Yoga Weight Loss Before and After

“Can yoga help me lose weight?” this question has been discussing widely for years. Many people think that yoga is not intense enough to burn the sufficient calories required for weight loss, while others say that yoga is a effective tool to shed pounds. In this post, let’s discuss the relationship between yoga and weight loss.

What is Yoga?

yoga come of India since 5,000 years ago. It is a comprehensive system for wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is not about beliefs, but the guidances and skills for enriched living. yoga works on people’s body and mind, and help them to experience the mutual harmony. Today, when talking about yoga, people usually means the Hatha yoga, which is a well-known system of postures and breathing techniques, while Hatha yoga is only a part of the overall discipline of yoga.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga. yoga is often used to help people to raise their quality of life. Like stress relief, mental clarity, peace of mind, spiritual growth, healing and so on.

For the physical benefits, yoga can help people to relief lower back pain, lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, protection from injury and more.

For the mental benefits, yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing can help improve a person’s mental well-being. Dr. Nevins says, “Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration.”

Besides, yoga is also a helpful tool to help people of weight reduction. In this post, we will discuss more detials about yoga weight loss before and after.


Yoga Weight Loss before and After

Actually, many examples have proved that yoga can be a good way to chill out and work towards your weight-loss targets. What’s more, according to Keri Gans, R.D., the author of the Small Change Diet, yoga can make people rationally to choose their food, and the people who regularly practice yoga become more in tune with their bodies and, almost by default, they start eating healthier. Let’s keep reading and see how yoga actually helped them lose weight and get in shape.

Example 1:

Callie Stephens, who lost 15 pounds by doing yoga said:

“So I started counting calories a couple of months into practicing yoga, and I started seeing progress in my weight. It turns out that balancing my carbs, fats, and proteins was just as important as balancing on my yoga mat! I work out six times a week, taking yoga classes four or five times a week and doing cardio at least once a week. I started with hatha and restorative-style classes at first to learn the basics. And after five months of level one classes, I moved into the level two heated power yoga classes. While you burn more calories in the power classes, the basic classes were important for setting a foundation and building confidence to tackle the power classes. I stay motivated by recognizing how awesome it is that I am able to move, breathe, and walk.”

Example 2:

Stacey Morris who lost 180 pounds via yoga:

“That time it is a real low point in my life when my body weight up to 345 pounds. I really want to lose weight and be fitness. Luckily, I’d seen some friends achieved weight loss success through yoga, so I start to practice yoga as well. What I chose the DDYP yoga DVDworkouts at home. It is suitable for me.

I do the exercise five days a week, and my yoga workout combine cardio conditioning, strength training and stretching without weights or jumping around. For the diet, I didn’t strict to it. I just get rip of the most damaging junk foods. But after doing yoga, gradually, it will make me to choose the better and healthy food.

After weighing more than 300 pounds for 20 years, have to say, yoga not only help me to lose weight, but also gave me confidence in every area of my life. Every day after I started getting in shape brought new gifts to me: My clothing was looser, I could wear jeans again after two decades in black stretch pants, and I fit into movie theater seats. Feeling better was my biggest motivator.”

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Easy to Learn yoga Lesson for Weight Loss

Here we’d like to share some yoga for weight loss tutorial videos. Hope that you can benefit from them.

Yoga For Weight Loss – Strengthen and Lengthen – Yoga With Adriene

This video is about how to infuse mindful energy and awareness into your practice. It provides the modifications as well as inspiration to detail the practice to suit your needs and desires. Start your at-home yoga practice and lose weight gradually.


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