How to Protect Knees During Exercising

knee protection

Warm Up

No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, you must warm up. Muscle fibers are elastic, and full warming up before exercise can improve the mechanical characteristics of muscle fibers, make the broken length of muscle fibers longer, and make it less likely to break, and prevent injury to the knee joint. The knee can be slightly warmed when warming up, and also after exercise. Actively stretch and relax the muscles around the knee joint.

Corrective Action Mode

Knee joint pain is mostly due to incorrect posture and movement, causing long-term cartilage wear, excessive friction of the bursa, tearing of ligaments, and meniscus injury. Therefore, the correction of posture and the training of the correct movement pattern are very important.

Strengthen Hips and Legs

If the hips and legs are not strong enough, the knees will have to bear more pressure. Glute push muscle training can enhance knee joint stability and gait stability.

Bring Knee Pads

Friends who have a history of knee injuries or who are heavy can also choose to wear some knee pads to help increase joint stability, avoid abnormal twisting or hyper-extension of the knee joint, and more effectively prevent injuries.

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