How to Use HARISON HR-602 Sit Up Bar

Here is an introduction to the training skills of the HARISON HR-602 sit-up bar.

Before using the sit-up aid for exercise, fix the sit-up aid.

First, turn on the switch on the sit-up aid, then let the suction cup suck the ground, press the sit-up aid firmly to make it completely adsorb the ground, and then turn the switch off.

Exercise 1: Sit-ups

Sit-ups exercise the abdominal muscles, stabilize the core, and stretch the back muscles at the same time, exercise balance and physical coordination.

Bend your knees, hook your instep with the sit-up aid, and pull the elastic band to make your entire back off the ground during sit-ups.

Exercise 2: Seated Rowing with Elbow Open

This action mainly exercises the back muscles.

Sit on the mat with your legs straight, your back straight, your core tightened, your arms straight forward, and your hands holding both ends of the elastic band. The back muscles force the arms to bend the elbows and pull them towards the abdomen. The apex stops slightly, and the back muscles are contracted. Then, the back muscles can be fully extended by actively controlling the speed and returning to the opposite direction.

Exercise 3: Support to Plank

Mainly exercise the balance muscles in the front of the trunk to improve the stability of the trunk.

Put your feet on the sit-up aid, support your elbows directly under your shoulders, keep your head in a neutral position, and keep your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in the same straight line. Maintain normal breathing during training frequency.

Exercise 4: Bird Chest

This action mainly exercises the chest muscles.

Kneeling with your back facing the sit-up aid, keep your chest up and your abdomen stable. Pull up the elastic band and straighten your arms, your arms are at the same height as your shoulders, and your chest muscles will pull the handles inward to the front of your chest.

Exercise 5: Supine Leg Rise

The main exercise part of the supine leg lift is the lower abdomen, and the lower abdomen muscles can be fully exercised in the process of straightening the legs.

Lie flat on the mat, hold the sit-up aid with both hands, and keep your upper back, arms, and hands fixed during the movement. Bring your legs together and straighten them, and raise your legs until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

Exercise 6: Prone Press Up

The prone stretch is mainly used to train the erector spinae (muscles on both sides of the spine) and the quadratus lumbar muscles of the back muscles.

Lie on your stomach on the mat and fix your ankles on the sit-up aid. Use your hip joints to lift your torso slightly to see the belly.

Exercise 7: Standing Arm Curl

This exercise mainly exercises the biceps of the arm.

Hold the elastic band with your palms up, your hands shoulder-width apart, and your elbows at your sides. Pull up the elastic band, as far as possible to your lower jaw, tighten the biceps at the highest point of the movement, and slowly lower the bar under control until the biceps are fully stretched. During the process, keep the boom stable and not swing back and forth.

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