Miscarriage prevention tips, do these baby safe and healthy~

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Pregnant mothers are careful during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, because the embryo bed is still unstable, if strenuous exercise or bumps may lead to miscarriage. Some human factors cause miscarriage, we can try to avoid. Miscarriage can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy.

01Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet will lead to a healthier pregnant mom and a healthier development of the fetus in her belly. Don’t drink alcohol, and don’t have more than one or two cups of caffeinated beverages in the US. Meanwhile, expectant mothers can take at least 400 milligrams of folic acid every day while they are pregnant, starting in the first trimester of pregnancy and continuing throughout the pregnancy.

02Stay in a good mood.

Keeping a pregnant mom in a good and happy mood allows her body and muscles to relax and can keep her body healthy. It is also more conducive to natural childbirth.

03regular exercise

Keeping exercise during pregnancy can improve the survival rate of the fetus, it will also be helpful for the pregnant mother’s own physical fitness, and it will also make the fetus develop healthier, and the most important point is that it will also make the pregnant mother give birth faster when she finally delivers the baby. So pregnant mothers can do some appropriate exercise when pregnant to keep themselves in better condition. Besides daily walks and yoga, you can also do some exercises.

Movement 1: Supine Adductor Stretch

Lie on your back on a yoga mat, open your legs to the sides, press down as far as possible to touch the yoga mat, the palms of your feet relative to each other, so that you can stretch to the thigh muscle groups, hold for 15~30 seconds.

Note: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath. Do not stretch too hard.

Movement 2: Seated Adductor Stretch

Sit on the yoga mat, legs open, press down, knees try to touch the yoga mat, body lean forward, thigh muscles feel pulled tight, hold 15-30 seconds, do 3-5 times.

Note: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath. Do not stretch too hard.

Movement 3: Clam Opening and Closing

Side lying on the yoga mat, legs bent, exhale, tighten the abdomen, and then above the knee slowly upward, inhale back to the original position. 10 / group, each side of the lower limbs of 3 groups, and then change the opposite side of the lower limbs of the clam open and close.

Note: inhalation bulging stomach, exhalation abdominal contraction, do not breathe action to reverse Oh.

Movement 4: Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your body fully relaxed on a yoga mat, legs bent and feet touching the floor. Hold a yoga block between your knees. Then the buttocks are lifted and the shoulders, pelvis and knees should be in the same straight line.

Note: Lift your butt on the exhale and return to the original position on the inhale. Shoulders, pelvis and knees should be in the same straight line

04Watch out for abdominal safety

Pregnant women must be aware of abdominal safety and avoid risky sports, such as skiing, ball games and other contact sports. Abdominal hands can have potentially irreversible consequences for the baby in the womb, which may result in deformities or even miscarriage.


Pregnant mothers can learn more about the causes of miscarriage to help protect the health of the fetus. If there is a history of previous miscarriage and it is known to be caused by an autoimmune response or hormonal imbalance, the underlying problem needs to be treated in advance, and once pregnancy occurs, a full complement of prenatal care and testing should be performed as soon as possible and at an early age in order to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

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