It’s amazing how drinking sports drinks the wrong way can lead to weight gain?!

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Sports drinks are the drinks that many people choose to hydrate themselves with during their training routine. Most of them are brightly colored, high value, but also love in the gym selfie handsome men and women indispensable photo props. So what is the role of sports drinks, whether it has an effect on the human body, I believe that many people do not understand very clearly. Especially in the end will not get fat problem, is the answer that many people want in their hearts. Want to understand these questions clearly, we have to answer from the composition of sports drinks, role, drinking time and other aspects.


01Are Sports Drinks Good for Workouts

Most of the ingredients in sports drinks are composed of water, glucose, fructose, sodium and calcium. We greatly consume hepatic glucose stored in the liver and muscles themselves during normal physical exercise. When this part of the element is insufficient, it will blood sugar will be lowered, the performance of exercise will be decreased, and the body will begin to fatigue. At this time, drinking sports drinks, you can through its carbon hydrate in it in time to replenish the liver sugar consumed in the exercise, to a certain extent, it is able to replenish people’s physical strength, which is also the reason why it can be popular in the market.


In addition, as the human body in intense sports exercise, sweating will be greatly elevated, which will cause the body’s lack of water and electrolyte disorders. Sodium and potassium in sports drinks can replenish electrolytes to the human body in time, therefore, sports drinks can not only replenish water to the human body in time, but also improve the electrolyte disorder phenomenon in time. Therefore, intense exercise to replenish water, sports drinks are effective.

02Drinking sports drinks during non-exercise periods can be fattening

From the previously mentioned list of ingredients of sports drinks, we can find that sports drinks contain a large amount of sugar. In ordinary life, our body electrolytes are in a normal state, if this time, still drink sports drinks, it is equivalent to replenish a large amount of sugar, and the normal state of the human body can not consume excess sugar, it becomes a factor in the hoarding of fat. We all in the non-exercise state, do not recommend drinking sports drinks, it will cause human obesity.


Can I drink sports drinks when I am in a state of exercise? It varies from person to person. For example, many friends fitness is for fat loss and slimming, in addition to burning fat in sports, but also need to create a caloric deficit, that is, consumption is greater than intake. If fat loss friends drink sports drinks and constantly replenish sugar, they will greatly reduce the consumption of fat. Sports drinks for fat loss and slimming friends, it is not suitable as a drink to replenish water in the workout.

Among other things, when the intensity of exercise is not so high, usually the body’s electrolytes do not become disturbed, and this stage is not suitable for sports drinks. This is because there is no need for it, the body’s own consumption has not reached a high level, the body itself is fully capable of using it, and there is absolutely no need to replenish electrolytes. Therefore, unless it is a fierce high-intensity exercise, sweating a lot, only need sports drinks, otherwise, it does not come in handy much. Don’t be overly enamored with sports drinks; in the end, underneath its glamorous exterior, it’s just a sugary drink.


Also, be careful how you drink sports drinks. Although it contains electrolytes, but the content is small, and can not fully maintain the balance of the body’s electrolytes, its main body is still mainly water. After intense exercise, with a large amount of evaporation of sweat, a short period of time to replenish a large amount of water is very easy to cause water intoxication. Therefore, when you drink sports drinks, you should take a slow, small amount, many times to replenish water. After intense exercise, it is very important to choose the right way to drink.


To summarize: sports drinks are able to replenish a certain amount of electrolytes and a small amount of carbohydrates after an intense workout, and they have a certain value. But often many friends drink sports drinks as soon as they exercise, without considering the intensity of their own exercise, it is not worth it, because when replenishing water, it will also replenish a lot of sugar.

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