How to regulate your body if you want to have a third child

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Since the opening of the three-child policy, many couples have begun to move forward with the three-child program. However, due to the third child, the general maternal age is relatively high, at the same time, usually do not pay attention to exercise, physical fitness can not keep up, so the preparation for the third child is particularly important. Otherwise, it is easy to become a high-risk pregnancy, which is very dangerous for both the baby and the mother.

01 What constitutes a high-risk pregnancy

1, the first birth at the age of 35 years or older

As we all know, women over 35 years old are called senior women. If the first child is born after the age of 35, the body has passed its peak period and the physical condition has declined, so the fetus is prone to stunted development and premature labor during pregnancy.

2, fetal malposition, obesity, etc.

Not only is it easy to become a high-risk maternal age, female age is too small, obese, fetal position, etc., are all high-risk pregnant women.

02 What are the dangers of high-risk maternity

1. A high-risk mother will not only put herself at risk, but will also threaten the child in her womb. The chance of having a deformed baby is much higher than that of a normal mother. At the same time, the woman’s sciatic and pubic bones will have ossification phenomenon, and it is easy to have a difficult labor. Difficult labor is not only dangerous for the pregnant woman, but also causes the child’s heart and brain ischemia, lack of oxygen, and serious asphyxia.

03 What to look for in a high-risk mother

1、Do a good job of adequate prenatal examination

It is important to pay attention to prenatal checkups and go to the hospital for regular checkups. If the pregnant woman is older or has ever given birth to a child with congenital defects, genetic counseling is necessary.

2、Supplement good nutrition

During pregnancy, it is necessary to increase nutritional supplements and have enough rest time, eat more protein, vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and other rich foods. And regularly supplement folic acid and other trace elements.

3、Good exercise during pregnancy

Prepare for natural childbirth and reduce the probability of difficult labor. In the absence of contraindications to exercise, you can do the following exercises to enhance physical fitness.


Walking is the best way to exercise during pregnancy, and it is also the most convenient exercise pregnant women can do one hour after meals. The intensity of the exercise is based on the level of feeling a little tired but can talk completely. You can start with 10 minutes in the early stage and slowly increase the exercise time.


Pregnant women can do some yoga on breathing and meditation. Especially breathing, practicing more abdominal breathing will help to push correctly during labor and reduce unnecessary waste of physical strength. High-risk laborers themselves are not as strong as normal laborers, so they should pay more attention to the rhythm of breathing and not waste every bit of strength.


Swimming can exercise the whole body as well as effectively enhance physical fitness. However, due to the intensity of swimming, and in the water, must be accompanied by a person to guide can only be carried out, do not pregnant women to exercise on their own. Exercise, to timely replenish water, do not do too much intensity of the exercise.

High-risk mothers need to be very careful compared to normal mothers, during pregnancy must do a good job of examination, more communication with the doctor, in order to give birth to a healthy baby Oh ~

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