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Is Rice Good for Weight Loss and How to Eat Rice When Losing Weight

When talking about weight loss diet, we may tend to think that it is better to avoid the rice in our daily. We always keep lingering over the same question – Is rice fattening? Well the reply to this question is decided by which kind of rice you choose and the way you gonna to have it. This post will show you the answer about the question “Is Rice Good for Weight Loss” and offer more tips for eating rice for weight loss. 


What is rice?
Is Rice Good for Weight Loss
Tips to Use Rice for Weight Loss

What is rice?

Rice is a cereal grain. It has been grown for thousands of years. Rice is the staple diet  in many countries. In our diet, rice is always regarded as a carbohydrate. 100g of rice will contain 80g of carbohydrates, 7.13g of protein, 11.61g of water and 0.66g of fat. And also a number of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B1 (Thiamine), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic acid), Folate, Iron, Copper, Manganese and Selenium.

Is Rice Good for Weight Loss

There are many difference types of rice, and they have different nutritional functionalities. In the following, we will show more details about difference kinds of rice. About the difference nutritional, fattening reality among them. Now let’s take a look at the different types of rice and the calories that they provide.

1.Is white rice good for weight loss?

White rice is the kind of rice which is milled has its husk, bran, and germ removed.  Most of the nutrients, fiber and minerals are took off during the industrial processing. 100 grams of white rice will have about 150 calories (as per USDA). White rice is in high glycemic index(GI). Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast your body converts carbs into sugars that can be absorbed into your bloodstream. The higher GI, the faster it converts. So this kind of rice may be the most unhealthy one for weight loss.

2.Is brown rice good for weight loss?

When comparing to white rice, the brown rice is that rice that germ and bran layer remain on the rice kernel, with only outer hull removed. It is widely considered healthier than white rice.

If you want to lose weight, it is a very good idea to add this rice to your weight loss diet. Since it is has lower calories and full of dietary fiber which helps boosting your metabolism, and result in weight loss.

3.Is puffed rice good for weight loss?

Puffed rice is a kind of puffed grain which made from rice and normally used in snack foods or breakfast cereal in India.

According to the low calories that puffed rice contains, we can say that it is good for weight loss. But protein and fiber are also very important for fitness and weight loss. Protein is good for building muscle which for better weight loss, and the fiber is for keeping you full for long hours, and preventing you from eating too much. Puffed rice is not high in fiber or in protein. So it is not a very healthier choice for weight loss diet. But if you really like it, you can still choose it and combine with other food which are high in fiber and protein.

4.Is basmati rice good for weight loss?

Basmati rice is a long-grain rice with a distinct flavor. This rice contains lower calories when comparing to regular long-grain rice. A cup serving of raw brown basmati rice has 205 calories, 0.4 grams of fat, 45 grams of carbs, 0.6 grams of fiber and 4.3 grams of protein. What’s more, it has a lower GI( glycemic index). Basmati rice has a GI of 52, whereas the GI for white rice is 79, and for brown rice is 55. If you want to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, Basmati rice is a good option that you can’t ignore it.


5.Is red rice good for weight loss?

Red Rice: This variety of rice gets its rich colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanin. The compound is believed to have properties that can help in weight management. The manganese present in red rice helps in strengthening your metabolism too. A cup of red rice (one cup is equal to 250 grams) would generally contain about 218 calories.

6.Is jasmine rice good for weight loss?

Jasmine rice a long-grain rice native to Thailand. After cooking, jasmine rice is tasted as a soft but sticky texture and gives off a sweet and flowery aroma.  A cup of cooked white jasmine rice has 205 calories, 3 grams of protein, 39 grams of carbohydrate, 0 grams of fiber, fat, iron, cholesterol.
What’s more, Jasmine rice is a high glycemic index(GI) food. Which is not good for healthy and for weight loss.

7.Is arborio rice good for weight loss?

Grown only in Italy, arborio rice is what makes your favorite risotto dish creamy and delicious.   Its short-grain, cream, chewy and starchy characteristics make it a great rice dish! A cup of arborio has 242 calorie. Knowing the calorie count for the arborio rice can help make it easier for you to track your intake for better calorie control.

Tips to Use Rice for Weight Loss

From above, you may have known that you don’t need to get rip of rice when trying to lose weight. Instead, here are some tips about cooking and using rice for your weight loss and healthy.

1. Opt for low-calorie cooking methods. Like plain boiled or steamed rice instead of fried rice.

2. Rice is an incomplete form of protein and should be eaten in combination with an animal or a plant-based protein rich food such as dal-chawal.

3. Soak the rice before cooking and wash it 3-4 times to remove all the starch.  You must also boil the rice with excess water to keep the starch levels low.

4. Combine with the high-fibre vegetables to make the ideal weight loss diet.

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