Can you exercise during pregnancy? Recommendations for exercise equipment during pregnancy

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If you want to be able to recover quickly after giving birth, you have to start preparing during pregnancy ~ using some fitness equipment to assist in pregnancy fitness, for pregnant mothers and children are good.

01 Benefits of fitness during pregnancy

1. It can maintain or improve physical fitness and cardiorespiratory function. Enhances physical and mental health.
2. It avoids excessive weight gain during pregnancy and prevents and alleviates discomfort during pregnancy, such as backache and back pain. Weight control during pregnancy is also more conducive to faster recovery of body shape after delivery.
3、It can speed up the process during labor and delivery, making it easier and reducing the probability of cesarean section.

02Pregnancy Fitness Equipment Recommendations

Beginning in the middle of pregnancy, the embryo is gradually stabilized, if there is no contraindication to exercise, pregnant mothers can begin to exercise. If pregnant mothers do not have a foundation for exercise, you can start with the most basic exercise, and slowly increase the intensity of exercise. Pregnant mothers who have a foundation in sports can carry out slightly more intense exercises, which can be chosen according to their own situation.

Yoga ball, yoga mat, yoga block

These three are the most commonly used and basic equipment in maternity fitness moves. Many movements use these pieces of equipment. For example, seated ball clamp, hip bridge, static squat against the wall and other movements.

Stretchy Belt

Stretch band is easy to carry and use as there is no weight and volume to bother. At the same time, the elastic band training is safe, does not smash people, and helps the landing cushion will not cause injury to pregnant women exercise. For people with no exercise experience, using elastic bands to increase the amount of exercise is a good way to start.

Elliptical machine

Pregnant moms who have a foundation in exercise can try using an elliptical machine for exercise. The elliptical machine can increase the intensity of the exercise, will not cause damage to the knee, for the intensity and length of the exercise can be controlled according to their own, is also very suitable for pregnant mothers to use the equipment.

Dynamic cycling

Dynamic cycling is a fixed position, will not be like a bicycle, such as side-turning or bumps on the road and other situations, for pregnant mothers can be completely during pregnancy through dynamic cycling to achieve fitness purposes. Dynamic cycling exercises can also achieve the effect of pregnancy weight control, weight control during pregnancy so that the weight of a reasonable increase in weight, unloading after the natural body to recover very quickly.


Exercise during pregnancy should be careful to avoid intense sports, such as basketball, skiing, surfing and activities involving bouncing. If you want to recover quickly after giving birth, you need to exercise more during pregnancy. These exercise machines are very highly used in the home and can continue to be used even after the birth of a child. Get moving in order to return to your prenatal body~!

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