Postpartum Shaping? Try this aerobic rehabilitation exercise.

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A lot of moms in the experience of October pregnancy, in the smooth delivery or cesarean section after giving birth to the baby, turn out of the closet in the beautiful dresses but can not wear. In the postpartum as soon as possible to restore the body, I believe that many new mothers of the idea, but blindly slimming body shaping will make the body worse. So let’s talk today, how to post-partum scientific shape.

01How soon after having a baby can you get postnatal contouring

Mothers who have had a normal delivery can start training 42 days after the postpartum checkup is fine.

Mothers who have had a cesarean section can start training 3 months after the postpartum checkup.

In addition, the focus of exercise after a normal birth is to tighten the pelvis, while the focus of a C-section is to tighten the entire abdominal and pelvic muscles, but whether it is a normal birth or a C-section, you need to go through the scientific method to achieve the best state, and should not be too early overstretching and overloading.

02Misconceptions about Postpartum Slimming and Shaping

Misconception #1: Doing Exercise Right After Giving Birth
Doing shaping exercises right after giving birth may cause uterine bleeding and prolong the recovery time, while a bit of strenuous exercise will also prolong the recovery time of surgical section or side cut wound, some joints are especially vulnerable to injury, and the situation of cesarean section moms will be even more dangerous. Mothers with normal delivery can start doing postpartum slimming exercises 4 to 6 weeks after delivery, while mothers with cesarean section need 6 to 8 weeks.

Misconception No. 2: anemia also want to lose weight
New mothers who lose a lot of blood during delivery will cause anemia, which makes the postpartum recovery slow, and slimming down on the basis of not solving the anemia will aggravate the anemia. So in this case, eat more iron-rich foods, such as brown sugar, fish, animal liver and so on.

03 Aerobic rehabilitation exercise

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Stand with feet spread shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hips down, pelvis tilted forward, back relaxed, arms bent at the elbows and open, both hands holding the lower abdomen and lower back one in front of the other. Lower abdomen upward, knees straight, back muscles upward stretch, the body in an arch shape. Hands down, naturally close to the side of the legs, abdominal muscles tighten, straighten the upper body, shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades down and back, so that the chest is properly open.

Thigh fat burning

Feet to the left and right each step across the open, the size of the step for the shoulder width of two times, outward slightly bent knee cover, hips vertical sinking, arms to the left and right sides of the flat lift, and stretch outward, keep and shoulders in the same straight line, the size of the legs into 90 degrees, posture hold 100 seconds.

Abdominal Recovery

Cross your arms, open your bent elbow arms, stand with your pelvis up, stand with your feet spread wide, and take steps the size of your shoulders, followed by twisting clockwise and counterclockwise for 100 seconds.

Hip Rehabilitation

Stand straight in front of a wall, hands on the wall, elbows naturally bent, in turn, back to raise the left and right foot, raise the leg straight, a total of 100 seconds.

Finally, shaping should also be accompanied by healthy meals. Comprehensive nutrition is the basic guarantee, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and fruits and vegetables, these should be eaten in small quantities but comprehensive.

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