Do this and you’ll get your butt back in no time.

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Although not everyone likes the Kardashian like buttocks, but the front and back of the body is still everyone’s desire. Many pregnant mothers after the birth of the buttocks become more meat, but very unattractive, other people’s is the “peach buttocks”, while their own can only be called “mother buttocks”. Why can the butt become so ugly after giving birth to a child? Many new moms probably have this problem.


01Mom Hip Formation

The cause of this situation is actually caused by the pelvis opening. When the pelvis opens, the muscles expand outward, resulting in poor blood circulation in the lower body, poor circulation in the pelvis, slow fat metabolism, slack hip muscles, hip fat will slowly push together, due to gravity, the hips will slowly sag and hypertrophy.


02The Dangers of Mommy Butt


1、It will cause pain around the sacrum and sacroiliac area

Due to pelvic flexion, abduction and external rotation, the iliac bone will be relatively anti-nodding, and the upper side of the pelvis will open and the lower side of the mouth will be closed, which in turn will lead to pelvic floor muscle laxity, visceral prolapse, and mommy buttocks. People with mommy buttocks also indicate prolapse of internal organs, imbalance and instability of intra-abdominal pressure, which can easily trigger pain around the sacrum and sacroiliac.


2, easy to trigger and aggravate constipation

Normal gluteal muscles are attached to the pelvis and maintain the stability of the pelvis. However, when the ilium is flexed, abducted and externally rotated, the acetabular fossa of the ilium is facing backward, so the state of the femur is also relatively externally rotated, and at this time the contracture of the externally rotated muscles will cause the cardinal pressure around the sacroiliac area, pain at the tail-bottom, pain in the sacroiliac area, and the concavity of the two sides of the buttocks and the collapse of the buttocks, which will trigger and aggravate the constipation.


03How to get your butt back

1、Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic exercises, exercises are not limited by site, lying, sitting, standing can be carried out. This exercise can effectively restore the pelvic bone, reduce urinary incontinence, but also suitable for postpartum mothers to exercise pelvic muscle elasticity, which can also improve the accumulation of hip fat.


2、Following the course exercise

There is a postnatal recovery training course in the APP, which is specially designed to improve the mother’s buttocks, and the professional doctor will guide the course movements, so you can follow the course to improve the mother’s buttocks. If you don’t have time to watch the course, you can follow the following movements to train.


Action one:

The body is fully relaxed lying flat on a yoga mat, one side of the lower limbs flexed at the hip and knee and keep the opposite side of the lower limbs extended knee lifted off the ground, normal nose inhalation, exhalation contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, while lifting the hips, this time you can feel the pelvic floor muscles and gluteal muscle contraction. Then slowly lower your hips, try to keep your hips from touching the yoga mat, and repeat the process.

Action two:

The body is fully relaxed four-point kneeling position on the yoga mat, normal inhalation, exhale when the lower limbs on one side of the rapid extension of the hip flexion, while contracting the pelvic floor muscles and transverse abdominal muscles, and then quickly put down, and then exhale quickly raised, repeat the above process.

Action three:

Body whole body relaxation four-point kneeling position on the yoga mat, normal inhalation, exhalation of one side of the lower limbs to carry out rear extension – abduction and external rotation of the circle movement, repeat the above process.

Action Four:

Lie sideways on a yoga mat, with the lower elbows supporting and the upper limbs above on the side of the torso, so that the torso and both lower limbs are kept in the same straight line, inhale normally, and when you exhale, lift the torso vertically with the lower elbows and ankles, and then repeat the rapid breathing to maintain the torso upright for 1min, and then take a break for 30s.Alternate between the two sides.

3、With dietary control

Postpartum easy endocrine disorders, you can under the guidance of the doctor to carry out some checks, at the same time, we should develop good eating habits, diet to light, less oil and less salt, eat more protein-rich foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to achieve a balanced diet. This can effectively reduce fat and is more conducive to improving mom hips.


Do it and get rid of your mom’s buttocks! It’s not a dream to return to your prenatal buttocks!

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