3 simple tricks to create a careful! Become a sexy goddess in seconds~

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As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the bones but not in the skin”, a person’s beauty lies in the shape of the bones rather than the skin. Bone shape in aesthetics generally refers to the skull, face bone, eyebrow bone, etc., but there is a well-known, special existence – collarbone.

The clavicle, also known as the beauty bone, is located in the upper front of the thorax, across the junction of the neck and chest. There are many types of collarbones, including one-word type, U-word type, V-word type and wing type. A few years ago, there was a fire “collarbone put coins”, “backhand touch navel” challenge, visible public on the collarbone, the pursuit of small waist and recognition is very enthusiastic. Maybe we do not have the beauty of the stars, but we can also create a careful mechanism to have an enviable collarbone, have a sexy little label, enhance the value of personal charm.

How many other people think that if you lose weight you will have a collarbone? Always on the road to lose weight, but do not know that in fact there are people even if thin down does not show the collarbone. This is why?

01Reasons for an inconspicuous clavicle

First of all, it can be considered due to localized fat accumulation, this type of need for shoulder, neck, arm combination of targeted training, for shoulder clavicle shaping has a certain effect.

Second, is due to the clavicle dysplasia caused by this situation, usually can be appropriate to supplement some calcium-rich foods, such as soy products, shrimp, kelp, but also to add the sports training, to promote bone development.

Third, the consideration for the long-term body posture is not correct, round shoulders and thick back caused by over-developed trapezius muscle, other parts of the muscle is too weak, the accumulation of subcutaneous fat caused by the clavicle does not show. This type of situation is the first to face up to consciously correct bad habits, but also indispensable targeted training to help the clavicle revealed.

In fact, the collarbone does not have to be very thin people can have, even if the body a little meat, but also through targeted training to prevent it from being drowned in fat, if the pursuit of the collarbone and excessive weight loss will seriously affect the health.

02Get your clavicle.

Action 1: Hand touching ear touching elbow


Action points: two hands touch their ears, the two elbows as far as possible to touch together. Note that when doing the whole thing to keep the core tight, never shrug your shoulders.


A group to do 15, do two groups, can be slower, not too fast. After a group can slightly relax and rest before doing the second group.


Movement 2: Double Arm Circle

The main points: stretch the arms flat, first forward around 15 circles, and then changed to backward around 15 circles. Note that this action is still to pay attention to the whole process to keep the core tight, never shrug your shoulders, and do not rely on the inertia of the arm to go around. One group to do 15, do two groups.

Movement 3: Rear Arm Raise

Action points: pull the two hands together behind you, and then lift up one by one. When doing this action, we must not quite the stomach, and do not put your ribs also quite out, that is very easy to cause the ribs to turn out. The same is also a group of 15, do two groups.


After doing so, we can massage stretching, when pulling, you can use your hands to press the location of the soreness at the same time, to maximize the stretching of our neck and trapezius, but also pay attention to the strength of the action as slow and gentle as possible, do not over-exert yourself, so as not to cause injury.


The above action is very simple, not only to collect, but more importantly, move up Oh ~!

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