Should I drink skim milk during my fat loss period? Read it and you’ll understand.

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As early as a hundred years ago, Europe and the United States began to meat, eggs and milk supplementation, due to historical reasons, our ordinary people’s milk intake to be later than in Europe and the United States, and now living conditions are better, milk has also become an indispensable part of our daily diet.

Due to the high nutritional value of milk, rich in fat, there are many people who love beauty for whole milk began to have resistance, business found this business opportunity, launched a claim that 0 fat skimmed milk, in order to control the intake of fat, and then become a lot of weight loss, the first choice of people who love beauty. That skim milk can really lose weight, or IQ tax?

01Classification of milk

Milk not only contains fat, but also protein and calcium that the body needs. The current popularity of skimmed milk is a result of the misconception that as long as it contains fat, it must be a stumbling block to weight loss. Skimmed milk is the removal of fat from whole milk by centrifugation. The main types of milk on the market today are: whole milk, low-fat milk and skimmed milk.


100ml contains 3.5g of fat = whole milk

100ml contains 1.3g of fat = low-fat milk

100ml contains 0g fat = skimmed milk

02Is it useful to drink skimmed milk when you are on a diet?

Many fitness professionals and beauty lovers, who are trying to strictly control their fat intake, are turning to skimmed milk. In a certain sense, it is a health food that benefits people with high blood fat and cholesterol, giving them less stress caused by their daily intake.


However, skimmed milk does not absolutely help in weight loss as compared to those who are on a diet. In fact, our body in the process of absorbing nutrients, is the need for a certain amount of fat, and the normal population intake of milk in 300g, whole milk contains fat, will not give the normal population burden.

03Whole Milk vs Skim Milk

First of all, in terms of price, skim milk is more expensive than whole milk, in the processing of skim milk, the process is relatively more complex, the cost incurred will increase, but these prices are not much difference, for fitness professionals and beauty lovers, will not give up skim milk because of the price is expensive.


In terms of taste, whole milk will have a richer texture and a richer odor, making it more accessible to the public. Skimmed milk is less flavorful because it loses its fat content. However, for people who talk about “fat”, they will choose between taste and reduced fat intake, and they will choose the latter decisively.


From the point of view of nutritional value, in addition to the common nutrients of whole milk, there is also a wealth of vitamin D. However, skimmed milk in the processing, because of the separation, resulting in the loss of vitamin D and other fat-soluble nutrients, compared with whole milk, skimmed milk nutritional elements to some lower.

Finally, from the satiety point of view, because the whole milk contains fat, so the intake of calories produced after the larger, more durable in the body storage, so it is more satiated than skimmed milk, many weight loss professionals in the hungry, but also choose skimmed milk, but in fact, this time to intake of whole milk, will not cause too much calories, the body can completely self-consumption.


Summarize: skim milk although there are certain benefits, but for weight loss, although there is a certain role, overall play a role is not very big. We can not completely call skim milk “IQ tax”, but also to see its beneficial side, such as the prevention of various diseases, it will be more effective than whole milk. For the sake of your family’s health, please choose the type of milk according to your family’s reality.

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