It turns out that this is the right way to walk, and walking for fitness is more efficient this way!

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Many people spend a lot of time daily to walk for fitness but not effective, but the body is getting worse and worse, this is why? Walking fitness to achieve results is based on the correct walking action, the so-called “sharpening the knife is not wrong”, many people just do not have the correct walking posture when walking. Below, let’s take a look at the most common types of wrong walking posture.

01kick and walk

In life, there are many people like to kick the road small stones, debris, etc., over time into a habit. When walking, they are used to kicking around with their toes, and their eyes tend to focus on their feet. This habit will not only make the shape of the thighs become unsightly, but also produce a great danger. Because the line of sight is focused on the feet, often do not notice the changes in the road, very easy to traffic hazards.

02stand on tiptoe

Some people will put all their body weight on their toes when walking and tiptoe with every step, making their toes too hard. This is too much exercise for the calf flounder muscle and lung muscle, which will lead to rotary leg and ankle bone wear.

03drag one’s feet on the ground

Some people experience feet dragging on the ground due to fatigue, excessive weight bearing, shin or knee injuries, and low thigh and calf muscle strength, where the feet are unable to make the transition movement occur in a timely manner. This can cause great wear and tear on the joints, muscles, and arches.

04Upper Body Swing

Some people like to walk when the upper body swaying, many people think that this is not only beautiful posture and also more relaxed. In fact, this posture on the lumbar bones have great wear and tear damage, not only that, but also increase the pressure on the knee joints. In the long run, the knee and lumbosacral joints will have different degrees of wear and tear, causing pain.


A few people can’t walk with a straight back, and keeping a sick walking posture for a long time will easily lead to hunching, decreased body balance, and sagging arm muscles. Containing the chest when the lung space is reduced, lung expansion is limited, oxygen exchange is reduced, breathing becomes short, cardiopulmonary function decline. Over time, breathing becomes shallow, and the breath is hastily exhaled before it enters the alveoli, which is not conducive to blood-oxygen exchange, and is prone to cause dizziness and a feeling of fatigue.

06without swinging one’s arm

Swinging your arms allows you to better balance the movement of your legs, keeping your body in balance as you walk, and also makes walking easier and less strenuous. If you don’t swing your arms, you will be easily unbalanced and use up more energy. The correct posture of swinging arms: arms hanging naturally on both sides, with walking, natural swing, swinging arms range between 30 ° ~ 45 ° is appropriate.

Correct and good walking posture is conducive to human health, can promote blood circulation in the limbs and brain, thus relieving brain fatigue. Walking, head up, chest, brain blood through the cervical vertebrae can be circulated and evacuation, so that the clear gas rise, turbid gas sinking, at the same time, the whole body of the meridians will also be with the bones and muscles together with the stretching and relaxation.

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