HARISON, Exclusive Title Sponsor of DMS Kunshan Station, successfully concluded!

On April 12th, the DMS Kunshan Station, exclusively titled by HARISON, successfully concluded at the Kunshan Convention&Exhibition Center! As a strategic partner of DMS, HARISON actively participated in the event and even served as the exclusive title sponsor, bringing a splendid feast of competition to everyone.

At the competition venue, HARISON specially set up a warm-up area, providing fitness equipment for the competitors to warm up before the competition so that they can participate in the event in the best condition.

Meanwhile, HARISON latest recommended equipment, the Multifunctional training machine 30415, also made its appearance on the field. Compact and fold-able, it combines five different pieces of equipment into one, allowing for a full-body workout. It garnered a lot of attention at the event as well.

The competition generated tremendous excitement! The stage was filled with passionate energy while the audience cheered and roared with enthusiasm! In addition to regular competition categories such as Men’s Physique, Goddess Model, Bikini, and Novice Physique, this competition also featured the Dream Chaser category, which included Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini. The Dream Chaser category was tailored for participants with zero competition experience, with no registration fee and professional instructors guiding them.

The intense and blood-pumping excitement, the collision of gracefulness and sizzling passion. All the excitement converged here, and all dreams burned hot. The perfect condition was showcased on the stage, using flawless performances to make dreams come true. This is the charm that fitness competitions gather.

The competition attracted over a hundred fitness and bodybuilding athletes and enthusiasts. The HARISON·DMS stage serves as a platform for dream realization, where they showcased their strength and beauty. Their dedication and individuality were all displayed here.

After the intense competition, the thrilling award ceremony followed, with several leaders from HARISON participating in the presentation.

Wang Jinlong, General Manager of Hangzhou Longming Decoration Co., Ltd., and HARISON’S Best Partner, presented the award for Men’s Physique.

Li Yishen, General Manager of HARISON’S Henan Branch, presented the award for Bikini in the Open Category.

Yuan Jianwei, Deputy General Manager of HARISON’S Henan Branch, presented the award for Classic Physique.

Hu Wei, General Manager of HARISON’S Shanghai Branch, presented the award for Traditional Fitness in the Open Category.

Huang Nanshan, General Manager of HARISON’S Zhejiang Branch, presented the award for Bikini in the Open Category.

He Zhe, Operations Director of HARISON’S headquarters, presented the award for Men’s Physique.

All of this represents the significance of the competition and the original intention of the strategic partnership between HARISON and DMS. HARISON is committed to promoting the development of the fitness industry and hopes to attract more people’s attention to fitness and lead them to participate in fitness activities. DMS will undoubtedly promote the development of the fitness industry, and the strategic partnership between HARISON and DMS will drive the fitness industry towards higher standards and greater influence.

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