Can you exercise during pregnancy? Exercise During Pregnancy Makes Your Labor Easier

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We all know that pregnant mothers exercise during pregnancy, not only to keep the mood happy, but also to make all aspects of the body more adapted to labor and delivery, so that the process of labor and delivery will be smoother, but also will reduce the risk of difficult labor. In the absence of exercise contraindications, pregnant mothers can do some exercise during pregnancy, of which aerobic fitness is very pregnant mothers do.

01Aerobic Programs for Pregnancy Exercise

The key to aerobic exercise is to ensure that the exercise time, at least 3 to 4 times a week, each time at least 20 to 30 minutes. Pregnant mothers who do not use the basis of exercise can start from 10 minutes, and then slowly increase the length after adaptation. As with other exercises, the warm-up aspect of aerobic exercise should not be ignored. Warm-up exercises include stretching and warming up the major muscle groups, which can be done in the following ways.


Feet slightly divided, hands hanging naturally, the first step of the stride movement is to lift the knee, as much as possible within a moderate range, and then slowly fall, to form an exaggerated stride movement, pay attention to not manic feet, lift the height of the knee to be appropriate. In the process of the action, the abdomen, head up, chest out. You can add upper body swing to increase the intensity of the movement. Stick with it for a few minutes to achieve the purpose of warming up.


This includes both outdoor bike riding and indoor stationary bike fitness machines. Many doctors do not recommend outdoor cycling for pregnant women out of concern for their balance. You need to wear a helmet and enough water for outdoor cycling. You can also go out for a hike with your family. Indoor exercise bikes, on the other hand, do not require helmets and other amenities. Many of these bikes come with a variety of pre-programmed exercise modes to choose from, making them safe and suitable for pregnant mothers to train on.

Scooter Exercise

Scooting is a great workout. However, it is important to keep your balance and slow down during the exercise.

02Other fitness equipment

All home fitness equipment can be used for pregnancy cardio, such as treadmills and paddle machines. Pregnant women try to choose the undefined low-speed mode on these fitness equipment. Or turn off the computer controls and exercise at a speed that suits you.

Finishing Exercise

Aerobic exercise increases the intensity of cardio work and body temperature will increase accordingly. Finishing exercise is more important, through the finishing exercise, let the body slowly return to normal, not immediately after the exercise to lie down or sit down to rest, you can do the following finishing exercise.

Pelvic Exercise

This exercise is suitable for preventing and relieving back pain. Get on all fours, keep your spine level, and then tuck your pelvis in, driving your pubic bone toward your neck. Note that only the pelvic area is moved. You can experience the feeling of independent pelvic movement with the help of your family. Exercise 10 times as a group, do two groups. Try to do two more sets before going to bed.

Side Stretch

Lie on your side with your arm on the same side under your head and stretch as far as you can, stretching your body and legs at the same time. Feel a complete release of stress. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then switch to the other side.

Full Body Stretch

Similar to the Side Lying Stretch. Lie flat on your back, raise your arms above your head and stretch upwards, and extend your legs in the opposite direction.

Pregnant mothers after aerobic exercise and finishing exercise, will feel free, the mood will naturally become better, but in the exercise must pay attention to do not catch cold. Exercise can also make the postpartum recovery faster, so in order to be a hot mom, do not be lazy during pregnancy without exercise oh.

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