HARISON 3650 Commercial Level Recumbent Bike

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  1. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Hi. Amazon had its Prime Day sale last night and today. Plus flash Lightning Deals that are much much lower than listed price. The Recumbent bike was listed at $399.20 before flash deal. When the Flash deal came up, the price of the bike was raised to $499.00 with a flash Deal at $402.95. Why? I called Amazon and they said that Harrison had control over price. I’m very frustrated. I waited two days to see if price might go down to $300 which I can barely afford since I’m on Medicare. This price change was very misleading and deceptive. People are actually buying it at $402.95 not knowing you actually raised the price. Why did you do this? Sincerely,Daphne


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