Why you tend to overeat during fat loss

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There are a significant number of people who diet for a while and then start binge eating. Trying to lose weight and failing to find the right way to do it one way or the other.

01 Why Our Bodies Are “Out of Control”

Due to the body’s energy balance mechanism, when starting a diet to lose weight, the various hormones in the body that affect appetite and energy intake work in the hypothalamus so that the urge to gorge does not arise on its own. Among them, leptin and gastric hunger hormone are the two most crucial types of weight-regulating hormones.

02 How to avoid overeating during weight loss

1. Avoid the longer the more fat time

The body in 2 time periods will be relatively high absorption rate of food, that is, after strenuous exercise and stay up late to work overtime, if a lot of food, it is easy to get fat.


Sleeping late and staying up late will increase the level of cortisol, easy to feel hungry as well as always want to eat. Maintaining a regular routine and going to bed early can avoid nighttime hunger, so you can effectively avoid late-night snacking and prevent excess calories. Adhering to early bedtime to ensure enough sleep can stimulate the body to secrete leptin to inhibit fat accumulation.

2. Pay attention to a balanced diet

Overeating is mainly caused by frequent dieting in daily life, frequent dieting is not only detrimental to weight loss, but also affects the health of individuals.

Therefore, we must pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet intake, often eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance the sense of satiety, reduce high-calorie intake, to reduce weight better.

3. Replace part of the staple food with coarse grains

Than the daily intake of refined carbohydrates, you can add some appropriate coarse grains and cereals, or a small amount of cereals and potatoes to replace some of the staple food, not only can satiety, but also to avoid excessive intake of high carbon food, resulting in fat.

Take potatoes as an example, potatoes this potato food satiety high, and fat-burning effect is better, you can also choose sweet potatoes, taro, etc., both to improve satiety and thus reduce caloric intake, but also to strengthen the metabolism and the excretion of toxins and waste, to help maintain a good figure.

4. Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water in addition to help increase a certain sense of satiety, but also to strengthen their own gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the body’s excretion of toxins, improve metabolism, reduce the burden on the human body, help to lose weight and slimming.

According to research: usually do not like to drink water will reduce the level of metabolic cycle in the body, the body may also send inaccurate signals so that the body produces false sense of hunger.

5. Exercise is also essential

Weight loss process, in addition to pay attention to diet, exercise is also very critical, you can choose to walk fast, cycling, running, jumping rope or basketball, soccer and other ball sports to strengthen the body’s metabolism, stimulate the excretion of toxins, accelerate fat burning.

As a matter of fact, whether it is to prevent overeating or to control the behavior of those who have already overeaten, or even to solve a series of problems such as fat loss and slimming, it is never willpower but reason and knowledge that should be relied on. Don’t forget, a reasonable diet with exercise is the most healthy journey that every fat loser should start!

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