Overtime stay up late to eat late-night snacks, how to eat healthy

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For ordinary people, eating late night is just for fun, but for people who work overtime, the late-night stage is a nutritional supplement for intense work. Of course, due to the decline in the body’s metabolic capacity in the evening, the late-night phase can not eat and drink, otherwise it is easy to lead to gastric ulcers, or cause obesity. Then stay up late to work overtime should eat something?

01 Supplementation of high quality protein

Protein is one of the important elements needed for the nutrition of our body and to maintain the function of the body. After staying up late, it will affect sleep, affect the recovery of the brain, the mental state is often poor, high-quality protein, can make up for the consumption of the brain. Especially for friends who stay up late for a long time, the consumption of the brain is even more enormous. Therefore, we can make a healthy addition by supplementing high-quality protein. For example, more beef, lean meat, fish, shrimp, soy products and other foods rich in high quality protein.

02 Supplementation of water-soluble vitamins

Vitamins are also indispensable nutrients for the human body, which are further categorized into water-soluble and fat-soluble. As water-soluble vitamins can be eliminated from the body with the body fluids. In the process of staying up all night, vitamin consumption will be greater, and should be supplemented in time. Water-soluble vitamins can not be synthesized by the human body and can be obtained in food.

03 Adequate hydration

The human body to maintain normal physiological functions, water is indispensable, whether or not to stay up late, you should drink a sufficient amount of water. An adult’s normal water intake should be 1500-2000 milliliters, here the water refers to just simple water. Coffee, strong tea, milk tea, etc., will make people have a certain dependence, in the long run will cause wear and tear on the human body, if you really need to, try to choose not to add sugar and cream of the coffee, or choose not to contain sugar drinks. Because sugar is not consumed in time at night, it will be converted into fat, which will cause obesity.

04Try to stay away from high calorie foods

As mentioned earlier, the human body’s metabolism slows down at night, but due to the need for physical fitness, the human body at this time tends to be very keen on high-calorie foods. If the intake of fried, sugary foods, will easily cause excessive calories, triggering obesity at the same time, can also cause high cholesterol, some chronic diseases will ensue. Like fried chicken, potato chips and other eat as little as possible, you can choose high-quality nuts as a snack alternative. Some deep-processed sugary snacks, such as candy, ham and sausage should also be avoided, you can choose fresh fruit as a substitute.

Summarize: Although staying up late and working overtime is not the life we want, but the reality has to let us bow our heads and work hard, so we have to pay more attention to the daily exercise and nutritional supplements. Of course, as long as the conditions allow, try not to choose to stay up late to work overtime, after all, the damage to the body is indeed too great.

The following are some of the most important things that we can do to help our bodies.

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