

Q: What weight does the Power Tower support?

A: The Power Tower is made with heavy-duty materials that can support heavy users. It can support up to 500 lbs.

Q: I am 5 foot 5. Can the Power Tower accommodate me?
A: The Power Tower is fully adjustable to suit your size and needs.

Q: Can the bench flip up vertically to save space?

A: Yes. This is how you do your pull-ups by removing it or flipping it vertically.

For More Details:

How to Assemble HARISON 408 Power Tower?

How to Use HARISON 408 for Workout?