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Learn the Correct Way to Rest and Gain Double the Training Effect!

I believe that after every training
We all want to lie motionless
Because it is too tired

Is it really good to sit down or even lie down immediately after the exercise?
the answer is no.

How Does the Wrong Way of Rest Affect the Body?

1.Squat immediately after or during exercise

The blood flow speeds up after we exercise

If you sit still immediately

Blocked blood return

Insufficient blood supply to the brain can cause dizziness or fainting

2.Drink plenty of water at rest

We emphasize the timely replenishment of water during exercise
But it wasn’t irrigated
Suddenly drinking a lot of water will increase the burden on the heart
Cause physical discomfort, which in turn affects the training effect

3.Exercise interval is too long

Intermittent exercise also has a great influence on the training effect

If the rest is too long, the body will recover

Decreased central nervous system excitement

Heart rate also slowly decreases

Affect subsequent explosiveness

It takes time to restart the body

Reduce training effect

4.Exercise interval is too short

Too long is not good, too short is not good
Insufficient muscle strength recovery
Affect the training of the next group
Not strong enough to complete the action
This will also greatly reduce the effect

The Correct Way to Rest Can Enhance the Training Effect

1.Strength training breaks

The strength training set arranges the duration according to the training intensity

The general principle is that the greater the intensity, the longer the intermittent time

Divide strength training into three strengths

High intensity: Intermittent time is controlled at 2-5 minutes

Medium intensity: Intermittent time is controlled at 1-2 minutes

Low intensity: Intermittent time is generally around 30 seconds

During this time, you can move around or stand still

Don’t let the body stop immediately

2.Aerobic training breaks

Generally, aerobic exercise takes 30 minutes to achieve the fat burning effect

But we can’t ignore the pause time for the amount of exercise

When the exercise time is long, the heart rate is too fast to exceed the fat burning heart rate

The brain will be dizzy and will be dizzy

If you are running on a treadmill

Then you might fall

When exceeding the fat burning heart rate, you can rest for 30-60 seconds

Brisk walking is the most used way of rest after jogging

3.Rest after exercise

Rest after exercise is mainly stretching

Stretch to release muscle fatigue after exercise

Helps increase muscle elasticity

Reduce the soreness after training

Let the next training run normally

4.Scientific hydration after exercise

Scientific hydration is also part of the rest

Immediately after the exercise, pick up ice water and drinks

Drinking in one breath causes discomfort

It’s best to go to rest for about ten minutes
And slowly replenish the water
You should drink warm water and drink slowly in small amounts

You can drink some sports drinks during and after exercise

This can largely

Replenishes water and inorganic salts lost by the body

Let your body recover better

5.Scientific Diet After Exercise

Within 30 minutes to one hour after exercise

It’s the best time to consume energy without growing meat

Especially after high-intensity aerobic exercise

The body needs to add calories to restore energy and repair muscles

It is actually best to eat starchy food after exercise

You can get your energy back quickly

Eat some cereals, brown rice, etc., avoid cookies and cakes

Protein can repair muscles well

But also pay attention to the amount of control, preferably about 300 kcal

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